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Top 10 Fantasy All Time Favourite Books By Non-Indian Authors

Top 10 Fantasy Novels by Non-Indian Writers

The written word has served as a form of escape from reality ever since the first story was penned. Fantasy fiction takes this a step further and introduces you to a plot that is not plausible in the real world. It includes different elements of fantasy like witchcraft, magic, different and alternative realities based on the author’s whim. The book reading world has been blessed with plenty of books in the fantasy genre. Before we get carried away, let’s take a look at the top ten all time favourite books by non-Indian authors in this genre. Since picking just ten books can be torturous, book series are included as well.

The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien

The trilogy of The Lord of the Rings
Picture Courtesy Amazon

Technically Lord of The Rings is not a single book. It is a trilogy that was initially written as a sequel to The Hobbit. However, ultimately it went on to capture the minds of many people thanks to the minds who popularised it in the silver screen. These high-fantasy novels were written between the years of 1937 to 1949 by Tolkien. The three volumes – The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of The King are collectively known as the Lord of the Rings Trilogy in the reading world. 

The books take us through the journey of a hobbit named Frodo in his attempt to destroy the One Magical Ring. This he has to do while making sure that the Lord of Sauron doesn’t get his hands on it. The books introduce us to a host of characters who continue to inspire artwork, music, films and television, even to this day. It is no wonder that Tolkien has been honoured with the title of Father of Modern Fantasy Literature.

Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter Series of 7 Books
Picture Courtesy Bloomsbury

J.K. Rowling managed to hook an entire generation that was moving away from reading books. The seven books that make up the Harry Potter series tells us the story of a young orphaned boy who is destiny’s child. The series talks about how this spectacled wonder makes his way in the ultimate fight against evil. Interestingly, these books were appealing to people of all ages, turning the series into a worldwide phenomenon. It’s no surprise that these books have given way to movies, merchandise, movie adaptation, stage plays, and even theme parks! 

Almost everyone on the planet has been bitten by the Harry Potter bug. The love for this sequel was so much that those who were addicted to reading this sequel were termed as Potterheads! Kids who grew up reading Harry Potter books are now grown up adults with kids of their own, yet their fascination with the Harry Potter world doesn’t seem to end.

A Song Of Ice And Fire by George R. R. Martin

A Song of Ice and Fire Series - Book version of Game of Thrones
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A Song of Ice and Fire is a series of high-fantasy novels written by George R. R. Martin. These books have been popular since the first book was published in 1996. However, the TV adaptation made A Game of Thrones thrust this book series into the spotlight. The books are based in a fictional world where different Houses fight for the honour of sitting on the Iron Throne and ruling the Seven Kingdoms. The books are filled with tales about dragons, wildlings, dark magic, love, incest and plenty more. The series is made up of a total of seven books, of which five have been published. Fans are waiting eagerly for the author to publish the next book for the past nine years to find out what happens after their beloved Jon Snow is left with a knife to his heart at the Wall.

American Gods by Neil Gaiman

American Gods Book
Picture Courtesy Amazon

In American Gods, Neil Gaiman introduces us to the old gods and the new gods in the modern age. This powerful novel is about a war between the gods and mashes up modern and ancient mythology to result in a book that you just cannot put down. Shadow Moon, an ex-convict is recruited by Mr. Wednesday, an incarnation of Odin in the battle against the new American Gods. The book is exceedingly popular in the reading world. You can even find a graphic of the book with beautiful illustrations that brings the novel to life. The TV adaption of the book is also popular.

The Name Of The Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

The Name Of The Wind Book
 Picture Courtesy Amazon

The Name of the Wind is the first book in the KingKiller Chronicle trilogy by Patrick Rothfuss. This book took the world by storm when it was released in 2007. The story revolves around Kvothe who regales the reader with his journey from a young student to a historian. The third book in the trilogy is yet to be published. Fans wait for the third book as they come up with theories of their own as to what will happen next. Rothfuss has created a magical world that is embedded in epic fantasy with a riveting story that overwhelms the reader completely.

Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan

Wheel of Time Series of Books
Picture Courtesy WorthPoint

The Wheel of Time is a series of epic high-fantasy novels by Robert Jordan. Initially planned as a six-book series, the author went on to write over fourteen novels. Unfortunately, Robert Jordan passed away in 2007 while he was working on the final volume in the series. Brandon Sanderson was tasked with the difficult task of completing the final book based on the extensive notes prepared by Jordan. With over 2700 characters, the Wheel of Time is a long and slow journey through a world filled with magic.

The Colour Of Magic by Terry Pratchett

The Colour of Magic Book
Picture Courtesy Amazon

If you have not heard about The Colour of Magic, you are in for a treat! This is a fantastic introduction to the Discworld series by the author. The best part of the Discworld series is that you have 42 books to look forward to. Rincewind, the protagonist of the series is an incompetent wizard in a colourful and slightly demented world that exists on the back of the Great A’Tuin, a cosmic turtle. Terry Pratchett holds the entire series together with a unique voice and a great sense of humour that led to the birth of many great lines, like,  “If I were you, I’d sue my face for slander.” Pratchett was also exceptionally talented in writing strong female fantasy characters.

The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis

The Chronicles of Narnia Book Series of 7
Picture Courtesy WorthPoint

The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis is a series of fantasy novels for children. However, it appeals to people of all ages. The first book in the series was first published in 1950. The series narrates the adventures of different children who play important roles in the history of the Narnian world. The children are transported magically to Narnia where they help protect the Narnians from evil. The series has been adapted for TV, radio, the stage as well as for movies. If you are new to the world of fantasy, reading the Chronicles of Narnia will help you get started on this wondrous journey.

Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson - The Lightning Thief
Picture Courtesy Amazon

Rick Riordan has managed to introduce a whole new generation to Greek Gods like no other author ever before. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief is his first book in the Percy Jackson & The Olympians series. It takes us along for a ride with the protagonist, Percy Jackson who discovers that he is not a mere mortal, but a demi-god. He is the son of Poseidon, the God of the Sea. He finds himself at Camp Half-Blood, a camp for other young demi-Gods. He and his friends help the Gods from going to war amongst themselves by going on a quest to recover Zeus’s lightning bolt. 

Rick Riordan has gone on to write plenty of other series like the Heroes of Olympus, Magnus Chase Series, The Kane Chronicles and The Trials of Apollo. He has created a world of fantasy and magic where the Gods have their flaws and require the help of demi-Gods and other magical creatures to get out of trouble and avoid chaos in the world. The author has portrayed Percy Jackson with ADHD and dyslexia, showing kids all over the world that a hero need not be perfect always. It’s what is in the heart that matters.

His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman

His Dark Materials Series of Books
Picture Courtesy Philip Pullman

Philip Pullman unleashed a trilogy of fantasy novels, His Dark Materials on the world in 1995. Ever since then, book readers of all ages have been revelling in the coming of age story of two children, Lyra and Will as they wander through parallel universes. The story takes place in a multiverse, allowing the protagonists to move across different dangerous and complex worlds. The series has won several awards and has also been adapted for TV, the stage as well as the big screen.

Fantasy novels take us beyond the written word and into a magical world. It tempts us to imagine more than what it may be intended, giving the reader a sense of contentment than the other genres. Did you like these ten picks of non-Indian authors? Let us know in the comment section below. 

7 thoughts on “Top 10 Fantasy All Time Favourite Books By Non-Indian Authors”

  1. Loved the listings Ramya. Thanks for introducing me to 2 more book series in my favorite genre.

  2. Ramya,
    I tried watching Lord of the Rings movie and came to a conclusion that I’d rather stick to non-fiction.
    You have put together a list and a half here.
    Fantasy may not be my go to in reading lists, but it is quite a spectacle to see how creative and imaginative these authoritative authors are!

    H Emma || https://thextraordinarionly.com

    1. Emma

      Thanks for your comment. True, some authors are too good in the fantasy niche. I’ve picked my hot favourites, there are more by the way. It’s just one genre. Compiling a few on non-fiction too. Will let you know once I post.

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