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Top 10s Only is a dream come true! When a group of creative minds get together, we come up with random ideas and thoughts that can surprise all! Top 10s Only is one such surprise, that’s here to bring out special recommendations and lists of things that people would love reading about.

So, Why Top 10s Only?

We all are obsessed with the Number 10! We always want to know what is the Top 10 of this and that and hey, here we are, keen on feeding that desire. No matter the list of recommendations you want, you will find all about them on these top 10 pages. There is one thing to remember though, our Top 10 lists are based on some best top ten topic lists on a micro level. It is never macro and hence there is scope to add anything and everything that deems fit into the categories mentioned here on the site. So, if you do not see your choice or preference as part of the Top Ten lists and ideas, fret not! You are free to share your ideas or make your Top 10 list and send it across to us; we will be more than happy to list those on these pages.

What to Expect in Top 10s Only

You will find many interesting top 10 lists, best ideas and examples here. Our top ten list articles encompasses games, guides, sports, movies, books, entertainment, shows, music, blogs, websites, technology, gadgets, beauty, fashion, food, health, travel, home improvement, business, life Hacks, inspirations, etc. Do not be surprised to see top 10 lists of the best top ten lists in the world too!

Blogs and Articles On Top 10 Lists, Ideas and Recommendations

As mentioned earlier, we are keen on giving you recommendations and lists on a micro level. Some of our top 10 recommendations might include blogs on restaurant recommendations, list of perfumes, grocery lists, lists of apps, watching lists, non-fiction reading lists, or some peppy song recommendations. Remember, all these are personal opinions of the respective authors. Also, the Top 10 recommendations are mere lists and aren’t ranked in any particular order.

What’s in Store for the Future

Top 10s Only is aimed to evolve into a full-fledged portal that can support multiple authors, multiple product and brand recommendations. We are open to sponsored posts, guest posts and affiliate links provided it aligns with the flow and idea of the portal. To top it all, Top 10s Only has also been featured as a part of the Top 10 lists of blogs by many reputed online resources.

Our Way, The Write Way!

As writers, nothing gives us more satisfaction than crafting exemplary pieces on paper (and the internet) for the world to see. Though online content writers have been there and about for quite some time, not all digital writers find the right space to pen their opinions and more importantly see their content reflecting in their name! Having been there and done that, I know how bad that hurts! Though there are a million ways to bring that out, I along with my co-founder planned on creating this portal that will give the recognition to those voices who want to be seen and heard. Hence, the idea of creating a multi-author portal.

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