Top 10 Best Romantic Movies of Thalapathi Vijay To Explore With A Loved One

Romance is always in the air if you have a delectable selection of Thalapathy Vijay romantic movies list. If you thought this multi-talented actor was only about his suave dance moves and action movies, thank us for changing this thought for you with our curated list. Known as the man of the masses, actor Joseph Vijay Chandrashekar a.k.a. Thalapathy (commander), has been part of some of the most epic love stories in the history of Tamil cinema. Some of these were not only welcomed by the audience with open hands but went down as one of the best performances by Vijay.

Our team at Top 10s Only is excited to share with you the Top 10 Tamil Actor Vijay Romantic Movies List that’ll have you melt with the story plot, acting, and romantic music to follow. Please note that the movie list is arranged as per the order of release, and the numbering shouldn’t be considered as rankings.

Top 10 Best Romantic Movies of South Indian Actor Thalapathy Vijay

Keep this list handy as you dive deep into your Valentine’s day special. We promise you pure entertainment that’ll excite your senses!

1. Poove Unakkaage (1996)

Top 10 Romantic Movies of Thalapathy Vijay
Poove Unakkaage (1996)

Literally translating to ‘For you, flower’, Poove Unakkaage is a 1996 romantic comedy that earned Vijay his first commercial success. Till today, it remains one of the best Vijay one-sided love movies (some may even refer to this as a Tamil love failure movie) that brought out his acting skills. Vijay’s character portrays an innocent young man who tries to reunite two families who split over his parent’s inter-religion love marriage. The series of events that unfold highlight the essence of love and how it permeates all barriers. Songs of this super hit movie are a major highlight- especially the much popular ‘Aanandham Aandham’ song. The film also completed a 200-day run at the box office. Need we say more about why this movie made it to actor Vijay old love movies collection at Top 10s Only?

2. Kadhalukku Mariyadhai (1997)

Top 10 Romantic Movies of Thalapathy Vijay
Kadhalukku Mariyadhai (1997)

Kadhalukku Mariyadhai definitely fares well in Thalapathy’s best movies collection. Actor Vijay won his first Tamil Nadu State Award for his remarkable performance in this Malayalam movie remake. The story plot revolves around a wealthy Hindu boy, played by Vijay, and a Christian girl (Shalini), who face opposition from both sides of the family to their romantic interest in each other. The movie touches upon family values and the struggles a couple has to endure when faced with stiff protests. Vijay’s chemistry with Shalini is phenomenal in the movie, particularly portrayed in the popular scene where Vijay meets Shalini for the first time. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Songs composed by music maestro Illaiyaraaja in this movie will leave you humming in blushes.

3. Ninaithen Vanthai (1998)

Top 10 Romantic Movies of Thalapathy Vijay
Ninaithen Vanthai (1998)

If you are looking for a romantic drama film with entertaining twists and turns, watch Ninaithen Vanthai, a movie that made it to our Vijay romantic films collection. Gokulan (Vijay) sees a woman (Rambha) in his dreams and believes she is his true love. He sets out on a search for her with his uncle and cousins, who share the goal of uniting him with his dream girl. His father (Vinu Chakravarthy), on the other hand, arranges Vijay’s wedding with Savithri (Devayani), a village damsel who is smitten by Gokul at first sight. The twist arrives when Gokul eventually does meet Swapna (Rambha), the woman of his dreams, soon after he is engaged to Savithri! Much later, they get to know that both Swapna and Savithri are sisters. The love triangle between the trio and how everything gets sorted out forms the rest of the story.

4. Thullathe Manamum Thullum (1999)

Top 10 Romantic Movies of Thalapathy Vijay
Thullathe Manamum Thullum (1999)

Regarded as one of the best performances in Thalapathy Vijay top 10 movies collection, Thullathe Manamum Thullum will leave you teary-eyed with his mature performance. This movie depicts a Tamil love story about Kutty (Vijay), an aspiring singer who meets Rukku (Simran), and their romance blossoms. An unfortunate incident involving Kutty leads to Rukku losing her eyesight. The painful dedication of Kutty to his lady love and a temporary separation will have you immersed in their performances. The heart-touching scenes were backed with songs by SA Rajkumar and made sure that it is definitely in any of Vijay’s Tamil movie lists. The songs are still the hot favourites among the audiences.

5. Minsara Kanna (1999)

Top 10 Romantic Movies of Thalapathy Vijay
Minsara Kanna (1999)

An entertaining romantic comedy-drama, Minsara Kanna features Vijay and a group supporting cast including Khushboo, Rambha, Monica Castelino, Mansoor Ali Khan, Manivannan, Kovai Sarala, and many more. Entertaining is an understatement when it comes to actor Vijay Thalapathy’s hit movies, and with Minsara Kanna, it’s no less. With plenty of drama in store, this romantic comedy revolves around Vijay trying to somehow get Indra (Khushboo) to agree to him and Indra’s sister (Monica) getting married through a series of planned dramas. Indra is a strict feminist who doesn’t like men owing to a past experience. The rest of the movie takes you through some hilarious and some heart-touching scenes of how all ends well. 

6. Kushi (2000)

Top 10 Romantic Movies of Thalapathy Vijay
Kushi (2000)

Kushi is the epitome of all things love and romance. Starring talented Tamil actress Jyotika opposite Vijay, this blockbuster movie went down as one of the most epic Thalapathy blockbuster romance movies of all time. His boy-next-door character as Shiva had women swooning in fan frenzy. The story plot progresses with Shiva falling in love with Jenny (Jyothika) and how their romance blossoms in a serendipitous sequence. A release made almost two decades ago, the popular and sensual song ‘Kati pudi kati pudi da’ is enough to remind you of the movie if you’ve watched it before. If you haven’t, grab your partner in one hand and a bucket of popcorn in the other to enjoy this super hit film.

7. Priyamanavale (2000)

Top 10 Romantic Movies of Thalapathy Vijay
Priyamanavale (2000)

Featuring number 7 on our top 10 Vijay movies list is yet another romantic drama film called Priyamanavale. Considered a clean family entertainer, this movie touches upon culture shocks, particularly when it comes to Indian values against foreign views. Priyamanavale features Simran in the leading role with Vijay, along with other supporting actors like S.P. Balasubramaniyam, Vivek, and Radhika Chaudhari. Vijay’s character is that of a billionaire’s son completely westernized in his belief systems who gets into an arranged marriage with Priya (Simran) at the behest of his father, who wants to teach his son responsibility. The incompatibility between the couple’s values and the eventual transformation of Vijay’s is something that’ll keep you glued to the screen to know what happens in the end!

8. Youth (2002)

Top 10 Romantic Movies of Thalapathy Vijay
Youth (2002)

Youth was a movie that saw actor Vijay in a stunning and convincing performance. The story revolves around Shiva (Vijay), who got rejected at his wedding as his cousin/fiancé did not want to marry him. Heartbroken but ready to start over, he moves to Chennai to look for a job. He chances upon the beautiful Sandhya (Shaheen Khan), who he gets to save from lecherous goons. The movie progresses with Sandhya realizing her love for Shiva, but with plenty of twists in the middle, this story will have you guessing till the end as to whether the couple will get together or not. Regarded as a pure romantic drama in actor Vijay movie list in the year it was released (2002), critics gave it a positive review for performance.

9. Sachein (2005)

Top 10 Romantic Movies of Thalapathy Vijay
Sachein (2005)

Released in 2005, Sachein is the perfect movie to watch if you want to entertain yourself with Vijay’s light college romance movies. Whizz back to memory lanes with this movie featuring Vijay, Genelia, Bipasha Basu, Vadivelu, and many more. Sachein (Vijay) is a carefree guy who falls for Shalini (Genelia), a college mate. The story moves forward with them being friends at first and eventually with Sachein confessing his love to Shalini in an unexpected situation. Enjoy this gem of a movie from Vijay Thalapathy hit movies with a group of single friends on or with your beloved alike. It’s a no-brainer. Go to film for the perfect concoction of romance, sweet love, and happy endings!

10. Kaavalan (2011)

Top 10 Romantic Movies of Thalapathy Vijay
Kaavalan (2011)

Last but not least, our super romantic actor Vijay movies collection is the 2011 released movie, Kaavalan. One of our all-time favourites for being a romantic action comedy film, it truly is an all-rounder entertaining movie. The film stars Vijay and actress Asin, who essays the role of a girl named Meera who has a secret yet strong love interest in her bodyguard, Bhoominathan (Vijay). To break him out of his vigilant behaviour and uniform and to profess her love, Meera begins to pose as an anonymous girl from college and expresses her feelings through the phone. But when the time comes for them to meet, an unexpected series of events happen. It is no wonder this movie broke the charts!

Turn up the love meter not just for Valentine’s day but any day that you want to watch a good Thalapathy Romance. Evoke the sense of true love inspired by these feel-good movies of Vijay and enjoy its pure essence. If you are a Thala fan and want to check out the Top 10 Romantic Movies of Thala Ajith, we have that too for you. Just click the link and experience the love!