Top 10 Best Romantic Movies of South Indian Actor Ajith Kumar, aka AK

Actor Ajith is known as the original ‘Thala’ of the Tamil cinema industry for his phenomenal acting ability, screen presence and ravishing looks. A multiple award-winning actor with a class apart, he’s starred in more than 50 films to date in different languages. Whether it is the roles he did taking the bad guys out or the romance he evoked on screen with the leading ladies, he did it with perfection. It’s with no wonder that women worldwide swoon to his looks and the characters played in his blockbuster films. Today, we’ve handpicked the top 10 Romantic Movies of Thala Ajith that you can watch to experience the romantic genre like no other.  

List of Top 10 Romantic Movies of Thala Ajith – Switch on Your Romance

Please note that the movie list is arranged as per the order of release, and the numbering shouldn’t be considered as rankings. Delve deep into a romantic movie spree with our curated list of romantic movies by Actor Ajith. With Ajith Kumar’s new movie Vidaa Muyarchi set to release in 2024, there is a lot of expectation from AK 62 – will it be a romantic movie or an outright action film, we should wait and watch!

1. Aasai (1995)

Top 10 Romantic Movies of Thala Ajith
Aasai (1995)

Aasai is a 1995 romantic thriller movie written and directed by Vasanth and produced by Mani Ratnam. Starting as a breezy and light romance enthralling film, Ajith starred opposite debutant Suvaluxmi in this movie that eventually had the audience biting nails. He played the role of a young lover who falls victim to deceit by his girlfriend’s brother-in-law. We chose this as one of Thala Ajith Kumar’s best old love movies in the romance genre for its outstanding commercial success and entertainment factor. The chemistry between both lead actors is something that is still etched in memory today.

2. Kadhal Kottai (1996)

Top 10 Romantic Movies of Thala Ajith
Kadhal Kottai (1996)

Standing bright at number 2 is one of our all-time favourite Thala Ajith movies Tamil cinema has ever seen. Kadhal Kottai, with Devayani in the lead, is the blockbuster movie that made Ajith a household name in the 90’s. Unlike the traditional story plot of a boy meets a girl and falls in love, Kadhal Kottai strikes a new chord wherein the boy never meets the girl but falls in love through a series of love letters and phone calls. A National Film Award winning movie, watch this film to relive pure romance in days when digital communication didn’t exist!

3. Kadhal Mannan (1998)

Top 10 Romantic Movies of Thala Ajith
Kadhal Mannan (1998)

We are excited to place this as part of our Thala Ajith top 10 movies for being a simple romantic drama film. The handsome Ajith plays the role of a mechanic Shiva who falls in love with a wealthy person’s daughter Thilothama (Maanu). Sounds simple? Here’s the twist, she’s engaged to be married to an obnoxious man chosen by her disciplinarian father who hates the word ‘love’! The perfect romantic drama formula, Kadhal Mannan was amongst the hit 90’s romantic movies and is worth the watch, even today.

4. Aval Varuvala (1998)
Top 10 Romantic Movies of Thala Ajith
Aval Varuvala (1998)

One of his early movies, where he had his famous boyish looks, Aval Varuvala is a romantic comedy thriller film released in the 90’s starring Simran and Ajith. The sizzling pair were every bit the hit in this quintessential romantic movie but with a twist that features Simran’s past. The movie became a commercial success and rates highly in the Ajith romantic movies list collection at Top 10s Only.

5. Unnai Thedi (1999)

Top 10 Romantic Movies of Thala Ajith
Unnai Thedi (1999)

If you are a hard core fan of Ajith Kumar romantic movies, then this one certainly peaks the list. Although Unnai Thedi did not have the same commercial success as some of the other Ajith romantic movies, it definitely stirs up emotions of love. The movie features Malavika and Ajith in lead roles playing characters of Malavika and Raghu. They meet in the beautiful backdrop of New Zealand where their love blossoms. However, unfortunate circumstances separate them. On returning to India, he finds out more about his estranged maternal family chancing upon Malavika’s link there too. The movie revolves around how he reunites his separated family and his quest to marry the love of his life.

6. Vaali (1999)

Top 10 Romantic Movies of Thala Ajith
Vaali (1999)

Vaali is a romantic thriller movie starring Ajith and Simran who’s pairing has proven lucky when it comes to box office movies, thanks much to their screen chemistry. We chose this movie as one of the top rated Ajith movies as it earned him his very first Filmfare Award for Best Actor. The story plot revolves around twin brothers, both played by Ajith, with two very different personalities. One of whom is a deaf mute (Deva), and the other, is a sibling loving brother (Shiva). With the entrance of Simran’s character (Priya) into their lives, things change as both brothers fall in love with the same girl.

7. Anantha Poongatre (1999)

Top 10 Romantic Movies of Thala Ajith
Anantha Poongatre (1999)

A profound movie for its times, Anantha Poongatre features Meena, Malavika and Karthik in lead roles alongside Ajith. The movie touches upon sensitive topics like how society can misunderstand mutual respect for love. With a brilliant cast, and a beautiful story plot, Anantha Poongatre earned two state awards too. Ajith’s performance in this movie will make you fall in love with him again and again with his pining act. We rate this as one of or if not ‘THE’ Ajith best romantic movies of our time. 

8. Amarkalam (1999)

Top 10 Romantic Movies of Thala Ajith
Amarkalam (1999)

Actor Ajith has essayed the role of a street thug brilliantly in this movie. Amarkalam shows Ajith as an orphan who has an issue of stammering. This makes him feel a lack of confidence, questioning his survival in the ruthless society itself. His only solace? To embrace violence. An interesting trivia is that this is also the movie where he fell in love with his future wife, actress Shalini. Amarkalam is Ajith’s 25th movie and is a feather on his hat of success. Hands down, this is one of Thala Ajith’s blockbuster movies that we absolutely love just for the lead pair!

9. Kandukondain Kandukondain (2000)
Top 10 Romantic Movies of Thala Ajith
Kandukondain Kandukondain (2000)

A multi starrer film, Kandukondain Kandukondain had one of the best star casts of the year 2000. The film’s soundtracks were way ahead of its times, scored by A.R Rahman, featuring Ajith (Manohar)and his leading lady Tabu (Sowmya). Ajith’s role in this movie is unforgettable, with the story plot revolving around a family’s struggles post the loss of their father at an odd time. The subtle love shared by Manohar and Sowmya had plenty of ups and downs till they finally reunited in the climax was one of the main talking points of the movie. Parallely, Ajith also showcases the struggle of directors in the film industry. This movie can easily be labelled as a top 10 Ajith Tamil Movie of all time. 

10. Poovellam Un Vaasam (2001)

Top 10 Romantic Movies of Thala Ajith
Poovellam Un Vaasam (2001)

Hold on to your hearts as Ajith steals the show with his performance in Poovellam Un Vasam. Paired with actress Jyothika, the film was released in 2001. Watch this romantic drama where Ajith’s character falls into a web of lies formed by his backstabbing friend about the love of his life (Jyothika).  Will they reunite and does this movie have a happy ending? We are not telling you. Watch it to experience childhood love. Easily this is one of the most brilliant movies from actor Ajith movies collection in the romance genre. 

If you are having sleepless nights thinking of your beloved, stay up with this selection of films to keep you company. Or better? Watch these with your beloved right beside you. After all, you don’t need a special day to celebrate romance. Love is in the air if you have a collection of movies to reignite the emotion. If you are a Thalapathy fan and want to watch his list, well we have compiled the Top 10 Romantic Movies of Thalapthy Vijay too! Check that out and thank us later! 

Frequently Asked Questions about South Indian Actor Ajith Kumar aka AK

1. What is the age of Ajith Kumar in 2023?

Ajith Kumar or AK as he is most popularly called, was born on the 1st of May 1971. So, after the 1st of May in 2023, Ajith Kumar or AK is 52 years old. No matter his age – his style and persona seem to be increasing with time.

2. What is thala meaning in Hindi and Telugu?

Thale in Tamil means head – which, in simple translation, means the head in the body. But, in the context of Ajith Kumar, he played a character in a movie called ‘Red’ in which he addresses himself and is being addresses as ‘Thale’ which means the leader. It became so popular that many people even thought that it was his real name. However, in 2023, Ajith Kumar made a statement on social media that he was not fond of everyone calling him ‘thale’ and that he should be addressed in his original name or as AK.

3. Who is the next superstar – Thalapthi Vijay or Thale Ajith Kumar?

It is a million-dollar question, isn’t it? There is only one Superstar in Tamil film industry and everyone knows who he is 🙂 If you want to choose between Thalapathy Vijay or Thale Ajith Kumar, we must say that both of them are superstars in their own way – they have excellent acting skills, mindblowing fan following and are amazing human beings.

4. Who is actor Ajith Kumar father?

Unlike many other popular Indian actors, Ajith Kumar did not enter the film industry through his family. He is the only one from his family who entered the cinema industry and he excelled at it. His father is Mr. P. Subramaniam and he passed away on the 24th of March 2023.

5. Who is actor Ajith Kumar’s Wife?

Ajith Kumar’s wife is South Indian Tamil Actress Shalini, who was very famous for her roles as a child artist and the role of ‘Shakti’ in Manirathnam’s Alai Payuthey which was released in 2000. Ajith Kumar and Baby Shalini (as she was popularly known as) tied the knot in 2000.