Top 10 Best Movies of South Indian Actor Jayam Ravi

Introducing the sensational Jayam Ravi, the heartthrob of Tamil cinema! Jayam Ravi, the dashing and talented actor, has enchanted audiences with his spellbinding performances. Born as Mohan Ravi in Tirumangalam, Madurai, Ravi comes from a family steeped in the film industry. His father, the legendary film editor A. Mohan, and his brother, the famous director Mohan Raja, have both been instrumental in shaping his career. Ravi’s journey began as a child artist in Telugu films produced by his father. After the massive success of his debut film “Jayam,” which catapulted him to fame, Mohan Ravi adopted the name “Jayam Ravi,” and has continued to deliver extraordinary performances ever since.

Jayam Ravi, was born on 10th September 1980 in Madurai. Growing up in the vibrant cities of Chennai and Hyderabad, Jayam Ravi pursued his education at Jawahar Vidyalaya in Ashok Nagar, Chennai. After obtaining his degree in Visual Communication from Loyola College, Chennai, he decided to follow his passion for acting and underwent training at the prestigious Kishore Namit Kapur Institute in Mumbai. Before making his acting debut, Jayam Ravi even worked as an assistant director to Suresh Krishna for the movie Aalavandhan. With a diverse skillset, dynamic acting capabilities and an extensive background in the film industry, he has made a name for himself in the world of Indian cinema. 

With numerous successful films to his credit, Jayam Ravi has earned a special place in the hearts of audiences. 

From action-packed blockbusters to heartwarming dramas, his performances have left an indelible mark on the industry. Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Best Movies of South Indian Actor Jayam Ravi, a true powerhouse of talent in the world of cinema.

Top 10 Best Movies of South Indian Actor Jayam Ravi

Today, Jayam Ravi stands tall as one of the most accomplished actors in the Tamil film industry, with an impressive repertoire of critically acclaimed and commercially successful films. Jayam Ravi’s remarkable acting talent has been recognized with numerous prestigious awards, including a Filmfare Award and three SIIMA Awards. Ravi’s outstanding acting in M. Kumaran Son of Mahalakshmi, a remake, has won him well-deserved honours like the Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Actor. These achievements further strengthen his position as a multifaceted and acclaimed actor in the industry.

Jayam Ravi’s top 10 movies include Bogan, Thani Oruvan and Ponniyin Selvan, among others. He has delivered box-office hits in collaboration with his brother, including the action-packed Thani Oruvan and the romantic drama Unakkum Enakkum, the latter being on top of the list of Jayam Ravi romantic movies. With his talent, hard work, and dedication, he has won the hearts of millions and continues to inspire a new generation of aspiring actors. With his exceptional acting abilities, Jayam Ravi has made a lasting impression on the critically acclaimed movie Santhosh Subramaniyam, demonstrating his mastery in this remake. With his unwavering dedication and extraordinary talent, Jayam Ravi continues to shine brightly in the world of Tamil cinema.

Come and join us at Top 10s Only as we explore the outstanding works of Jayam Ravi through his captivating movies, featuring a Top 10 list of Jayam Ravi hit movies.

1. Dhaam Dhoom (2008)

Top 10 Best Movies of South Indian Actor Jayam Ravi
Dhaam Dhoom (2008)

Prepare to be enchanted by the blockbuster Tamil movie Dhaam Dhoom! Released in 2008, this cinematic marvel directed by Jeeva, produced by Dr Murali Manohar & Sunanda Murali Manohar and featuring soul-stirring music by Harris Jayaraj, is a must-watch. In this movie, Jayam Ravi truly shines and steals the show with his sensational performance, earning a well-deserved spot on Jayam Ravi’s best movies list. Jayam Ravi’s electrifying screen presence is a visual extravaganza alongside a star-studded cast that includes Kangana Ranaut, Lakshmi Rai, and Jayaram. Brace yourself for an enthralling tale that will leave you awestruck, as Dhaam Dhoom takes you on an unforgettable artistic journey!

Jayam Ravi performs admirably in Dhaam Dhoom as Gautham Subramaniam, a gifted young physician from Chennai who is selected to represent India at a prestigious medical conference in Russia. But as he becomes involved in a covert love affair with Shenba (Kangana Ranaut), his sister’s next-door neighbour, and becomes mired in a murder investigation, his journey takes unexpected turns. Gautham is forced to work quickly to clear his name and discover the truth amid intense action, suspenseful tension, and unexpected obstacles. Dhaam Dhoom provides viewers with an exhilarating visual feast while showing off Jayam Ravi’s extraordinary acting talent and keeping them riveted to their seats right up until the very end.

With his superb portrayal of Gautham Subramaniam in Dhaam Dhoom, Jayam Ravi truly intrigued the audience. He gave a powerful performance that incorporated gripping plot twists, intense action, and heartwarming romance, making it one of the best Jayam Ravi movies. The extraordinary talent and charisma of this actor make Dhaam Dhoom a masterpiece that everyone should see. Don’t miss out on experiencing Jayam Ravi at his best in Dhaam Dhoom!

2. Peranmai (2009)

Top 10 Best Movies of South Indian Actor Jayam Ravi
Peranmai (2009)

Jayam Ravi’s breathtaking performance in the Tamil blockbuster Peranmai will leave you mesmerised! Directed by S. P. Jananathan and produced by Ayngaran International, this action-packed movie portrays Jayam Ravi in a never-seen-before avatar. With heart-pounding stunts and adrenaline-pumping action sequences, Peranmai is a visual treat for all action movie lovers. The captivating music by Vidyasagar adds to the excitement, while the star-studded cast, including Jayam Ravi, Roland Kickinger, Saranya Nag, Vasundhara Kashyap, and others, deliver stellar performances.

In the movie, Jayam Ravi plays the tough NCC camp instructor Dhuruvan who trains female cadets, making Peranmai one of the top Jayam Ravi action movies. He leads a group of unruly girls on a forest expedition where they uncover a sinister plot by foreign mercenaries to sabotage a space mission. Together, they must overcome challenges, including caste discrimination, seek retribution, and display unwavering loyalty to save the mission and thwart the villains. With Jayam Ravi’s enticing performance, Peranmai is a thrilling tale of courage, camaraderie, and action-packed adventure that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.

Jayam Ravi shines bright in Peranmai with his power-packed performance as Dhuruvan, making it a top choice among Jayam Ravi movies to watch online. With his incredible acting skills and commanding screen presence, Jayam Ravi continues to impress and captivate audiences, making Peranmai a highly recommended movie for fans of Jayam Ravi’s work.

3. Nimirndhu Nil (2014)

Top 10 Best Movies of South Indian Actor Jayam Ravi
Nimirndhu Nil (2014)

Experience the unstoppable force of Jayam Ravi in the Tamil blockbuster Nimirndhu Nil! Jayam Ravi commands the screen in this action-packed thriller, making it a favourite in the list of top 10 Jayam Ravi’s crime thriller movies. Directed by Samuthirakani and produced by KS Sreenivasan, Nimirndhu Nil features pulsating music by G. V. Prakash Kumar and a talented ensemble including Amala Paul, Sarathkumar, Soori, and Ragini Dwivedi. It’s a gripping tale of justice and revenge, with Jayam Ravi delivering a standout performance as the protagonist. Prepare for an exhilarating visual treat as Jayam Ravi battles evil forces and stands up for what is right in Nimirndhu Nil!

As Aravindan, a young man raised with high morals, Jayam Ravi gives a superb performance. This gripping thriller shows off Ravi’s talent as he takes on corrupt officials with his friends and faces unexpected twists of events that challenge their plan. Can Aravindan thwart the cunning ploy and expose the truth in court with the help of a look-alike? Nimirndhu Nil is a good choice for viewers of Jayam Ravi thriller movies, with its gripping suspense and action-packed sequences. Experience the intrigue of Nimirndhu Nil and join Aravindan in his battle against corruption!

With Jayam Ravi’s powerful performance, Nimirndhu Nil delivers a hard-hitting message against corruption. Ravi’s portrayal of Aravindan is commendable, earning him critical acclaim. Though no awards were won, Ravi’s acting prowess is apparent in this gripping tale of justice and righteousness. The movie was produced at the same time in Telugu under the title Janda Pai Kapiraju, featuring South Indian Actor Nani in the lead role. It was a blockbuster success as well. If you are a true Jayam Ravi fan, don’t miss this blockbuster Tamil film, Nimirndhu Nil!

4. Thani Oruvan (2015)

Top 10 Best Movies of South Indian Actor Jayam Ravi
Thani Oruvan (2015)

Witness Jayam Ravi in action in ‘Thani Oruvan’, one of the top 10 best films of Jayam Ravi, a blockbuster Tamil thriller directed by Mohan Raja and produced by Kalpathi S. Aghoram, S. Suresh, and S. Ganesh under the banner AGS Studio. This suspenseful drama is packed with gripping action, making it a worthwhile experience for fans of Jayam Ravi. Thani Oruvan features pulsating music by Hiphop Tamizha and a fantastic ensemble cast that includes Arvind Swamy and Nayanthara. Don’t miss the tense drama and thrilling action in Thani Oruvan, a film that displays Jayam Ravi’s unique acting talent and is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

The movie revolves around Mithran (Jayam Ravi), an idealistic young police officer who is determined to eliminate the menace of organized crime in society. He sets out to capture Siddharth Abhimanyu (Arvind Swamy), a wealthy and influential scientist with a dark side. As Mithran delves deeper into the case, he discovers Siddharth’s evil intentions and the extent of his criminal activities. With his intelligence, courage, and determination, Mithran hatches a plan to bring Siddharth to justice and restore law and order. The movie is filled with thrilling action sequences and illustrates Jayam Ravi’s performance as a dedicated and brilliant police officer.

For his role in the film Thani Oruvan, Jayam Ravi won the prestigious SIIMA and Filmfare Critics’ Best Actor awards. The film highlights Ravi’s talent and diversity as an actor, solidifying his reputation as one of the finest actors in the industry. Don’t miss the fascinating story and excellent performances in Thani Oruvan, a film that has earned its place among the top-rated Jayam Ravi movies.

5. Bogan (2017)

Top 10 Best Movies of South Indian Actor Jayam Ravi
Bogan (2017)

Hold on for a wild ride with Jayam Ravi in the popular Tamil film Bogan! Directed by Lakshman and produced by Prabhu Deva, this action-packed flick features Ravi in the lead, showcasing his dynamic acting prowess. Known as one of Jayam Ravi’s famous movies, Bogan delivers heart-stopping action sequences, intriguing music composed by D. Imman, and a talented ensemble that includes Arvind Swami and Hansika Motwani. Get ready for a pulse-pounding ride filled with twists, turns, and Jayam Ravi’s riveting performance in Bogan!

Bogan features Jayam Ravi in the lead role as Vikram, a courageous and determined police officer. As Vikram sets out to capture the charming and manipulative con man Aditya, portrayed by Arvind Swami, the plot unravels with thrilling twists and turns. Jayam Ravi’s dynamic performance as the valiant police officer adds depth and intensity to the movie. With Ravi’s magnetic personality and powerful stage presence, Bogan promises an electrifying and action-packed experience that will leave audiences spellbound and thoroughly entertained.

As the tenacious police officer Vikram, Jayam Ravi gives an unforgettable performance that has an immeasurable impact. His captivating characterization, combined with the compelling narrative and thrilling action, has earned him critical acclaim. The movie Bogan is a must-watch for fans of Jayam Ravi, delivering a thrilling cinematic journey that will leave you craving more!

6. Vanamagan (2017)

Top 10 Best Movies of South Indian Actor Jayam Ravi
Vanamagan (2017)

Tamil heartthrob Jayam Ravi takes you on an exhilarating ride in Vanamagan (2017). Directed by A.L. Vijay and produced by A. L. Azhagappan, this exquisite movie is a perfect blend of action, romance, and discovery. Jayam Ravi’s captivating performance in the lead role will have you transfixed thanks to the heartfelt music by Harris Jayaraj and a talented cast that includes Sayyeshaa Saigal, Varun, and Thambi Ramaiah. Brace yourself for a spellbinding visual experience with Jayam Ravi at the helm in Vanamagan!

Vanamagan follows the thrilling story of Jayam Ravi, who plays a tribal man raised in the dense jungles of Andaman. He encounters the modern world when he is brought to the city by a group of people. With his extraordinary survival skills and unique perspective, Jayam Ravi’s character becomes the centre of attention, leading to various conflicts and adventures. Along the way, he finds love and faces challenges as he navigates through the complexities of the urban jungle. Jayam Ravi’s remarkable portrayal of the tribal man’s journey is sure to keep you hooked from start to finish!

Jayam Ravi’s flawless portrayal of the tribal man in Vanamagan makes a lasting impression. Thanks to Jayam Ravi’s superb acting and gripping story, Vanamagan is a true cinematic masterpiece that will keep you enthralled right up until the very end!

7. Tik Tik Tik (2018)

Top 10 Best Movies of South Indian Actor Jayam Ravi
Tik Tik Tik (2018)

Get ready for a thrilling space adventure like never before! Celebrated Tamil actor Jayam Ravi takes the lead in the blockbuster Tamil movie Tik Tik Tik, which was written & directed by Shakti Soundar Rajan and produced by Nemichand Jhabak. This sci-fi thriller will keep you glued to the edge of your seat with D. Imman’s captivating score. Join Jayam Ravi and a superb ensemble of talented actors as they race against time to save the world. Tik Tik Tik promises to take your breath away with its breathtaking visuals, pulse-pounding action, and Jayam Ravi’s excellent portrayal!

In the Tamil movie, the story revolves around Vasu (Jayam Ravi), a skilled magician and escape artist who is enlisted by the Indian Space Research Centre (ISRO) to prevent a massive asteroid from hitting Earth. Vasu, along with a team of experts, embarks on a daring space mission to defuse the asteroid before it causes catastrophic destruction. The movie is packed with thrilling action sequences, edge-of-the-seat moments, and Jayam Ravi’s charismatic performance as the protagonist who races against time to save humanity from a cosmic disaster.

In this sci-fi adventure, Jayam Ravi gives a compelling performance that represents him at his very best. With his captivating portrayal of Vasu, the daring magician-turned-astronaut, Jayam Ravi steals the show in Tik Tik Tik, making it a highly acclaimed film known for its interesting storyline, stunning visuals, and Jayam Ravi’s exceptional performance. A must-see film for all movie lovers.

8. Adanga Maru (2018)

Top 10 Best Movies of South Indian Actor Jayam Ravi
Adanga Maru (2018)

Unleashing the fury of justice, Adanga Maru, the 2018 Tamil blockbuster, is a riveting tale that will leave you in awe! Written & directed by the talented Karthik Thangavel and produced by Home Movie Makers, this pulse-pounding action-thriller features a star-studded cast led by the dynamic Jayam Ravi, along with the gorgeous Raashi Khanna and the formidable Sampath Raj, among others. With a soul-stirring musical score composed by the maestro Sam C.S., Adanga Maru is a perfect blend of action, drama, and emotions and will keep you glued to the screen, craving for more!

In Adanga Maru, Jayam Ravi plays the role of a sincere police officer named Subash, who is suspended from the department due to his conflicts with influential individuals in society. However, when his loved ones are brutally targeted and killed by these powerful people, Subash decides to take matters into his own hands. With a burning desire for revenge, he sets out on a relentless mission to hunt down and bring to justice those responsible for his family’s tragic fate. Fueled by determination and armed with his skills as a cop, Subash takes on his adversaries in a thrilling battle for justice.

You’ll be kept in suspense by the intense action and emotion in Adanga Maru, one of the notable films in Jayam Ravi’s movies list, which features an outstanding performance from the talented actor. Don’t pass up this intriguing mystery which highlights Ravi’s extraordinary talent and offers a memorable viewing experience.

9. Comali (2019)

Top 10 Best Movies of South Indian Actor Jayam Ravi
Comali (2019)

Welcome to the wacky world of Comali! Written & directed by Pradeep Ranganathan and produced by Vels Film International, this Tamil comedy-drama film, which is also a notable addition to Jayam Ravi’s comedy movies list, is a rollercoaster ride of laughter, emotions, and nostalgia. With lead performances by Jayam Ravi, Kajal Aggarwal, Samyuktha Hegde, and Yogi Babu, and music by Hiphop Tamizha, Comali is definitely worth seeing. The 15-crore film Comali offers a novel perspective on life, love, and second chances. Prepare to set out on a rib-tickling adventure that will keep you amused the entire time!

In Comali, Jayam Ravi plays Ravi, a man who wakes up after a 16-year coma, only to find himself in a world that has drastically changed. He struggles to adapt to the modern era, including technological advancements and societal changes. With the help of his best friend, played by Yogi Babu, Ravi embarks on a hilarious and heartwarming journey to rediscover his identity and win back the love of his life, played by Kajal Aggarwal. Comali, a must-watch Tamil film that will keep you entertained the entire time, is filled with humour, emotions, and Jayam Ravi’s flawless performance.

Jayam Ravi demonstrates his extraordinary acting talent in the box office hit Comali. His appearance as Ravi, a man out of time, has won hearts and accolades alike. Jayam Ravi’s excellent comedic timing and emotional depth in Comali have earned him critical acclaim, making him a true gem within the Tamil film industry. With its hilarious storyline and superb performances, Comali is a roaring success that solidifies Jayam Ravi’s status as a superstar in the hearts of audiences and critics alike!

10. Ponniyin Selvan 1 (2022) & Ponniyin Selvan 2 (2023)

Top 10 Best Movies of South Indian Actor Jayam Ravi
Ponniyin Selvan 1 (2022)

Prepare to be swept away by the epic saga of love, betrayal, and power with Ponniyin Selvan l. Directed by the acclaimed filmmaker Mani Ratnam, produced by Lyca Productions and Madras Talkies, and backed by a staggering budget, this Tamil blockbuster promises to be a visual extravaganza. With the release of the highly anticipated Ponniyin Selvan l, which boasts a stellar cast that features Vikram, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Jayam Ravi, Trisha Krishnan, and others, audiences have been captivated by its grandeur and riveting narrative. The undeniable success of Ponniyin Selvan l speaks volumes, leaving no room for doubt about its triumphant reception and overwhelmingly positive response from audiences, and fans are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Ponniyin Selvan ll (2023), making it a two-part magnum opus. With music composed by the legendary A.R. Rahman, this epic tale offers an unforgettable voyage into the rich history and culture of ancient South India like never before.

Ponniyin Selvan l is an epic story set in ancient South India, revolving around a power struggle for the throne of the Chola Dynasty. The film follows the journey of Arulmozhivarman, played by Jayam Ravi, as he navigates through treacherous political intrigue, assassinations, and wars to fulfil his destiny and reclaim his birthright. In Ponniyin Selvan l, the story continues with Arulmozhivarman’s relentless pursuit of his quest, facing even greater challenges and adversaries. As he comes closer to his goal, he must confront his own inner demons and make difficult choices to emerge victorious in the battle for the throne. With Jayam Ravi’s compelling portrayal of Arulmozhivarman, Ponniyin Selvan ll promises to be a thrilling and emotionally charged continuation of this epic saga.

As the curtains close on Ponniyin Selvan l, Jayam Ravi’s stellar performance as Arulmozhivarman (Rajaraja Cholan I), aka Ponniyin Selvan, leaves audiences yearning for more. With its grandeur, jaw-dropping scenes and breathtaking visuals, Ponniyin Selvan 1 has set the bar high. Fans eagerly await Ponniyin Selvan ll, slated for release on April 28, 2023, where Jayam Ravi as Ponniyin Selvan Arulmozhivarman is sure to captivate hearts once again. With his exceptional talent, Jayam Ravi has gained widespread recognition, which strengthened his position as a powerhouse performer in the industry. Don’t miss the next chapter of this epic saga! Fans of the Ponniyin Selvan series won’t be able to resist checking out this article about the Top 10 Interesting Facts About Crown Prince/Co-regent Aditha Karikalan Cholan.

Jayam Ravi has carved a remarkable niche for himself in the Tamil film industry with his outstanding talent and unwavering dedication. Over the years, he has delivered exceptional performances, earning him a huge fan following and critical acclaim. Jayam Ravi’s versatile acting skills, charming persona, and penchant for choosing diverse roles have garnered him numerous accolades and awards. His contributions to the cinema have been exemplary, and he continues to be a prominent figure in the industry. With his impressive achievements and remarkable body of work, Jayam Ravi has truly established himself as one of Tamil cinema’s most accomplished actors.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Jayam Ravi

1. Why is Jayam Ravi called Jayam Ravi?

Jayam Ravi is called Jayam Ravi due to his debut film Jayam (2003), which was a blockbuster hit. As the film was a huge success. Jayam embraced the name ‘ Jayam’, and he has since established himself as a prominent actor in the South Indian film industry with numerous successful films to his credit.

2. In which languages has Jayam Ravi acted in movies?

Jayam Ravi has predominantly acted in Tamil films, which is his native language. He did appear in a few Telugu films during his early career as a child artist.

3. Which Jayam Ravi movie has won the most awards?

Thani Oruvan, a critically acclaimed film, has garnered multiple awards, including best actor accolades for Jayam Ravi, making it the most decorated movie in his career. The film has been recognized for its outstanding performances, entertaining plot, and innovative screenplay, earning critical acclaim and accolades from numerous award ceremonies 

4. Which are Jayam Ravi’s double-role movies?

Double-role movies are said to require twice the effort. And South Indian star Jayam Ravi is known for his dedication! Jayam Ravi played dual roles in the Tamil film Nimirndhu Nil. In the film, Jayam Ravi successfully portrayed two different characters, showing his flexibility along with his talent in playing contrasting roles.

5. Which is the boxing movie of Jayam Ravi?

Jayam Ravi’s boxing movie is Bhooloham. Jayam Ravi portrayed the role of Bhooloham, a skilled and determined boxer, displaying his acting skills as well as an unwavering commitment to the character.

6. What is Jayam Ravi’s role in the Ponniyin Selvan movie?

In the movie Ponniyin Selvan, Jayam Ravi portrays the character of Arulmozhivarman, who embarks on a journey to fulfil his destiny, confront challenges, and reclaim his birthright in the midst of political intrigue, wars, and personal struggles.

7. What is the list of movies that Jayam Ravi has acted with Trisha Krishnan?

Jayam Ravi and Trisha Krishnan have acted together in ‘Unakkum Enakkum Something Something’ and ‘Sakalakala Vallavan’ before acting as the Chola dynasty’s best brother and sister role in Manirathnam’s Ponniyin Selvan.

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