Top 10 Must Watch Ajith Movies For His Best Acting

Known as ‘Thala’ in the Tamil film industry, Ajith Kumar is one of the finest actors in India to own this title. He began his enticing career in a Tamil movie in 1993 but wasn’t considered a bankable hero until his first commercial success as a lead actor in Aasai (1995). Ajith Kumar has since established himself as an all-rounded, talent-driven, remarkable actor essaying various leading roles in unforgettable movie plots. His charming looks, coupled with seamless acting capabilities, led him to be part of Top 10s Only’s list of the Top 10 Must-Watch Ajith Movies For His Best Acting in Indian cinema.

Explore the Top 10 Must Watch Ajith Movies For His Best Acting

Here are ten of the best films of Ajith that are a must watch for die-hard Thala fans. Each of these ten movies is proof of Ajith’s remarkable acting prowess and versatility.

1. Aasai (1995)

Aasai (1995)

We begin our Ajith top 10 movies list with the hit film Aasai. Although his debutant movie was the Tamil movie Amaravathi (1993), it wasn’t until Aasai was released that Ajith Kumar got noticed. In fact, between these two of Ajith Kumar’s top hit movies, he went on to act in several Telegu and Tamil movies as a supporting actor. The plot in Aasai showed him as a loveable, clever, and hot-headed Jeeva, leading him to reign as the next heartthrob of South India. Translating into the word ‘Desire’, Aasai is a romantic thriller film that saw Ajith explore the dark side of love – infatuation.

2. Vaali (1999)

Vaali (1999)

Being typecast as a romantic chocolate boy- Vaali was a refreshing film that showed Ajith exploring roles with grey shades. Vaali is easily featured in the top 10 Ajith Kumar movies for acting as he played his first dual role, Deva, the speech and hearing disabled Ad filmmaker, and Shiva, the charming lover boy. Watch this movie to see a scintillating performance of the actor doubling between characters as he takes the love story ahead where Deva lusts after his brother’s wife. His performance in this movie won him his first Filmfare award for Best Actor. Vaali deserves its place in our list of top ten Ajith movies.

3. Amarkalam (1999)

Amarkalam (1999)

If you’re planning a movie night featuring Ajith must watch movies, then the next movie you shouldn’t miss is Amarkalam, a romantic thriller released in 1999. This is one of the earliest movies that saw Ajith opposite his wife, actor Shalini Ajith Kumar. The movie became a blockbuster hit and was later dubbed and remade in Telegu and Kannada. Amarkalam was Ajith’s 25th film. It is considered one of the top 10 AK movies for acting because of the role he played as a ruthless hooligan who kidnaps a police officer’s daughter at the request of a gangster plan for revenge. Will the plan crack or be successful? Watch this movie to see Ajith’s character navigate the plot.

4. Citizen (2001)

Citizen (2001)

Considered one of the top Ajith Kumar action films of all time, Citizen saw Ajith Kumar in multiple roles with actors Meena, Vasundhara Das, and Nagma. The vigilante-action plot revolves around high-profile kidnappings and is filled with mind-blowing action, drama, and sharp dialogue delivery. Actor Ajith was so committed to the nine roles he portrayed that, to make it as authentic as possible, he put on weight for certain characters in the film. Being the one man to lift the film single-handedly, there is no doubt that Ajith made this movie a super hit owing to his stellar performance and dedication. This is unquestionably one of Ajith’s best films to date!

5. Villain (2002)

Villain (2002)

If you thought Ajith Kumar was only restricted to being one of the top 10 action movie actors of all time, think again. His captivating performance in Villain was unforgettable with his role as an intellectually challenged person. Once again seen in dual roles, Thala broke every doubt in the audience’s minds with his dramatic role as Shiva and Vishnu- the identical twins. Don’t skip this movie from our Top 10s Only list of Tamil actor Ajith Kumar’s best movies if you want to experience a heist Masala movie with a diverse actor as the lead.

6. Varalaru (2006)

Varalaru (2006)

One cannot miss Varalaaru, Ajith Kumar’s best action movie of his time. Released in 2006, it emerged as one of the year’s highest-grossing films. The movie sees Thala in a triple role as a father and his twin sons, with a strong story plot where the wheelchair-ridden father tries to bring awareness of responsibilities to his son- but in vain. Watch this intense blockbuster drama that’s often touted by Thala’s fans as being the best among Ajith Kumar’s top 10 movies .

7. Billa – Part 1 (2007)

Billa – Part 1 (2007)

There’s no doubt that Ajith’s biggest hit movie is Billa! Considered one of the highest-grossing movies of actor Ajith Kumar, Billa emerged as a super hit upon release in 2007. This Tamil thriller movie saw the talented Ajith essay the role of a stylish and sinful David Billa, who captured the audience with his Don-like acting. Once again, playing a double role, Thala astounds the audience with this thrilling movie plot that’ll have you on your toes. And, it was not just Thala’s acting that was appreciated. Actor Nayanthara proved her acting prowess in Billa, by portraying the role of Sasha. The film was selected and screened at the 61st Cannes Film Festival and remained in the memories of the audience and critics alike.

8. Mankatha (2011)

Mankatha (2011)

Mankatha is an action thriller Tamil movie that put Ajith as one of the top 10 action movie actors of all time in South cinema. The fast-moving plot revolves around a cricket betting money heist executed by a gang of thieves. Mankatha was Ajith’s 50th film and proved to be a massive success, with critics giving positive reviews. Watch this Ajith top-rated movie if you are a die-hard fan of Thala and want a good 2 hours and 40 minutes of screen time with him in it!

9. Nerkonda Paarvai (2019)

Nerkonda Paarvai (2019)

It takes a lot of courage to fill the shoes of a thespian actor. However, Thala does just that with the role Amitabh Bachan played in the Hindi movie Pink. Indeed, actor Ajith nailed the role brilliantly with his captivating performance as Advocate Bharath Subramaniam in the legal drama Nerkona Paarvai. The movie easily fits into our list of Ajith Kumar’s top-rated movies, as it sees Thala in a bold and social message-spreading film that only he could shoulder. Watch this engaging courtroom drama for his astounding performance that created ripples in the media and audience alike. We guarantee you agree with us that Nerkonda Paarvai is one of Ajith’s top hit movies to be watched online!

10. Viswasam (2019)

Viswasam (2019)

If you want to find Ajith Kumar’s best action movie to watch this weekend, then don’t miss the awesome hit Viswasam! In this movie, Thala has proved his worth by holding the title of one of the most bankable heroes of our time. Yet again, Viswasam was a more recent Tamil action movie released in 2019 that continued to prove that the best movie actor Ajith Kumar still has it in him! Seen in dual lead roles, Thala uplifted the movie with his remarkable heartthrob image acting with lead lady Nayanthara. The action-packed family melodrama was a super hit and had the audience visiting theatres to watch it multiple times.

Celebrate Thala’s Magnetic Performance: Watch Ajith’s Best Movies In Tamil

Ajith Kumar is one of the finest actors in Indian cinema today. Apart from being a stellar actor and winning many accolades, he is one of the few Indians who pursued his passion for race car driving in an international arena. An all-rounder, Ajith Kumar continues to astound us with his acting performances from past and ongoing projects. Liked our bespoke list of Top 10 Ajith Movies and want more? Why not head on to our Top 10 Romantic Movies of Thala Ajith to enjoy his chocolate boy heartthrob persona!

Frequently Asked Questions About Actor Ajith Kumar

1. What are the biggest hit movies of Ajith Kumar?

Actor Ajith Kumar has had several notable hit films that range from romantic thrillers to action-packed dramas. The sheer versatility of the actor is evident in films like Aasai and Amarkalam, action thrillers like Vaali, Citizen, Mankantha, and Viswam, and exciting courtroom dramas like Nerkonda Parvai. Ajth’s top-rated movies have found a cult following among the masses and remain popular to this day.

2. Is Don and Billa same?

Billa is the Tamil remake of the Hindi film Don. There are two Tamil versions- one in 1980, starring Rajinikanth, and another in 2007, starring Ajith Kumar. The performance of superstar Ajith in Billa is quite remarkable, with him perfectly portraying the double roles of David Billa and Saravana Velu.

3. Who is number 1 – Vijay or Ajith?

It is difficult to determine the best actor, as both Vijay and Ajith continue to gain the attention and admiration of the audience, specifically in South India, due to their unique acting styles. Their popularity is evident in the titles they have earned from their fans – while Vijay is referred to as Thalapathy, Ajith has been revered as Thala.

4. Which is Ajith’s 25th film of Ajith?

One of Ajith’s must-watch movies is Amarkalam, released in 1999. This romantic action thriller is superstar Ajith’s 25th film. In the movie, Ajith plays the role of Vasu, a ruthless hooligan, opposite his wife, actor Shalini. The stunts, romantic songs, and beautiful positive twists in the story keep everyone glued to the show.

5. Who is Thala – Dhoni or Ajith?

Thala, meaning “leader or boss,” is a Tamil title given out of respect. Are you wondering, who is the real Thala Dhoni or Ajith? Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Ajith Kumar are popular as Thala for their unique contributions in their line of work. Both Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Ajith Kumar have been referred to as Thala by their fans for their unique contributions in their line of work. Ajith Kumar, through his different roles from a romantic chocolate boy to an action hero, has made his mark in the film industry, whereas Dhoni, through his cool captaincy, has led Chennai Super Kings (CSK) to win IPL titles five times. Through perseverance and hard work, both Dhoni and Ajith have become true leaders in their professions.