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Top 10 Movies Of Actor Prabhas

Top 10 Movies of Prabhas

A household name in Indian cinema, particularly in Tollywood, Uppalapati Venkata Suryanarayana Prabhas Raju, mononymously known as, Prabhas, needs no special introduction. Being the ‘Rebel Star’ Krishnam Raju’s nephew, Prabhas embarked on his acting career in 2002 and since has been part of some of the most successful movie projects India has to offer. With his innate screen presence, towering height and fine acting skills, Actor Prabhas has created a niche for himself gathering an astounding fan following not just in India, but worldwide too. If you thought the highest-grossing movie series of Bahubali was Prabhas’ best yet – get ready to be mind blown with the top 10 Movies of Prabhas packed with his powerful performances.

List of Top 10 Movies of Prabhas – Entertainment Explosion

Here is the much-awaited list of Top 10 Movies of pan India Rebel Star Prabhas. Adding a note to all readers that these movies are not listed as per rank but as per the date of release. Enjoy the entertainment and let us know what you think of this list.

Top 10 Movies of Prabhas No 1:  Varsham (2004)

Listed as his first-ever commercial success, Varsham was a sensational hit directed by Sobhan. The romantic action film saw thrilling chemistry between lead Prabhas and actress Trisha with a plot that’ll have viewers guessing whether the couple will reunite amidst the drama. Venkat (Prabhas) meets Shailaja (Trisha) on a fateful train journey where sparks of attraction arise. Bhadranna (Actor Gopichand), a devious villain also falls in love with gorgeous Shailaja and approaches her father Ranga Rao for her hand who is keen on this match for other reasons. Watch to know why this movie made it to Prabhas movie top 10 lists at Top 10s Only.   

Top 10 Movies of Prabhas No 2: Chatrapathi (2005)

A brilliant Action-drama that is part of the Prabhas south movie list is the film, Chatrapathi. Directed by S.S Rajamouli, the sentimental movie taps into the emotional turmoil of the main character Chatrapathi Sivaji (Prabhas), his mother (Bhanupriya) and stepbrother Akash (Shafi) who were separated during the forceful evacuation of the coast they resided in by goons. The film beautifully captures the tense relationship between the stepbrothers and the pure love of the mother who sees them as one. Will the family reunite or is there an ulterior motive to the separation – wait till the interval to get goosebumps and know more.

Top 10 Movies of Prabhas No 3: Bujjigadu (2008)

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Just for the sheer performance of Prabhas and director Puri Jagganath’s ability to reinvent a character, led this movie makes into the Prabhas hit movies list. Bujjigadu saw Prabhas in a whole new avatar bringing out his comic sense with a light-hearted plot romancing actress Trisha. The storyline is based on two childhood friends, Buji (Prabhas) and Chitti (Trisha), who separate ways after Buji runs away from home followed by a bitter dispute with Chitti. The next 12 years are spent in Chennai with his heart and mind locked on his lady love as he fights through many challenges. Will they end up together or do these 12 years have a secondary plot in store? Watch to know more.  

Top 10 Movies of Prabhas No 4: Billa (2009)

The movie Billa saw actor Prabhas in a stylish, mysterious Don role. Director Meher Ramesh bought about a dual characterization in the movie where on one side Prabhas plays the tough Don, Billa while balancing the subtle, warm-hearted rural guy Ranga played by Prabhas too. Paired with actress Anushka Shetty, this movie is a remake of the renewed version of Billa which was one of Actor Ajith’s top movies in Tamil. The plot bursts with action and thrilling scenes that’ll have you at the edge of the seat as the story uncovers. Make sure to add this movie to your list to see Prabhas at his finest.

Top 10 Movies of Prabhas No 5: Darling (2010)

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Probably one of our favourite rom-com movies, Darling was directed by A. Karunakaran and had Prabhas deliver one of his most loverboy stylish roles. The movie moved on to be a commercial success being the highest-grossing Telugu movie in the year 2010. The story revolves around Prabhas (Prabhas) trying to save himself from an unwanted alliance with a gangster’s daughter by narrating a story of reuniting with his childhood love Nandhini(Kajal Agarwal) in Switzerland. The tug-of-war post the narration between Nandhini and Prabhas leads to a series of events that unfold during the meeting of old friends and families. Cuddle up to watch darling Prabhas in this engaging romantic comedy considered to be part of Prabhas darling movie collections by his fans. 

Top 10 Movies of Prabhas No 6: Mr Perfect (2011)

We can’t agree more with the title of this movie for Prabhas. Vicky (Prabhas) is a gaming software expert based in Australia who believes one mustn’t change themselves for anybody – especially in a relationship. His ideals are questioned by his father (Nasser) who wants him to compromise and adjust when entering into marriage. In comes Priya (Kajal Aggarwal), a marriage alliance sorted by Vicky’s parents, who also happens to be his childhood friend. Priya and Prabha are poles apart in character, making this movie quite interesting to watch. Add a third wheel to this relationship, Maggie (Taapsee) and watch how the story unfolds. Will Mr Perfect be able to accept his imperfect ideals? Watch this dramatic romantic comedy to know more. 

Top 10 Movies of Prabhas No 7: Rebel (2012)

Rebel is an action film written and directed by Raghava Lawrence. The movie stars Prabhas, Tamannah Bhatia and Deeksha Seth essaying unforgettable character roles. The storyline is based on Rishi (Prabhas) who is seeking revenge for his parents who were murdered brutally. An action-packed movie with a thrilling plot, fans of Prabhas can expect a bit of comedy and drama too. This movie had earned Prabhas the moniker ‘Rebel Star’ which is popular even to this day.

Top 10 Movies of Prabhas No 8: Mirchi (2013)

One of Prabhas highest grossing movies in the year 2013, Mirchi went on to bag six state Nandi Awards for many categories including best direction, feature film, music and many such. Prabhas himself won the Best Actor award for his astounding performance in the film as Jai who has a strange and dark past. Richa Gangopadhyay plays the role of Manasa, who hails from a family that has a violent streak. The movie revolves around how Jai reforms Manasa’s family while revealing a deep secret from his past that is connected to them. The past throws up details about his lady love Vennela essayed by Anushka Shetty and his mom Latha played by Nadhiya. Definitely, an unmissable watch if you are looking for engaging content in entertainment.

Top 10 Movies of Prabhas No 9: Bahubali: The Beginning (2015)

Where do we begin about one of Prabhas best movies of his career – Bahubali. Redubbed into many languages since this movie turned out to be one of the most creatively essayed films Indian cinema has offered. His remarkable commitment and dedication to the film did supreme justice to the outcome. Based in Ancient India, the character of Amarendra Bahubali (Prabhas) gets grappled in a deep-rooted feud between tribes of old times. The film has an outstanding cast including Anushka Shetty, Tamannah, Ramya Krishnan, Rana Daggubati and many more. The electric performance, movie sets, visual effects and storyline is an absolute must-watch for any movie buff. 

Top 10 Movies of Prabhas No 10: Bahubali 2: The Conclusion (2017) 

A follow-through to Baahubali: The Beginning, Baahubali 2: The Conclusion was a treat to the audience after a cliffhanging ending and a 2-year wait. When Shiva, son of Baahubali learns of his past and heritage, he sets out on a journey for justice and answers. The cast ensemble remained similar to that of Part 1, delivering an astounding performance as the plot tightens. This Indian epic action film was one of Prabhas box office collection ringing movies with its fantastic response from the audience. 

It’s been a long journey from Prabhas first movie debut Eeswar in 2002 to his ongoing releases. A versatile actor, Prabhas has carried out a range of roles and genres with grand finesse. Whether the role of a malicious don, a roadside Romeo or that of a doting son seeking revenge, this multi-faceted actor never fails to surprise us! Make sure to keep up with our curated lists of top 10 movies at Top 10s Only to know of Prabhas upcoming movies and enjoy the very best South movies have to offer.

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