Happy Independence Day India – As It Happened In 1947

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Every proud Indian knows how India became an independent nation at the stroke of midnight on August 15th, 1947.  Each year, one gets to revisit the heroic story of how the entire nation persevered to throw out the reins of the British Empire once and for all. This year, the Top 10s Only team is honoured to wish you a happy independence day. The handover of power from the British Empire was a significant moment as it was the result of the selfless sacrifice of many brave men and women. 

15th august where the mind is without fear rabindranath tagore
15th August
Where The Mind Is Without Fear
– Rabindranath Tagore

While we are fortunate not to have been a part of those turbulent years, we can remember the many sacrifices that led to an independent India. So the next time you wish someone a very happy Independence Day 2021 India, take a moment of silence for the departed souls who toiled for an Independent India day and night. Then it’s time to wish for a happy Independence Day written in style and celebrate this wonderful day with friends and family.

Indian Independence on August 15th 1947 – How it Unfolded

The British House of Commons passed the Indian Independence Act on June 15th in 1947. Also known as the Mountbatten Plan, this divided the country into two independent dominions, India and Pakistan. On the eve of 15th August 1947, thousands of Indians gathered in Delhi near government buildings to officially celebrate the first Independence Day of India. 

A Tryst With Destiny – Nehru’s Independence Day Speech

Happy Independence Day India - Nehru 's A Tryst With Destiny Speech

Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India and author of the famous book “Discovery of India”, made his famous speech ‘A Tryst with Destiny’ to mark this momentous occasion on the eve of Independence. Considered one of the greatest orations of the 20th century, Nehru’s speech put together India’s freedom struggle in the most emphatic way possible. 

While there were several formal ceremonies, the spontaneous display of joy and happiness was witnessed all across the country. Happy Independence Day wishes and quotes were bandied back and forth to mark the first day free from the rule of the British Empire.

Happy Independence Day India - Lord Mountbatten and Lady Mountbatten Saluting the Indian Flag

While happy Independence Day wishes in English, Hindi, and the other languages were shared all over the country. As the celebrations erupted, Mahatma Gandhi was missing in action. He was fasting to ensure peace endured between the two new dominions that had emerged and did not participate in the celebrations. However, Lord Mountbatten acknowledged his contribution to the Independence of the two countries, which drew the loudest applause amongst the gathered.

Road To Independence

Happy Independence Day India - Mahatma Gandhiji on the eve of Indian Independence

India had been under the thumb of the British Empire since the 18th century. The Indian Mutiny of 1857 marked the official struggle against British rule. However, it was a long road to Independence for the people of the nation. As you share happy Independence Day quotes in English, spare a thought for the many unsung national heroes who played their part in struggling against foreign rule. Several leaders emerged during this trying period in the Indian subcontinent. They rallied the people to fight against the Raj and even turned down the dominion status in exchange for supporting Britain during World War II. The leaders gathered together under Mahatma Gandhi in the Quit India movement which turned out to be a huge turning point in the Indian freedom struggle. 

77th Happy Independence Day Thoughts

Happy Independence Day!

As India celebrates her 77th Independence Day, Top 10s Only would like to wish u Happy Independence Day. India has come a long way, since her first Independence Day, and she has a long road ahead of her yet. With luck, all the wishes for happy Independence Day and inspirational quotes for happy Independence Day come true and allow India to grow into the peaceful and ideal India that Gandhiji always dreamt of.

On this special occasion, remember to send out a message for happy Independence Day to all your loved ones and, of course, update your happy Independence Day status as you celebrate this. Feel free to share our images and videos right here to add to the mood. 

A very happy independence day to you and your loved ones from Top 10s Only!

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happy 77th independepence day india

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