Top 10 Must-Watch Movies of South Indian Actor Tovino Thomas

Tovino Thomas is a highly sought-after Indian actor, predominantly from the Malayalam film industry. His popularity has seen him consistently voted as one of the most desirable men in the industry. He has appeared in over 50 movies for which he has received several awards, including the Filmfare Awards and South Indian International Movie Awards. He is a versatile actor thanks to his natural acting style and capacity to transform into any character, whether it be a hero or a villain. Tovino’s superhit movies are top-notch and known to be commercially successful and critically acclaimed. With his constantly evolving looks and style, he is the current heartthrob among youngsters. 

Top 10 Must-Watch Tovino Thomas Movies

We at Top 10s Only bring you a compendious list of the Top 10 Must-Watch Tovino Thomas Movies that are sure to entertain you and give you a glimpse of the brilliant acting skills of this popular Malayalam actor.

1. Mayaanadhi (2017)

2. Godha (2017)

3. Tharangam (2017)

4. Ente Ummante Peru (2018)

5. Maradona (2018)

6. Theevandi (2018)

7. Forensic (2020)

8. Kaanekkaane (2021)

9. Minnal Murali (2021)

10. Thallumaala (2022)

1. Mayaanadhi (2017)

Top 10 Must-Watch Tovino Thomas Movies

One of Tovino Thomas’s best Malayalam films is Mayaanadhi. This romantic-thriller film was written by Dileesh Nair and Shyam Pushkaran, and it was directed by ace filmmaker Aashiq Abu. The plot of the movie is inspired by the 1960 French movie Breathless. Tovino Thomas plays a fugitive criminal named John Mathew (or Maathan) in the movie, while Aishwarya Lekshmi plays the role of Aparna, an aspiring actress. The movie follows the story of their tumultuous relationship and their fight for survival.

The film was produced with a budget of approximately Rs 4 crore, and it’s box office collection had been estimated to be around Rs 17.5 crore. It was released to widespread critical acclaim from critics.

Tovino Thomas’s portrayal of the orphan thug John Mathew was well-received by the audience and critics for his natural acting and for capturing the nuances of the character. There is no doubt that Mayaanadhi is one of Tovino Thomas’s best Malayalam movies. It won him many awards, including the Filmfare Award (South) and the prestigious South Indian International Movie Award for best actor.

2.  Godha (2017)

Top 10 Must-Watch Tovino Thomas Movies

Godha is a Malayalam sports drama film that was directed by Basil Joseph and written by Rakesh Mantodi. The film was produced by Mukesh R. Mehta, A. V. Anoop, and C. V. Sarathi under the banner of E4 Entertainment. Along with Tovino Thomas, it stars Aju Varghese, Renji Panicker, and Punjabi actor Wamiqa Gabbi in prominent roles. 

The plot revolves around Anjaneya Das (played by Tovino), the son of a gatta gusthi (wrestling) champion and coach named Captain (played by Renji Panicker). Anjaneya prefers to play cricket rather than follow in his father’s footsteps and take on wrestling. In a series of incidents, he brings home a fellow student from college, an aspiring Punjabi wrestler (played by Wamiqa Gabbi) whose conservative family prohibits her from participating in the sport. Her arrival causes a change in the entire village, and she even helps Anjaneya rekindle his love for wrestling and his relationship with his father. 

Godha is a lighthearted story that highlights the importance of sportsmanship and perseverance. A number of issues, such as gender bias and politics in sports, etc., are touched upon in the film. Tovino’s performance in the film was highly lauded by critics and audiences alike. This is one of the top 10 Tovino Thomas movies that you definitely do not want to miss.

3. Tharangam (2017)

Top 10 Must-Watch Tovino Thomas Movies

Next up on the list of best Tovino Thomas movies is Tharangam, a Malayalam dark comedy movie directed by Dominic Arun and produced by Tamil actor Dhanush by his production house, Wunderbar Films. Apart from Tovino, the film stars Santhy Balachandran, Balu Varghese, Dileesh Pothan, Shammy Thilakan, and Saiju Kurup in pivotal roles. The movie is a thrilling fantasy movie that’s full of hilarious twists and turns, guaranteed to keep audiences on the edge of their seats. 

The plot revolves around Pappan, played by Tovino Thomas, a cop under suspension, and the struggles he undergoes alongside another cop, Joy (portrayed by Balu Varghese). They land in trouble while investigating the crimes of a don and his wife. They cross paths with a smuggler, leading to a more chaotic situation.

Tovino has perfectly portrayed the character of Pappan on screen, making the audience fall in love with his character. Tovino’s comic timing is spot-on and completely in sync with Balu’s performance. Both actors did a remarkable job of portraying characters that were essentially flawed yet good at heart.

4.  Ente Ummante Peru (2018)

Top 10 Must-Watch Tovino Thomas Movies
Ente Ummante Peru

A must-watch Tovino Thomas movie, Ente Ummante Peru, which translates to “My Mother’s Name,” is a Malayalam comedy-drama movie that revolves around Hameed (played by Tovino Thomas), who is set on finding his birth mother. Jose Sebastian, who also wrote the screenplay with Sarath R. Nath, helmed the film. The actors Urvashi, Mammukoya, Saara Deva, Hareesh Perumanna, Shanthi Krishna, Shilpa Tulaskar, etc., play important roles in this endearing movie. The first half of the film was shot mostly in Kozhikode and Thalassery, while the latter half was mostly shot in Lucknow. 

Hameed is left devastated and lonely after his father’s death. His desire to get married to Sainaba (played by Saara Deva) gets derailed due to his yatheem/orphan status. When he discovers a will that states his father had two wives, his hopes are raised, and he goes on a quest to find his biological mother. This marks the entry of Ayisha (played by thespian actor Urvashi), an eccentric woman who was once married to Hameed’s father. The rest of the film focuses on Hameed’s journey to find his mother. 

Ente Ummante Peru is a moving, simple story that teaches us that blood ties do not define relationships. Tovino is skilfully cast as a shy, timid, mild-mannered, and vulnerable Hameed who yearns for the comfort of relationships. Do not miss out on this must-watch Tovino Thomas movie that made it to this top 10 list!

5. Maradona (2018)

Top 10 Must-Watch Tovino Thomas Movies

Maradona is a Malayalam thriller movie that is a must-watch Tovino Thomas movie streaming online right now! Directed by Vishnu Narayan, and written by Krishna Moorthy, the film has exceptional performances by actors Tovino, Sharanya R. Nair, Chemban Vinod Jose, etc.

In the movie “Maradona,” Tovino Thomas portrays the title character, a violent thug who relocates to Banglore to live with his distant relatives after inadvertently hurting the son of an influential politician. While living there, he forges new friendships and finds love, but his past catches up with him, and he is ultimately forced to deal with it. 

The fact that Tovino so effectively captures the character’s negative side makes this one of his best films. This movie was a mark of his talent and progress as a hero.

6. Theevandi (2018)

Top 10 Must-Watch Tovino Thomas Movies

One of the films that deserves its place in our Tovino Thomas top 10 best Malayalam movies list is Theevandi. Starring actor Samyuktha Menon as the female lead and actors Saiju Kurup, Sudheesh, Suraj Venjarammoodu, Shammi Thilakan, etc. in supporting roles, Theevandi is a Malayalam romantic comedy-drama movie directed by ace filmmaker Fellini T.P. and written by Vini Vishwa Lal.

Tovino Thomas plays the role of a chain smoker and unemployed youth named Bineesh Damodaran, who gets embroiled in political issues in his village. His natural acting as a chain smoker won him many awards, including the prestigious South Indian International Movie Award & the Asiavision Award for best actor. 

Theevandi is well worth watching, thanks to its umpteen comic scenes that highlight Tovino’s acting prowess. This hilarious rom-com is one of the top Tovino movies of 2018, and its box-office collection is said to have crossed Rs 30 crore.

7. Forensic (2020)

Top 10 Must-Watch Tovino Thomas Movies

If you are in the mood to watch a gripping Tovino Thomas hit crime-thriller movie, look no further than the Malayalam blockbuster movie Forensic. Akhil Paul and Anas Khan co-wrote and co-directed this psychological thriller movie that has actors Saiju Kurup, Giju John, Reba Monica John, Mamta Mohandas, Thamanna Pramod, and Renji Panicker playing pivotal roles.

Taking on the role of Samuel John Kaatookaran, Tovino Thomas plays a medico-legal advisor with profound investigative skills and a keen eye for details. Kaatookaran possesses the skills necessary to detect a serial killer targeting little girls. The Chief Investigating Officer, Rithika Xavier (Mamta Mohandas), who is also Samuel John’s estranged sister-in-law, needs his help to capture the criminal before more girls are murdered. 

This top-notch crime thriller movie will keep you hooked and on the edge of your seat the whole time as all the protagonists race against time to solve each puzzle to get to the criminals. This was deemed to be the highest-rated Malayalam movie of 2020, despite being released during the initial stages of the Covid-19 pandemic period.

8. Kaanekkaane (2021)

Top 10 Must-Watch Tovino Thomas Movies

One of the latest Tovino movies streaming online that ought not to be missed is Kaanekkaane. This is a Malayalam drama-thriller movie written by Bobby and Sanjay. It was directed by Manu Ashokan. The film stars Tovino Thomas, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Aishwarya Lekshmi, and Shruthi Ramachandran in important roles. This movie is an earnest drama of raw and complex human emotions. 

Kaanekkaane follows a non-linear narrative that shifts between scenes in the past and those in the present. The plot revolves around the past and present family life of Allen, a complex character played by Tovino. A small discrepancy catches the eye of his deceased wife’s father, Paul (played by Suraj Venjaramoodu), who is visiting Allen’s home to see his grandson. This leads to a few doubts regarding his daughter’s accident and subsequent death. The tension and suspense gradually build up as Paul tries to figure out the real story behind his daughter’s demise. 

It only takes one wrong choice for everything to change, and Tovino Thomas portrays the constant guilt of being on the wrong side of morality with impeccable accuracy. Allen’s is the most challenging role in the film as it is the realistic portrayal of a person who is weighed down by extreme guilt. There is no one who is perfect, and we are all flawed, as Tovino’s Allen illustrates in the film. It leaves you pondering over how people change with life and how it is not in anyone’s hands. Be sure to watch this top Tovino film soon!

9. Minnal Murali (2021)

Top 10 Must-Watch Tovino Thomas Movies
Minnal Murali

Minnal Murali is one of Tovino’s most memorable films. This movie is notable not only for his brilliant performance but for being the first superhero film in Malayalam! Directed by Basil Joseph and produced by Sophia Paul under the banner Weekend Blockbusters, Minnal Murali Mastering comprises several notable artists, like Guru Somasundaram, Femina George, Baiju, Aju Varghese, Jude Anthany Joseph, Harisree Ashokan, etc.

This Tovino Thomas superhit movie follows the life of young Jaison, a village tailor whose life changes after gaining superpowers after getting hit by lightning. The story revolves around Jaison’s transformation into a superhero who protects the entire village from the wrath of a supervillain (played by Guru Somasundaram), who incidentally also gains his superpowers from the same lightning strike.  

Tovino shines as the childlike Jaison and as the wacky superhero. The way he portrays this character’s training, struggles, and mastery of the powers, as well as how he comes to terms with these powers, is superb. Actor Guru Somasundaram excels as the anti-hero. The film was well-received by critics and audiences, who praised the writing, directing, action sequence, visual effects, soundtrack, and performances by the entire cast, particularly those of Tovino Thomas and Guru Somasundaram. Tovino Thomas won the 10th South Indian International Movie Award for best actor for this movie. This is definitely one of the top 10 Tovino Thomas superhit movies you must not miss.

10. Thallumaala (2022)

Top 10 Must-Watch Tovino Thomas Movies

Thallumaala is an action-packed Malayalam movie directed by Khalid Rahman and produced by Ashiq Usman. The story was penned by writers Muhsin Parari and Ashraf Hamza. The lead roles in the movie are played by actors Tovino Thomas, Shine Thomas Chacko and Kalyani Priyadarshan. Due to the lockdown restrictions of Covid-19 pandemic, this film was released directly on Netflix. In spite of this, it was an instant success. It received positive reviews from critics and audiences, becoming a critical and commercial success. 

The plot revolves around the friendships formed by Wazim (played by Tovino Thomas) as a result of various fights that occur in his life at various points. As a result of one of these fights, he met blogger Fathima Beepaathu (played by Kalyani), and after falling in love, they got married. 

In this movie, Tovino outdid himself in terms of styling, experimenting with various looks, dance moves, action sequences, etc. He reinvents himself as a complete entertainment package in Thallumaala. This is definitely one of Tovino’s top movies to watch online, as it is a treat for youngsters, especially those who love rap music.

As an actor, Tovino Thomas aims to be a Pan-Indian Actor rather than a Pan-Indian Star. As a result, it is clear that he selects a variety of roles that allow him to explore different genres and characters. He likes to keep his acting style distinctive by taking on a variety of unpredictable roles in his films, demonstrating his diverse range of skills.

We hope you enjoy the Top 10 Best Tovino Thomas Movies we’ve compiled for you today. Let us know which one is your favourite in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many movies did Tovino Thomas act?

Tovino Thomas has acted in over 50 movies. In 2012, he made his film debut with the Malayalam movie Prabhuvinte Makkal. His defining performances came in the films ABCD, Ennu Ninte Moideen, etc. With the Netflix superhero film Minnal Murali, in which he played the title role, he quickly gained widespread fame in India. The top 10 must-watch Tovino Thomas movies list given above showcases some of his most exceptional performances.

2. How long has Tovino been in the film industry?

Tovino Thomas has been in the film industry for almost a decade now and has acted in over 50 films to date, and there’s no stopping him. He made his film debut in 2012 with the film Prabhuvinte Makkal. There are still many more movies coming up. Tovino Thomas’s best movies list in Malayalam is listed in the above article.

3. How old is Tovino?

As of 2023, Tovino Thomas is 33 years old. He was born on 21 January 1989 and is the son of Advocate Ellikkal Thomas and Sheela Thomas. He hails from a Suriyani Nasrani Catholic family based in Irinjalakuda, Thrissur. Despite his young age, Tovino has acted in several successful films and is considered one of the most popular actors in Malayalam cinema. Have a look at Tovino Thomas’s famous movies listed above to get an idea of why he’s so popular.

4. Why Tovino Thomas is famous?

Tovino Thomas is famous for many reasons. He is a great humanitarian, and his tireless efforts during the 2018 Kerala floods have been lauded by people across the globe. Tovino also became the third actor from the Malayalam film industry to receive the coveted Golden Visa from the UAE in 2021. Another reason for Tovino’s fame is his acting prowess and versatility. He is a versatile actor thanks to his ability to adapt to any role, whether it be that of the protagonist, a supporting protagonist, or a villain. Add to this his friendly and humble nature, which makes anyone instantly like him. His interviews and opinions from colleagues are proof of that. Watch movies from the list of best Tovino Thomas movies given above to understand his talent firsthand.

5. Is Tovino Thomas a superstar?

Of course he is! Tovino Thomas is one of the top superstars in the Malayalam film industry. He has starred in some of the most successful and critically acclaimed films of recent years. He has also won several awards, including two Kerala State Film Awards and two Filmfare Awards. He also became a star for the people when he got down personally to help those in need during the severe floods that devastated Kerala in 2018. Even Kerala’s Chief Minister expressed appreciation for him. Hence, we can rightfully say he is indeed a superstar! Watch Tovino Thomas’s top 10 movies mentioned above to see the immense talents of this superstar!

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