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World Health Day 2021 – Mask Up Fight COVID 19

World Health Day Observed By WHO 2021

The world is still reeling from the impact created by the COVID pandemic. It is not over yet and we need to ensure that we follow precautions. Today as World Health Day of 2021 is observed, we thought a small write up on the same will help. All you need to do is follow simple rules. 

  • Wear Your Mask
  • Maintain Social Distancing
  • Be Responsible Citizens

There is so much sync between World Health Day and COVID 19 in 2021. Last year the same day the world was trying to fight the first wave, this year it is the 2nd wave. Let’s pray that we do not have to wait it out for one more year!

Wear Your Mask

No matter what you do, if you are stepping outside or are allowing anyone to step inside the house, wear your mask. You need to wear your mask even after vaccination, as most vaccines offer only 70-80% protection. Using mask and sanitizers have become a way of life for us. It is pertinent that we follow this at all times. 

People can get COVID even after getting fully vaccinated, hence do not take this lightly. As World Health Day is celebrated around the world today, let’s resolve to be socially responsible citizens. 

Suit up before you venture out! Ensure you wear the mask right.

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