Top 10 Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Work-From-Home Moms

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and it is time to put on your thinking hats to get that perfect gift for your mother. The best gift ideas for them are either functional, thoughtful, practical, or all three rolled into one. Especially when considering gifts for a working mother, think of all the things that make life easy or at least pleasant. But remember that the best gifts for moms are those that come from the heart. A busy mom will highly appreciate something that she can use during the course of the day that she might not want to buy for herself. If you are a working mom, you might already have a list, but you may find something better in the below list of the Best Mother’s Day gifts for busy work-from-home moms. Read on.

The best mother’s day gift ideas For WFH Moms

Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to show appreciation and gratitude for all the hard work and dedication of our moms. This year, with more moms working from home, finding the perfect gift can be challenging. Don’t worry! Top 10s Only has got you covered with some great Mother’s Day gift ideas for WFH moms. Let’s make this Mother’s Day a special one for all the hardworking moms out there.

1. Noise Cancelling Head Phones + High-Quality Webcams

To be honest, it is hard to concentrate and be productive when you are working from home, and there are household noises. It can be the clattering of dishes, a noisy neighbourhood with kids playing, dogs barking or the sound of TV running in the background, these noises can be quite distracting. So one of the best gifts for a WFH mom on Mother’s Day is good quality noise-cancelling headphones. Look for a sleek design with superior quality so that it does not do collateral damage like causing headaches or ear pain. Pitch in for a built-in microphone along with the headphones so that the audio is crisp even on the other end and your mom’s phone calls are more productive. Plus, if you can spend a little extra, opt for wireless headphones as it is more convenient, and she does not have to stick to her chair during office calls. Add a high-quality webcam along with this to make online meetings better, and you have a happy as well as productive mom. This combo makes for a top-rated Mother’s Day gift idea for moms who work remotely.

2. Adjustable Footrests

If you are looking for a thoughtful gift in our Mother’s Day gift guide for work-from-home moms, then the adjustable footrest is a great choice. The pain of working for long hours is real. To alleviate it a little, buy a comfortable adjustable footrest for your mother. This will help your work-from-home mom to sit in a more ergonomic and comfortable position. Most of the desks that are available have a height that is not ideal for average Indian women. An adjustable footrest offers a plush surface that can be customized as per needs and height. Place it under the desk or near a couch, and you get the best foot cushion to sink your feet into. Apart from providing foot support, it helps promote better posture and blood circulation and reduces pressure and pain in the spine, legs and back. Whether your mom complains of back pain or you find her sitting in a comfortable posture, your mom is surely going to appreciate this as it is one of the best Mother’s Day gifts for working moms who work from a home office. 

3. Neck Massagers

They may not have the need to drive to work, but work-from-home moms with all the work at home and at the office are just as physically tired and suffer from neck and back pain as those office-goers and other mothers. They may have flexibility in their location and sometimes in their work schedule, but that does not mean they can go to a massage parlour in between work. A neck massager can go a long way in easing the pain of working for long hours. It is one of the Best Mother’s Day gifts for busy work-from-home moms that are not only practical but is a treat. This nifty device relaxes muscles while improving blood circulation. It is ideal for those who have cervical neck pain, headaches and shoulder pain. These neck massagers are feature-rich and are even voice-controlled. But the major drawback of this is that your mom may not want to get out of her chair as it is so comfortable with this massager on!

4. Monitor Stand Raisers With Storage

Is your mom using the dining table as her work desk and using a shoe box to increase the height? Or is the desk she is working on not of proper height, and struggling with neck pain? Whatever the case, a monitor stand-raiser with storage is one of the top ten affordable Mother’s Day gift ideas for work-from-home moms. A monitor stand raiser is an ergonomic stand built for a computer monitor or a laptop. It helps in maintaining proper posture and improves your monitor viewing experience. While you can use conventional stands, it holds the monitor in a fixed position. These monitor stands, on the other hand, are adjustable and movable. It can be customised as per the position, height and angle that you want. When picking a monitor stand, opt for an ergonomic design that is flexible and comes with storage. So you add height and space to your work-from-home mother’s desk with one single unit of monitor raiser. 

5. Writing Desk Pad Protectors

Whether your work-from-home mom is an artist or someone who is a cleanliness freak, the writing desk pad protector is made for her. These protectors are stylish and functional and are one of the top-notch Mother’s Day presents for moms working from home, as they have many features to offer. Among them is that they are waterproof, have an antislip grip, and are reversible. It can be put on any table or desk, and it protects it from stains, spills and other accidents. It is also ideal for those moms who like to keep their desks organized and dislike clutter (which is almost every mom). It provides a dedicated space for a keyboard, mouse, laptop and any loose paper or notebook. It helps to enhance the aesthetics of the desk and also removes the need for a mousepad. Depending on the material of the writing desk pad protectors, they can be cleaned using a washcloth. So if your mom eats or drinks at the desk, it is easy to clean. Plus, they come in many shapes, colours and sizes, so it not only protects but also dials up the aesthetics of the desk, making it one of the practical gift ideas for moms who work from home on Mother’s Day.

6. Bluelight-Blocking Computer Glasses

Does your mom spend most of her working day in from of the computers? That means she already has digital eye strain or is bound to get it sooner or later. They say prevention is better than cure, so whether your mother has symptoms of digital eye strain or does not have a computer-related job (but she has a smartphone which emits blue light), blue light-blocking computer glasses are one of the Top 10 Mother’s Day gifts for work-from-home moms. These are computer glasses that come with special blue ray protection coating on lenses. It is designed to provide relaxation to the eye when using a laptop or a computer. These help in reducing dry eyes, blurred vision and other computer vision syndrome-related symptoms. These are zero-power glasses and can be useful for everyone. 

7. Self-Heat Coffee Mugs

There is no place for lukewarm coffee. It has to be icy cold or piping hot. Most coffee-loving moms will agree with this statement. But it so happens that their morning cup of coffee is frequently interrupted by work calls or dealing with family matters, and they end up reheating it and drinking that yucky coffee or having to throw them. Is there any solution to this? Yes. Enter self-heat coffee mugs. They don’t let the coffee cool down at all, as they come with a built-in battery that keeps the mug hot until the last drop of coffee. Some of these mugs come with an option to set the desired temperature. So that means a perfect cup of coffee every single time. Look for features like smartphone-controlled functions, ceramic coating that is scratch resistant and more. If your mom is a coffeeholic, this gift will surely make it the best Personalised gift idea for WFH moms on Mother’s Day ever, as she will never ever waste a cup of coffee anymore!

8. Lumbar Support Pillows

Back pain does not have to be synonymous with work-from-home moms, as sitting or working for long hours leads to pains, aches and postural issues. And no, you don’t need a pricey chair to promote proper posture. A lumbar support pillow that is ergonomically designed is all that is needed. These are specially designed to improve sitting posture and relieve back pain on any chair, seat or sofa that your mom works from and makes for one of the best Special Mother’s Day gift ideas for WFH moms. This lumbar support pillow can simply be added to the back of the chair, and it instantly offers lumbar support and comfort. This Mother’s Day, improve the comfort of your mother’s chair by gifting a lumbar support pillow. Look for features like contouring, breathability, easy cover removal, non-slip, etc., to make it the perfect gift. 

9. Erasable Digital Scribbling Pads

During the course of a workday, there are many things that need to be jotted down which may not be needed to be saved for the next day. It can be a to-do list for the day, conference-call numbers, etc. Instead of writing them on a piece of paper (searching for them and wasting time), writing on sticky notes, wasting paper and cluttering the desk, your mom would surely appreciate a dry-erase scribbling pad that houses info needed for the day and keep the work surface clean. The erasable scribbling pad is a Mother’s Day gift idea for work-from-home moms that are practical and thoughtful. Feed in the data and purge at the end of the day and have a clean slate for the next day. When it comes to making the purchase choose a bigger writing pad as it is better to store information. Some of these devices come with a smart lock to prevent the accidental erasing of content. 

10. Portable Working Desks

Sitting in one place is not fun, even if there is a nice home office setup. Sometimes you want to sit on the couch, bed, or even on the balcony to work. A portable working desk makes it possible and is one of the most amazing Mother’s Day gift ideas for work-from-home moms. There are various types of them available, from the rolling table option, where you can slide the base under the frame of your seat, use a standing desk, or a table that has a lever to adjust the height up and down. Or you can use a lap desk if there is not much space for a desk, and gives you the option to take it from bed to couch and back. These have some cool features like a wrist pad, a phone holder and a built-in mouse pad. It is a total package of comfort and style, and if chosen well, it offers great stability and unlimited portability.

In conclusion, finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift for a work-from-home mom can be challenging, but with our list of work-from-home gifts for WFH mothers, you can show your appreciation for all she does. Make this Mother’s Day special by giving her useful and thoughtful gifts that acknowledge her hard work and dedication.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mother’s Day Gifts For WFH Moms

1. What do you buy a busy WFH mum on Mother’s Day?

A lumbar support pillow, a neck massager, a portable desk, and self-heating coffee mugs are some of the gift ideas for Mother’s Day suited for a busy WFH mother.

2. What to gift a mom working from a home office on Mother’s Day?? 

Some of the practical and thoughtful gift ideas for a working-from-home mother includes noise cancelling headphone, high-quality webcams, an erasable scribbling pad, and blue light computer glasses.

3. What do most moms who work from home want for Mother’s Day?

Being a mom is tough and it comes with a whole lot of responsibilities. Most moms want to be appreciated for the effort and love they put it to the upkeep of their homes and families, especially while holding down a job. On Mother’s Day, show your mom (or any other mother-figure) how special she is by telling her she is an integral part of your life.

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