Top 10 Ways To Keep Your Home Organised And Clutter-Free

Finding it hard to focus in a messy house? A house full of clutter is a cause of stress and leaves you quite disturbed. Having too much mess around you can leave you all tired and fussy. This is why decluttering and organising is a great idea.

Decluttering is a great way to de-stress yourself.  You subconsciously organise the weird and messed up thoughts in your mind along with organising the house. It’s also the perfect chance to think out of the box and innovate creative methods to arrange your belongings elegantly. So why not read on to get an idea of the top 10 ways to keep a small home clean and organized. Note that this can be applied to any house, irrespective of size.

Make a Plan for the Decluttering Process

Write down well thought plan to organise the house to your liking

Before you start reading on the top ten ways to keep your house organized, Make sure you enjoy the decluttering project. Get an idea of how the final look should be and plan each room accordingly. Search your options online, refer interior design magazines, talk to friends and relatives and do your research well. Give yourself a schedule to follow as per your availability. Write down innovative ideas that you would like to introduce in each room.

 Do not make it a stressful event or a herculean task that you plan to complete in a single day. Take your time, relax in between and complete the task happily. You can take a week, two weeks, a few weekends put together etc. The time is yours and you are free to utilise it as you wish. Do not hurry. Stick to your plan and progress steadily.

Decide to Keep or Not

Decide what to keep and what to throw out .This helps to declutter.

There are many good ways to keep your room clean and organized. The questions you have to ask yourself before starting the process would go like this:-

  • Do I need these things?
  • How frequently do I use these?
  • Do they add any value to the appearance of the room?
  • Is there a way to recycle them or reuse them effectively?
  • Are they good enough to give to Charity?

Do Not Keep a Junk Drawer

Picture Courtesy:1000awesomethings

A clean house doesn’t need a junk drawer. This leads to piling up of all sorts of things that are going to leave you frustrated. There should be a specific space for every item in your house. This is a very important tip while decluttering. When you don’t have a particular place for things, then you will start seeing and placing objects anywhere and everywhere.

Believe me, this is the easiest way to get a messy room and also the worst part to deal with while having to organise the house neatly. Its just one time, the first time, that you have to sit and think about what goes where. Then get them arranged as per that plan and stick to the plan. Make sure your family members are also doing the same. 

Reorganise the Shelves and Drawers

Picture Courtesy:Thisoldhouse

Set aside a drawer to store all your stationery items, like school supplies, extra pens, handy glue sticks, cello tapes, pairs of scissors and all those tiny items that are never found when actually in need. Such organised home tips are essential to keeping the rooms neat. Assign a drawer or space in a shelf for toys, books, bathroom utilities, personal hygiene things, extra bedroom linen and also a particular space for things you would need when a guest arrives at home.

Having a bed with storage drawers helps you to a large extent to save space. Proper space usage is the key to fitting everything neatly and conveniently in the available room area.

 Convert your Wardrobe into Neatly Packed Spaces of Convenience

Arrange your wadrobe according to your convenience, sort out every object neatly.

When you think about it, you will realise how many clothes that we never wear are forever present in our wardrobes. They lay around as we are always planning to wear them one day. Unfortunately that One day never comes and we pile up a great many of those clothes over and over again. While some will have a sentimental value attached, there will be others that are not necessary at all.

So the first step to get the clothes organised at home is to go through every item carefully, sort them into piles of Necessary and Not necessary.  Remove the Not necessary category immediately. Keeping them another day will lead to second thoughts and you may end up storing them again.  Donate them to the charity box if in good condition, else make plans to discard them effectively. Assign separate spaces for items according to their purpose.

Categorise Your Clothes

Arrange your clothes according to their purpose and use.

The next step is to categorise your clothes. We all have a Tshirt or a pair of pyjamas that fall into our comfort list. No matter how worn out they look, it is just heavenly to slip into these and take a break from all that hectic life around you. So first segregate your casual home wear or comfort clothes. Then keep aside your work clothes, party dresses, not so formal clothes which you may wear for a quick trip to the store etc.

The point of categorising them is that even when you are in a hurry, you do not need to search the whole wardrobe for the pair of clothes in mind. If possible get yourself some storage boxes or even zipped fabric boxes meant for cloth storage. Divide and store all these categories into the boxes. Here you can use some creativity and even make use of the cartons or cardboard boxes at home. Use your free time to paint or decorate such boxes and Voila, you have masterpieces that make the wardrobe stunningly stylish. And it is a good way to keep your room clean and organized too.

Organise the Kitchen Shelves

Kitchen shelves neatly arranged and categorised

A happy and warm kitchen is the heart of a family. Your stress levels increase on seeing a messy kitchen especially if you are the person in charge of cooking and feeding the family. Let us see some very practical tips that make life easier. Like all other rooms, clear of clutter first. Then take into account the daily use vessels, once in a while used pots and party purpose utensil. Segregate them and keep the daily use ones at a handy space. You can always redesign your kitchen to incorporate more shelves and wire racks.

Keep your cutlery in a rack, plates and glasses in separate racks. Now arrange your cooking ingredients, spices, cereals, sauces, pickles, baking requirements as per their usage. The next step is to place the various categories into separate spaces as per your convenience. Finish off by placing a decorative item on the tabletop and you’re on your way to giving your kitchen an elegant look.

Maintain a Routine to Keep the Fridge Clean

A neatly organised fridge ,fresh and clean
Picture Courtesy:

The fridge has a very important place in the top ten house cleaning tips. Once your fridge becomes messy, then it is a lot of work to find what you have placed within. Also, the chances of vegetables, cooked food remaining unnoticed are high if you have an overcrowded fridge. First, empty your fridge. Again decide what you need to place inside and what you have to throw out. Check the expiry dates of all labels. 

Wipe the racks clean and add a bit of vinegar if there is a stale odour. Now arrange your vegetables and fruits in the allotted place, if possible in breathable covers. Place your juices and dairy products on the sidewall.Keep a rack free for any extra cooking you are planning to do. Have boxes for meat, eggs and cooked food. Try to maintain the interior by regularly checking.

Keep your Washrooms in Order

Hygienic washroom ,sanitised and organised.

Washrooms are to be organised along with the rest of your house. This area should be cleaned spotlessly regularly.  Install hanging closet organisers or fix up a set of drawers to keep the place tidy. Do not overload your washroom sink with all the beauty and bath cosmetics. You can always find bathroom closets which fit your space perfectly online. Set aside a space for keeping personal items like toothbrushes, combs, shaving equipment etc. Arrange commonly used products like toothpaste, shampoos, extra soap on a shelf that is conveniently placed. 

If you have a spacious bathroom, you can also convert a corner into a pleasing sight by keeping a decorative plant or some happy face stickers. Store extra towels, napkins, tissue rolls, shower curtains etc in a drawer that will be away from direct water. Keep a separate space for a mop, toilet cleaning solutions, toilet brushes etc. All the above are very helpful organized home ideas which when implemented give amazing results.

Check the Service Areas and Terrace Area to Make Sure There are No Dumping Hotspots

A neat ,clutter-free balcony /terrace to relax after a long day

Make sure that your service balconies and the terrace do not turn into dumping hotspots.  Install shelves for storing cleaning utensils and cleaning solutions. Keep them away from your children or pets.

Set aside a box for each family member where he/she can track their things, instead of simply dumping them on a tabletop. These boxes can be arranged neatly in the designated place and should be cleared by the respective owner daily. Convert your balcony or terrace area into a green zone by setting up a small garden according to the space available. Keeping an aromatic plant is one of the best ways to keep your house smelling great.

After a hard day’s work, you will feel blessed to come, rest and have some coffee in a neat space close to nature.


Now that you have gone through the clutter-free home tips & ideas, it is clear that Space organising is an important skill. Luckily, we have many reference videos and tips online that help us get the work done. A helpful tip is to keep a discard bag in one of your closets and empty it regularly. Something else that would help maintain the house is to make a routine for daily, weekly and monthly cleaning. Alongside, de-clutter your mental space and rediscover inner peace. Watch your life take a positive turn in a clean and vibrant house.


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