Top 10 Work Wear Styles for Women

Creating a great impression with your dress code, intelligence and business acumen is essential to building a strong foundation in your career. Many times, it becomes crucial to create that professional look for success in your business assignments. The powerful lady in you should reflect on the outer side as well. You are a hardworking, focussed lady who stands for her values and principles. This is what your outfit should reflect on the people surrounding you, especially when on business endeavours.

Business dress code is a top factor that has to be given principal importance. Before attending any meeting, office function or creative event, make sure to know the guidelines of what to wear. Dressing up casually and showing up at the official event is nothing less than disastrous. You need to look smart, chic and intelligent at the same time.  Mix and match of style often do not help when attending important meetings. Plan and prepare your wardrobe. Make sure that you have a collection of indispensable office wear that allows you to create strong, solid and trustworthy impressions on your business partners or clients. Here are the Top 10 Work Wear Styles for Women that are wardrobe must-haves!

Patterned Suit

Top ten work wear for women,top 10 work wear for women
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A patterned suit may seem a little out of the way initially. However, this smart attire belongs to what you can put into the category of business casuals. The normal black suit dress code can be slightly altered at times. There may be occasions when you can add a bit more of spice to the official events. While dressing too casually can bring out the wrong impression, the patterned suit falls into an approved list. There are so many variations in the designs, it can be stripes, small checks, tartan prints or even floral designs. The colours need not be too flashy or attention-seeking. Instead, you can look equally charming and classy with formal patterns and colour combinations.

Day to Night Dress

Top ten work wear for women,top 10 work wear for women
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Friday work attire is still a challenge to many. The day would be busy and serious, however, most people tend to chill out after work and start to enjoy their weekend early. This is a problem as it would be an occasion when you have to go out to the party straight from work. While looking formal and official is great at work, the after office hours would require a cooler look. The day to night dress comes as a life saviour for most of us here. While you look extremely classy in this attire and can carry yourself gracefully through the office hours, the day to night wear makes you attractive and glamourous for the party afterward too. It has been designed with extreme care and is multifunctional in every sense. A shirt dress accompanied with a corset or asymmetrical hemline would look fabulous for such days. Prop the dress with a few modern amenities and carry some accessories or a pair of heels to wear after office. Be the style icon who knows how to look official glamourous and attractive at the same time.

Must-have Tops

Top ten work wear for women,top 10 work wear for women
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Silk tanks that have a high neckline give you an elevated look. The simplicity and elegance combine to give a powerful appearance that has a hidden appeal. You look appealing and formal at the same time. Give your colleagues a surprise as you turn up in one of these, dressed to rock the day. Another must-have top is the classic white shirt. This is one item that never goes off the market. It is almost a necessary attire in every woman’s wardrobe. This look is fresh and classy. A simple clean white shirt accompanied by a pencil skirt would give you the perfect finish. Layer this with a short-sleeve sweater or even striped button-downs for a wonderful change.

Pencil Midi Skirts to Look Glam

Top ten work wear for women,top 10 work wear for women
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You should have a pencil midi skirt on your list when going shopping for office wear. The length can depend on your level of comfort and office culture. However, never leave this item off the list. You can tuck in your formal shirts to look fantastically organised. If you feel like wearing a crop top, then wear it loose. Your figure gets enhanced as you wear these stylish skirts. Get yourself a neutral colour that goes with all tops. Have two skirts in handy with different designs so that you can add some flair to your wardrobe.


Top ten work wear for women,top 10 work wear for women
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This may seem to be a tricky option. Does a jumpsuit suit an office meeting? You will be surprised to know that with a bit of imagination, you can create wonders while wearing a jumpsuit to office.  One option is to wear a tailor-made long sleeve jumpsuit to get that professional appearance. If you have a jumpsuit of a different style, pair it up with a high collared shirt or a turtlenecked top/sweater. Layering also turns out to be a great idea. Layer the attire with a blazer to get a structured and organised look. The final touch is to add a pair of heels or boots. Trust us, the outcome will be unbelievingly astonishing.

Dressed-Up Denim Skirts

Top ten work wear for women,top 10 work wear for women
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The denim used to be considered as too casual, however now the trend has changed. A denim skirt is a great choice for official purposes as well as casual outings. Just make sure that you do not wear the ripped or faded styles to work. That’s how you have to be formal with pieces of denim. This attire is a great choice for your normal weekdays at the office. You can also tuck them in your bags when you have an unplanned sudden official trip. It is cool to use this when you go to an official outdoor meeting or formally planned activity. When such occasions are in front of you, gear up your look with a high neck T-shirt and a pair of awesome boots. The result will be stunningly refreshing. You should always get yourself a structured and slim suit to look your best. Unstructured suits tend to give an unpolished look.

Cropped Pants with a Tucked-In Top

Top ten work wear for women,top 10 work wear for women
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Another easy option to look smart quickly is to get a pair of cropped pants and then pull on a tucked-in top. You can go for a slim leg or even wide pants. Either will look flattering on your legs. It gives you an elegant as well as casual feel. When choosing your top, select a silk T-shirt for more formal occasions. If it is just a day at work, you can easily pull off a grand appearance by adorning the cropped pant with a camisole and layering this with a  lightweight jumper, probably a knitted one. The final result will be excellent. Block heels suit this combination very well. So keep a pair of the cropped pant which you can wear with a variety of tops to give you a fashionable, yet exclusive office wear.

The Jacket

Top ten work wear for women,top 10 work wear for women
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An unavoidable item in your wardrobe is ‘The Jacket’. This is one piece of clothing that every lady should possess. The style it gives to your outfit cannot be compromised with any other add on or layering trick. A simple, high-quality jacket adds splendour to the most common outfit. Get yourself a neutral hue and layer it with multiple styles. The result will be amazing.

Mix and Match your Blazer and Pants

Top ten work wear for women,top 10 work wear for women
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Mix and match is not an easy option when choosing official wear. However, when you feel that your dressing is getting too monochromatic, you can experiment with this option. Just add some colour to your formal wear and see what the result looks like. Try a mismatched blazer with contrasting coloured pants. If the office is strict about colour combinations, then try the monochrome patterns. Leave out the normal combinations you wear and give your wardrobe a thorough shakeup. Mix and remix your pants with Blazers until you feel the thrill of showing up at work again.

Longline Vest and Long Sleeve Top

Top ten work wear for women,top 10 work wear for women
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This combination will prove that you are unique in your character as well as dressing sense. Come Autumn or spring, wearing a jacket over your clothes is going to be a bother. Experiment and be daring to try out other combinations. Wear a longline vest over a long sleeve shirt or top. The difference you see will stun you. You get this almost official look with a tinge of mystery and for sure, you will pass off as being an adventurous professional expert.

A well-dressed businesswoman exhibits confidence and measures up in the eyes of the other parties in the workplace. It’s how you wear your attire and carry your attitude that brings extra shine to your clothes. Know that you are the best for the job and make sure that your clothes speak for you. Even though times have changed, Standard Business attire always has its charm and is professionally accepted around the world. With a bit of creativity and innovation, you can tweak more colour and fashion into the normal range of standard collections. Explore the world and create your signature in the Professional world.

Can you think of any other attire that needs to be part of this list? Post it in your comments!


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