Top 10 Tops For Shorts For Women

If you are a fan of summer wear, it’s safe to say a pair of shorts is definitely your best friend. You would probably love to know the Top Ten Tops for Shorts if that’s your thing. There’s nothing like choosing a comfortable pair that allows you to bask in your full-legged glory while freely prancing about your daily do’s. Wearing shorts not only makes you feel at ease but if styled well, can transform into a classy effortless item, no matter what the season and occasion. 

However, the biggest challenge comes when you have to stretch your imagination to style the same apparel for multiple occasions. Whether it’s those beautiful curves you want to highlight or a crop top to celebrate your free spirit- there’s a top for every occasion to pair with your shorts. This summer, allow us to inspire your look with the help of our Top 10 Tops for Shorts listed below. 

Selection of Tops

Whether it’s a lazy bohemian vibe you are looking for or a bolder mix – select your tops based on its style, material and prints. Here are 10 tops that are timeless ready options to match your shorts.

The Off-Shoulder Sensation

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The saying goes, “if you have it, flaunt it!”. Wear this trendy option of off-shoulder tops to bask your sun-kissed shoulders over denim shorts during summers. Choose a top that’s light in fabric with a trendy print that can be worn over light or dark denim shorts. Here are a few options that you can choose from depending on your personal preference:

Bell sleeve: Full sleeve in length, this top is wide around the wrists and fitted at the upper arm. Wear these in checks and stripes over plain denim to win the look.

Drop Shoulder: Life gets boring if everything is a straight line. Drop shoulder tops are asymmetrical shoulder drop-tops that bring about a feminine charm to it.

Lacey tops: Lacey off-shoulders are the talk of the town for its intricate repetitive design. Pick a block or pastel colour to pair with pleated shorts.

Bardot tops: Timeless and therefore trending always, Bardot tops are cool, casual and can be paired with plain black shorts or denims. Wear them with a floral print to celebrate the summer breeze!

Fitted tops: These are off-shoulder tops that shape your body. Generally, with long sleeves, fitted off-shoulder tops add a slim silhouette if worn over bottoms that are flattering to your body type.

Strappy top: The perfect vacation outfit, wear these strappy off-shoulder tops in block prints, stripes or plain. They are perfect over high waisted shorts and the likes. Make sure to tie the straps in cute bows to add to the overall look. 

Cold shoulder tops: Wear them as trendy shirts or as a blouse over shorts – cold shoulder tops are a true saviour to those who want to peak their shoulders out but want to be playful. These tops are typically long and go with just about any pair of shorts.

Classy Yet Casual Button-Down Shirts

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Button-down shirts are formal yet casual shirts owing to their fitting and have buttons to fasten them. Here’s a fun way to make your casual jean shorts look suave without much effort. Experiment with a button-down shirt tucked in neatly into your denim shorts, knotted in the front or not! 

Depending on the occasion, choose a fabric that’s comfortable, lightweight and is perfect for a busy body. This look is perfect to create a bohemian vibe. Add a crossbody bag and strappy gladiators all the way till the knee. Here are a few types of button-down shirts to play with:

Roll tab sleeve Tunic: If you are someone who’s always on the move and cannot risk a wrinkle or a stain, this tunic style button-down fabric is perfect. Maximise your travel wardrobe and minimize your luggage with this top. Pair it with a relaxed high waist denim shorts.

Alain long sleeve top: These long sleeve tops are perfectly matched for any occasion- whether it’s a casual brunch or a semi-formal day at work. A silky white button-down shirt is perfect with long shorts or chinos.

Herringbone Cotton-blend Peplum top: A waist highlighting marvel, this top is a must-have for anyone who wants classy with casual. Pair a plain white button-down peplum top with denim jean shorts or don the trending pinstripe design with white shorts.

The Daring Double Denim Look

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The double denim look absolutely thrives on the consistency of colour and texture. The basic rule of thumb is dark with dark, light with light denims. Wearing similarly toned denim makes you look curated and classy. If you are but a rebel, wear this iconic look in two shades by styling it right. You can use a denim jacket that’s of a lighter or darker colour than the shorts. This look is a hot favourite of celebrities like Mila Kunis and Rhianna. Pair your look with comfy white sneakers or nude heels.

Flaunt With Floral Print Tops

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Get the girl-next-door look by wearing floral print tops in the form of a light sweater or a tunic top paired with casual jean shorts. Meeting up with friends later for shopping? Swap the sweater for an off-shoulder top.


Valiant Vests

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Want to dress up clever? Invest in vest tops that can be layered and styled to match multiple occasions on the same day. Try wearing a tuxedo-style vest over shorts for a polished look. Alternatively, keep it super casual by wearing a comfortable colourful vest with a chino or khaki shorts.

Bold Biker Jackets

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We know this doesn’t qualify as a top as such but this look suits just about any body type. Don’t believe us? Style a pair of distressed blue denim shorts with a moto-style leather jacket wearing a plain white vest inside. You’ll have your style sense roaring! 

Win Over With Vintage Tops

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Old is certainly gold when it comes to dressing vintage style. Create a vintage relaxed and snazzy look by pairing your choice of denim shorts with faux fur or a leather coat. Style this to perfection wearing high heeled sandals over socks.

Crispy White T-Shirts

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Another staple in every summer-loving person’s wardrobe, a crisp white cotton t-shirt is perfect for the weather and look. Cotton as a fabric absorbs sweat and can keep you cool for long hours. Choose from a variety of neck styles- round, v-shape, boat neck, etc. to highlight your shoulders. Here are the many types of t-shirts you can choose from to complete the casual and cool look:

Jersey t-shirts: Pair with black or white denims if you are someone who has collarbones to show off!

Basics: These are t-shirts that can be used as a base to styling or worn just as is. Simple in style, these basic t-shirts come in close neck crew line, V-neck, polo collar etc.

Boyfriend t-shirt: These are loose t-shirts that go over any type of shorts that are fitted.

Cap sleeve t-shirt: Wear this short cap-sleeved t-shirt over long shorts or black denims

Babydoll t-shirt: These are t-shirts that are well fitted and tight to the body. Pair these with chino’s, pleated shorts and denims with a smart belt around the waist. 

Subtle & Smart Mixed Print Tops

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Want to be the show stopper? Mix prints in a subtle way. Wear pinstriped shorts and a plaid top in similar colours. This gives a curated fun look. Just remember, never to wear similar prints together or it could be a sore to the eye.

Monochromatic Tops

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You’ve probably seen this look on other women and it’s high time you experiment on yourself too! Monochromatic tops guarantee a sophisticated look while making it a comfortable wear. Wearing the same colour in shorts and the top makes the wearer look slimmer. Pick neutral colours like black, navy or white to create this look. 

Feeling inspired yet to put your summer look together? Create your own and let us know what you decide to name it! Know more styles that we can add to the list? Comment below. 

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