Top 10 World Tourism Day Facts

Global tourism has ensured that we get to see the most beautiful and awe-inspiring places in the world. However, the beauty of the world’s most iconic locations needs more curious pairs of eyes looking, feeling, and living the experience. Celebrating tourism hence becomes a need. As the World Tourism Day celebrations are on, let’s understand that there is much more to this day than what meets the eye. The top 10 world tourism day facts are here to help you unravel its story.

World Tourism Day is Celebrated on 27th September

On the same week as the Autumnal Equinox comes the World Tourism Day celebration. This date has significance – it is the same day that the UNWTO Statutes were adopted though a decade apart.

When Did World Tourism Day Begin?

World Tourism Day celebrations began first in 1980, ten years after the UNWTO Statutes were adopted. It has been part of the United Nations international observances ever since. This adoption is considered a special milestone in the history of international tourism.

Proposed by Ignatius Amaduwa Atigbi – Peep into World Tourism Day History

The idea about World Tourism Day to be celebrated every year on the 27th of September was proposed by a Nigerian national, Late Ignatius Amaduwa Atigbi. In 1971, during the International Union of Official Travel Organization executive committee meeting in Istanbul, Atigibi proposed and moved the motion. He was the then Chairman of the African Travel Commission and Secretary-General of the Nigerian Tourist Association. His motion won unanimous votes and hence formed the basis of the announcement that came almost a decade later. However, his contribution to the cause was recognised only later in 2009.

World Tourism Day Significance

The significance of the World Tourism Day is to raise awareness on the role of tourism all across the world. Tourism impacts the global community’s economic, political, cultural, and social values, which is the significance of celebrating this day.

World Tourism Day Theme

Every year a theme is allocated for observing World Tourism Day, and this revolves around different aspects of tourism and the industry as a whole. From sustainable tourism to rural development, there have been many themes each year that sync with the need of the hour in the tourism industry. 

World Tourism Day Colour is Blue

Just as everything has a colour code these days, World Tourism Day too has a colour code – Blue, which symbolises a peaceful environment.

World Tourism Day Has a Host Country

Every year World Tourism Day has a host country. The decision to have a host country for the celebration was taken during its 12th session in 1997 when the UNWTO General Assembly met in Istanbul. 

World Tourism Day Host Country Nominations Follow a Geographical Order

In 2003 during the 15th Session of the UNWTO General Assembly, which met in Bejing, it was decided that the choice of the host country would follow a geographical order. Europe, South Asia, American Continents, Africa and the Middle East. 

About Sustainable Development Goals of World Tourism Day

Among other general knowledge about World Tourism Day, the most important is the sustainable development goals that it caters to. Though it may not cover all that the UN mentions, it covers Goals 1, 5, 8 & 10, which is No Poverty, Clean Water & Sanitisation, Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure and Sustainable Cities & Communities.

World Tourism Day Message

World Tourism Day articles and posts carry many quotes, messages and wishes, which is good for the recognition it garners. But that is not enough. Raising awareness of the industry, the challenges faced, promoting better working conditions, helping those in the tourism sector sustain their livelihoods and raising voice for those in need is the ideal way to celebrate the day.

Hope these top ten facts of World Tourism Day gave you some insight into it. Let’s celebrate the day, the history, uniqueness of each locale, etc., but in all that, do not forget the hard work of many who make this possible and those who depend on this industry for their livelihoods. Ever wondered about visiting the top 10 hill stations in Asia? It would be ideal to see any one of these for World Tourism Day, isn’t it? So take your time and plan a visit soon!

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