Top 10 Indoor Games You Can Play With Kids Less Than Five During Lockdown

With lockdown being the norm thanks to COVID_19, it is a tough time to stay indoors for anyone, all the more so for kids less than 5 years of age. They are not allowed to go out and play with their friends. This naturally irritates them as they are unable to go out as they please. Parents are left wondering what to do. Keeping kids engaged and entertained is the need of the hour. It is important to choose activities that are creative and played indoors so that the excitement is intact for smaller kids. Here are the Top 10 Games you can play with kids less than five years during this lockdown period that can help.

Clay or Dough

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Clay is one of the most versatile and easily available toys, to play with kids. It is an open-ended toy and most of the play is left to the child’s imagination. Clay is also easy to make at home in case you are worried about it being toxic. Since it is available in different colours, children can explore by identifying the colour and experimenting with what happens when two colours are mixed. You can give them rolling pins and shape cutters for crafting out different shapes and figures. If you have toddlers who are extra active, clay will keep them engaged for a longer time and improve hand-eye coordination too. So, if you are worried about how to keep them entertained at this time, grab a box of clay and settle down. If you don’t have clay at home, no need to worry, simple wheat or maida dough made at home will do! 

Hide and Seek

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Hide and seek is one of the simplest top 10 games you can play at home that has been around for ages. It is also easy to understand for smaller kids. Among the family members, one person is chosen to be the seeker. The seeker closes his/her eyes and counts to ten. If your child knows numbers only up to 5, you can change the game accordingly. While the seeker counts, others need to hide somewhere inside the house. The seeker must find everyone after counting. This is the best game for small children to learn numbers. Engaging them in numeric activity helps them understand math in a practical way. 

Pass the Parcel

Picture Courtesy: Kidspot

This game is a fantastic way to engage your entire family. All you need is a box that is filled with little activities like singing. dancing, making animal sounds, etc. Fill up the box with many activities written in small chits. You need a music player and a person to start and stop the music. As long as the music is played, the box is passed along and once the music stops, whoever has the box must pick up a chit and perform the activity that is mentioned in the chit. This game is suitable for most of the toddlers and it is best for improving the hand-eye coordination and presence of mind. It also teaches them patience, as a lot of waiting is involved. 

Blindfolding Games

Picture Courtesy: Our Children

There are many games that can be played while blindfolding. This is one of the easiest sensory games in the top 10 games you must play with kids and there is no need for any specific tools for playing this game. 

Opening Locks: In a tray place a lock and a key. The child can be asked to open the lock in a blindfolded state.

Drawing: Writing or drawing their name blindfolded could be fun too.

Build a tower: Place blocks of wood cubes one on top of another to create a tower.

Hide and Seek: One child, who is the seeker can be blindfolded, and he has to spot everyone around the house in the blindfolded state.

Toy Hunt

Picture Courtesy: Craziest Gadgets

Finding objects hidden around the house is one of the 10 best hidden object games you can play right now and can be so much fun for kids. Pick your child’s favorite toys or objects and hide them around the house. You can give little hints using which the child can find out where the objects are hidden. You can always keep a grand prize at the end to appreciate the child for completing the activity. This would be so much fun if you can include riddles, talking to other members of the family and extracting clues from them, etc. You can also hide a clue inside the garden. The little giggles and the excitement that children get on finding the toys will be a valuable memory etched in their hearts. 

Bucket Ball

Picture Courtesy: Play At Home Mom LLC

Bucket ball is a tweaked version of Basketball, which is a game that never gets old and no one is too old to play. Set up a bucket or a pail as the basket and keep it on the floor. Use light balls that have to be hoisted in it to score points. You could either use many balls or rolled-up sock, handkerchiefs, or paper balls too. If you want to complicate the game a little bit you can ask the player to take a step back every time a score is made. The player who shoots the maximum number of balls into the bucket wins. Again, this is another game that does not require any fancy equipment but a simple bucket and a few balls.

Hopscotch / Stapoo / Pandi

Picture Courtesy: Crayola

Hopscotch or Stapoo or Pandi is one of the top 10 games you should play with your kids. Playing it in the yard could be a favorite memory for many of us. It’s time to introduce your kids to this game and let them have fun. You can draw the squares inside the house by using coloured cello tapes and chalk pieces. The player can use a piece of stone or coin to throw in and play.  You can form your rules about how to play the game and also increase the difficulty level as per the competence of the players. 

Crocodile Crocodile

Picture Courtesy: Kiddley

This is a childhood game that many of us can relate to. It can be played inside the house and can engage kids beautifully. You need to divide the playing area into three blocks – one at the top, one in the middle, and another at the bottom. The middle one is the water and the other two sides are land.

The catcher is the Crocodile. The remaining members stand on the land while the crocodile stands in the water. The players have to ask the catcher, “Crocodile, Crocodile, can we cross the river?” The catcher replies “Yes, you may. If you touch the colour that I choose”. Then, the players ask “ What colour do you choose?” The catcher chooses a colour. Whoever touches that particular colour is safe to cross the water and the crocodile will not catch them.

If a player is not able to touch that particular colour, they get caught and become the catcher/crocodile for the next crossover. This is the best way for toddlers to remember and recall colours. As this is a game that has no active play, even grandparents can join in, more people simply means more fun. 

Hop & Catch

Picture Courtesy: Empowered Parents

A definite in the top 10 games you have to play, in this game, one person turns into the seeker and tries to catch hold of other players who are running. The only catch is that the seeker must do this on a single leg by folding the other leg.  This game is so engaging and children get some physical activity while running and chasing. They also learn how to balance on one leg without toppling over.

Four Corners

Picture Courtesy: Inuth

Four corners is a fun game that can be played with family members. You need 5 people to play this game. One person is the catcher and the others are players. The players need to move from one place to another without the knowledge of the catcher. They are safe when they are in any one of the four corners of the room that is chosen for the game. Anyone who is caught in between by the catcher or loses the corner to the catcher will become the catcher. The game can go on as long as you want it to. A fun and engrossing game that can be a fun activity for kids and adults alike.

While the lockdown was unexpected and bound everyone at home, this could be the perfect time for families to bond and spend time with each other. These games can be some fun ways to bond and make kids have fun with the family. Can you think of any other games that did not make the list? Let us know in the comments below. 


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