top 10 romantic movies of thala ajith

Top 10 Best Romantic Movies of South Indian Actor Ajith Kumar, aka AK

Actor Ajith is known as the original ‘Thala’ of the Tamil cinema industry for his phenomenal acting ability, screen presence and ravishing looks. A multiple award-winning actor with a class apart, he’s starred in more than 50 films to date in different languages. Whether it is the roles he did taking the bad guys out …

top 10 romantic movies of thalapathy vijay

Top 10 Best Romantic Movies of Thalapathi Vijay To Explore With A Loved One

Romance is always in the air if you have a delectable selection of Thalapathy Vijay romantic movies list. If you thought this multi-talented actor was only about his suave dance moves and action movies, thank us for changing this thought for you with our curated list. Known as the man of the masses, actor Joseph …

Christmas Movies for Family

Top 10 Christmas Movies For The Family

Wondering how to spend Christmas this year? Well, we have put together a list of all-time favorite Christmas movies you can enjoy with your family and loved ones. Get ready to snuggle under a cozy blanket and sip on some wonderfully delicious hot chocolate as you watch these lovely Christmas movies. Recharge your Christmas spirit …

Top 10 Christmas Movies For Kids

Christmas is celebrated across the world. It is a beautiful time of the year when families come together and spend time as they make wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. It’s no wonder that the movie industry has picked up on the Christmas cheer and been churning out Christmas movies one after the other. We have decided to make things easier for you by creating a list of Top 10 Christmas Movies For Kids. You no longer have to go deep diving to find movies that your kids will enjoy and cherish.

Top 10 Marvel Vs DC

Top 10 Marvel Characters & Who Can Replace Them From DC Universe

If you are a comic book fan, then I am sure you will be familiar with the names of Comic Stalwarts Marvel and DC. If not, don’t worry, I hope you are a movie buff and understand the world of Avengers and Justice League and that will do. Marvel and DC have over the years …