Happy April Fools Day 2024

It’s April 1st and yes, it’s Fool’s Day!  April Fools Day is celebrated all around the world. This whimsical annual celebration is a day for enjoying time-honoured traditions like playing pranks on your friends and family. Join us at Top 10s Only as we take a look at the origins and customs that add to the enduring appeal of April Fool’s.

When Is April Fools Day 2024?

April Fools Day is an annual event that’s celebrated on April 1st. This date doesn’t change as it’s based on the Gregorian calendar system. 

April Fool’s Day Origin: How Did The Mischief Begin?

April Fool’s Day origin is shrouded in a bit of mystery as it’s has never been proved as to where this festival started. A few people have suggested that the custom may have started in France sometime after 1564. Traditionally, Easter had been celebrated as the New Year. However, when New Year was changed to January, those who refused to accept this were called “April Fools.” The term stuck and today, the victims of April’s Fools Day pranks are called “April Fools.”

Interesting Fact: There Was Another Name For April Fools’ Day

Yes, you read that right! Huntigowk Day was what the Scots called April Fools Day. In Scottish, “gowk” means cuckoo, which in turn refers to a silly or foolish person. So, typically, on April 1st they would hunt/search for a foolish person on whom they could play pranks.

Have Fun And Fool Someone On April Fools Day 2024

April Fools Day is a fun-filled day that allows you to destress and laugh a bit. And be warned – You might be a master prankster, but that doesn’t guarantee your safety from not being pranked yourself! Always remember that harmless, good-natured fun is what makes this day memorable and enjoyable. As we celebrate this special day, let us remember to approach pranks with kindness, empathy, and a generous dose of humour. 

Happy April Fools’ Day!

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