Top 10 Best Hill Stations in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu, renowned for its rich cultural heritage and serene natural landscapes, attracts tourists from all over the world. It is an exotic destination where you can explore art, culture, food and traditional practices. The beautiful beaches, rich wildlife, sacred temples, and magnificent hill stations have made it a preferred destination for travel enthusiasts. Hill stations in Tamil Nadu are known for their serene beauty and breathtaking views. Never miss visiting the impeccable hill stations in Tamil Nadu this summer. If you’re looking for a perfect weekend getaway, start planning your trip to any of these popular Top 10 Best Hill Stations in Tamil Nadu, compiled by Top 10s Only. 

Enjoy A Refreshing Stay At The Top Hills Stations In Tamil Nadu

Everyone loves to plan for a refreshing holiday during the summer. Did you know Tamil Nadu is one of the top travel destinations that has the most popular hill stations in the world? If you’re looking for a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of city life, plan your travel to the breathtaking hill stations in Tamil Nadu for a one-of-a-kind experience. The Top 10s Only team has curated a list of the top hill stations in Tamil Nadu that are guaranteed to offer a memorable experience. 

1. Kodaikanal

top 10 best hill stations in tamil nadu kodaikanal

Kodaikanal, often called the “Switzerland of Tamil Nadu”, tops our popular hill stations in Tamil Nadu list. It is located in the Palani hills of Western Ghats at an altitude of 7300 ft. It is undoubtedly a fascinating dreamland to spend your vacation in the summer. The undulating hills, cascading waterfalls, and pleasant weather make Kodai a must-visit hill station in Tamil Nadu. You can indulge in the beauty of the three serene lakes-Kodaikanal Lake, Berijam Lake and Mannavanur Lake in Kodaikanal.  Boating at the star-shaped Kodaikanal lake is an idyllic experience for tourists. Don’t miss a refreshing walk at Coaker’s Park, where you can find enjoyment in the panoramic views of majestic hills and beautiful valleys. Other interesting places to visit here are Pillar Rocks, Bryant Park, Silver Falls and Mannavanur Village. 

Best Time To Visit Kodaikanal

Experience the beauty of Kodaikanal at its fullest during winter between October and March. 

2. Ooty

top 10 best hill stations in tamil nadu ooty

Ooty, or Ootacamund, is rightly called the “Queen of Hills” as it is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Tamil Nadu. This quaint hill station is located in the Nilgiri Hills. This captivating hill station, with its cool climate, attracts tourists from all over the world. Witness the might of nature at Dodabetta Peak, the highest mountain peak in Ooty. It is a spectacular experience to travel to this fascinating destination on the toy train that travels through several mountainous curves, tunnels and bridges. A rare collection of exotic plants is showcased in the Ooty Botanical Garden. Never miss sipping a hot cup of tea prepared in the tea gardens in Ooty. Hand-made chocolate is a treat for tourists who visit Ooty. Boating and plantation tours are some of the enchanting activities you must not miss when you visit Ooty. 

Best Time To Visit Ooty

It is best to visit Ooty during summer between March and June. 

3. Yercaud

top 10 best hill stations in tamil nadu yercaud

Yercaud is located in the Sheveroy Hills of the Eastern Ghats and is among the top 10 best hill stations in Tamil Nadu.  It is just 30 kilometres from the city of Salem. This enchanting hill station is renowned for its orange groves, spice gardens, and coffee plantations. Boating is a must-do activity in Yercaud. Enjoy the breathtaking vistas of the valleys, hills, and Salem city from Pagoda Point. Shevaroy temple is a famous cave temple in Yercaud, which is a vantage point where you enjoy the scenic beauty of Yercaud town. Peeku Park is an exciting tourist attraction which is a house for exotic birds and farm animals. It is also rightly called “Poor Man’s Ooty” as you need not spend much to explore this beautiful hill station. 

Best Time To Visit Yercaud

The ideal time to visit Yercaud is from October to June. 

 4. Coonoor 

top 10 best hill stations in tamil nadu coonoor

Coonor, a quintessential hill station, is among the top 10 Tamil Nadu tourist places and hill stations. The lush greenery of the tea estates, breathtaking waterfalls, serene lake views, and flower gardens make the place a nature paradise. This tourist destination is quite famous for its rich cultural heritage and colonial-style buildings. Enjoy the spectacular view of Catherine Falls from Dolphin Nose, a popular tourist attraction in Coonoor. Visiting the tea estate factory in Coonor is a mind-blowing experience for tourists. Sims Park is worth visiting for a glimpse of beautiful flowers. 

Best Time To Visit Coonoor

Visit Coonoor in any of the months between October and March for a relaxing experience. 

5. Kotagiri

top 10 best hill stations in tamil nadu kotagiri

If you’re looking for a refreshing treat in a famous hill station in TN, then Kotagiri would be the right choice. This hill station is located in the Nilgiris district at a height of about 1793 metres from sea level. The exquisite landscape, stunning tea plantations, magnificent views, pristine lake, and cool weather have made it a preferred destination for a relaxing break. Emerald Lake, a peaceful place, is a major attraction in Kotagiri. Witness the panoramic view of the picturesque valleys from the Kodanad viewpoint, located a few kilometres from Kotagiri.  The other amazing places of interest in Kothagiri are Longwood Shola Forest, Rangaswamy Peak and Pillars, Elk Falls and the John Sullivan Memorial. 

Best Time To Visit Kotagiri

The peak winter season between December and February is the right time to visit Kotagiri.

6. Masinagudi

top 10 best hill stations in tamil nadu masinagudi

Masinagudi, a small hill station in Tamil Nadu, is among the best hill stations to visit now in Tamil Nadu. This nature-abundant village is a part of Mudumalai National Park. Plan for a delightful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city for a rejuvenating stay in Masinagudi. It is a visual treat to watch the glorious Pykara waterfall in Masinagudi. Other places of interest in Masinagudi are the Maravakandy Dam, the Moyar River Hydroelectric project and Theppakadu Elephant Camp. Sightseeing, wildlife safari, trekking, boating, and nature camping are the interesting activities you must never miss in Masinagudi. 

Best Time To Visit Masinagudi

Enjoy Masinagudi at its best between October and May. 

7. Valparai

top 10 best hill stations in tamil nadu valparai

Valparai is a serene hill station on the Anamalai hills of the mighty Western Ghats. It is regarded as one of the good hill stations in Tamil Nadu, famous for its rustic charm. The gushing rivers, dense forests, extensive tea plantations, breathtaking landscapes, rich fauna and flora and spectacular waterfalls have made it a tranquil nature’s haven for nature lovers. Popular tourist spots in Valparai are the Chinna Kallar Falls, Nallamudi Point, Sholayar Dam and Anaimalai Tiger Reserve

Best Time To Visit Valparai

Book your trip to Valparai between October and February to enjoy this picturesque hill station’s lush green tea plantations and gushing waterfalls. 

8. Megamalai

top 10 best hill stations in tamil nadu megamalai

Megamalai is a splendid hill station in the Theni district in Tamil Nadu. This unexplored paradise of South India is regarded as one of the hidden hill stations in Tamil Nadu. If you’re looking for a relaxing gateway to stay close to nature, Megamalai is the best option. Trekking, bird watching, and wildlife spotting are the interesting things to do in Megamalai. Iravangalar Dam, Highway Dam, Megamalai Viewpoint, and Megamalai Wildlife Sanctuary are notable tourist attractions in Megamalai. 

Best Time To Visit Megamalai

It is among the best hill stations to visit in May in Tamil Nadu. The other favourable time to visit Megamalai is between December and January 

9. Javadi Hills

top 10 best hill stations in tamil nadu javadi hills

Javadi Hills, located in the Eastern Ghats, has become one of Tamil Nadu’s top hill stations. This heavenly abode is spread across the Vellore and Thirupatthur districts. It is a delight to spend your summer witnessing the jaw-dropping waterfalls and exploring the untrodden trails of this tranquil hill station. The major tourist attractions are Vainu Bapu Observatory, Bheemanmadavu Falls, Komutteri Lake, and Parvathamalai Hill. 

Best Time To Visit Javadi Hills

Visiting Javadi Hills after the monsoon season between October and March is best.

10. Kolli Hills

top 10 best hill stations in tamil nadu, kolli hills

Kolli Hills, a majestic hill station, has a lot of things to offer tourists. This popular hill station in south India is located in the Eastern Ghats at an altitude of 1200 metres above sea level in the Namakal district. Travelling to this offbeat paradise is a thrilling experience as you drive through 70 steep hairpin bends. You can really enjoy the pristine beauty of nature from Selur Viewpoint. Popular sightseeing places of Kolli Hills are the Botanical Garden, Tampcol Medicinal Farm and Bogar Caves. 

Best Time To Visit Kolli Hills

The ideal time to visit Kolli Hills is between February and December. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Tamil Nadu’s Popular Hill Stations

1. Is the Queen of Hills Ooty or Kodaikanal?

Ooty is known as the Queen of Hills because of its pleasant climate and picturesque landscape. The beautiful gardens and green tea plantations add to the beauty of the place. 

2. Why is Kodaikanal so famous?

 It gained popularity ever since British rule, as it was a summer vacation spot for the British. The scenic beauty, misty weather and popular tourist attractions make Kodaikanal famous.

3. Which is better, Kodai or Yercaud?

Yercaud is a better choice if you’re looking for a relaxing weekend to stay connected with nature. Kodaikanal is a commercial tourist station best for sightseeing and a cool climate, whereas Yercaud is an offbeat destination that is small and famous for trekking and nature activities. 

4. Which place is called Poor Man’s Ooty?

Yercaud is rightly called the poor man’s Ooty. The place is less expensive compared to other popular hill stations in Tamil Nadu. Enjoy a pleasant vacation at Yercaud if you’re planning a budget-friendly trip.

5. Is Kolli Hills worth visiting?

Yes, Kolli Hills is worth visiting if you wish to stay close to nature. The beautiful rose garden, dense forests, adventurous trekking trails and stunning viewpoints make the place worth visiting on your vacation. 

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