Top 10 Lesser Known Freedom Fighters Of Maharashtra

top 10 lesser known freedom fighters of maharashtra

Countless men, women and children worked selflessly and tirelessly for India’s independence, with some even sacrificing their lives for the great cause. But not everyone has become a popular name, like Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagath Singh, Subhas Chandra Bose, etc. Some are lost in history, and their monumental efforts and sacrifices have not even been documented. These unsung heroes never got their due share of recognition, and it is time to undo the wrong. So we at Top 10s Only have painstakingly compiled a list of the Top 10 Lesser Known Freedom Fighters Of Maharashtra who deserve to be commemorated. So, get ready to be transported back to the past, where fearless people battled for our motherland’s independence from oppressive British rule!

List Of Top 10 Lesser Known Freedom Fighters Of Maharashtra

It is always quite easy to find information about the famous freedom fighters of Maharashtra. However, our top ten lesser-known freedom fighters of Maharashtra list will prove to be a comprehensive and useful guide to those who seek to find information about the unsung heroes of India. In this article, we shall recollect and honour the freedom fighters whenever and as best as possible. But there are so many lesser-known freedom fighters from Maharashtra, and their contribution to India’s freedom struggle is unheard of. Here, we applaud the sacrifice of the unsung freedom fighters of Maharashtra by remembering those who fought for us to live in a free and democratic country. 

1. Joseph “Kaka” Baptista 

top 10 lesser known freedom fighters of maharashtra joseph baptista
Top 10 Lesser Known Freedom Fighters Of Maharashtra
Joseph Baptista

“Swaraj is my birthright and I shall have it”. Who hasn’t heard this quote? This quote is attributed to one of the great freedom fighters of Maharashtra, Bal Gangadhar Tilak. However, it is believed that his close associate, Joseph Baptista, who was a fellow freedom fighter, coined it. His contribution to the freedom struggle in this region was significant. Joseph Baptista, also called Kaka, was a lawyer and a Home Rule Movement member, along with the likes of Annie Besant and Tilak. This movement, established in 1916, helped mobilise the public against the British. He had great leadership and oratory skills and played an important role in launching Sarvajanik Ganpati celebrations to muster support for freedom. He even served as Bombay’s mayor.

2. Raghoji Bhangare

top 10 lesser known freedom fighters of maharashtra raghoji bhangare
Top 10 Lesser Known Freedom Fighters Of Maharashtra
Raghoji Bhangare

Another less-known freedom fighter in India is Raghoji Bhangare. This Indian revolutionary defied and challenged the British in the Bombay Presidency. The son of noted revolutionary Ramji Bhangare and the elder brother of Bapuji Bhangare, Raghoji Bhangare was a tribal leader who led his community, the Kolis, against the British. His role in leading the revolts earned him the title “Bandkari,” which means leader. His story in the freedom fight is both intriguing and inspiring. During the 19th century, the moneylenders under the British regime exploited the tribals and to recover the debt, they seized their lands. Raghoji Bhangare led a campaign against them and sought revenge. For his actions, which included cutting the noses of moneylenders, he was pursued by the police and hanged for murder.  

3. Bapuji Bhangare

top 10 lesser known freedom fighters of maharashtra bapuji bhangare
Top 10 Lesser Known Freedom Fighters Of Maharashtra
Bapuji Bhangare

Bapuji Bhangare, the younger sibling of Maratha freedom fighter Raghoji Bhangre, was a young revolutionary freedom fighter and a notable figure in Maharashtra’s history of freedom struggle. He was born in a community that was known for warrior traditions, the Koli community. He led a revolt against the British for their exploitative and oppressive policies. His rebellion paved the way for more tribal and rural populations to join hands to fight colonial rule. He is known for his determination and courage in the struggle for autonomy and justice from colonial oppression and is worthy of inclusion among the top 10 freedom fighters of Maharashtra. 

4. Chimaji Jadhav

Chimaji Jadhav was a revolutionary leader and a freedom fighter from Maharashtra who led a rebellion against the British to reinstate the Peshwa King back to the Maratha throne. He is Maharashtra’s lesser-known freedom fighter of India who was partnered by Nana Darbare, Lahuji, and Bhau Kahare in his efforts. One of their significant actions was the attack on the Mahalkari treasury in Pune, which resulted in the execution of many rebels. After successfully evading the police many times, Chimaji Jadhav was captured and sentenced to death by hanging. 

5. Shrikisan Laxminarayan Sarada

top 10 lesser known freedom fighters of maharashtra shrikisan laxminarayan sarada
Top 10 Lesser Known Freedom Fighters Of Maharashtra
Shrikisan Laxminarayan Sarada

Shrikisan Laximanarayan Sarda was a revolutionary leader and a freedom fighter from Solapur, Maharashtra. He played a major role in the freedom movement in 1930 when the British imposed shoot-at-sight and marital law in Solapur. These measures were taken to suppress the growing freedom movement. In defiance of these measures, Sarada and other revolutionaries actively resisted them by mobilising the local population and taking part in civil disobedience. This defiance led to his arrest and execution. His martyrdom is a classic example of the sacrifices the lesser-known freedom fighters of Maharashtra had to undergo while taking part in India’s freedom struggle.

6. Umaji Naik

top 10 lesser known freedom fighters of maharashtra umaji naik
Top 10 Lesser Known Freedom Fighters Of Maharashtra
Umaji Naik

A revolutionary figure often overlooked, Umaji Naik, born into the Ramoshi tribe on September 7, 1791, played a crucial role in India’s fight for freedom from the British.  Under the Maratha regime, the Ramoshis traditionally handled night patrolling and policing, collecting taxes from designated villages. However, the British revoked these rights after defeating the Marathas, sparking rebellion among the Ramoshis. Umaji Naik emerged as a leader, forming a small army that launched attacks against the British. These attacks included looting and killing British soldiers. Eventually, his actions resulted in his being hanged to death in 1832 in Pune. Umaji Naik may be among the lesser-known freedom fighters in Maharashtra’s history, but his contribution nonetheless is significant for the period in which he fought, as it proves that the fight against oppression started longer than what is documented. 

7. Tulsidas Jadhav 

top 10 lesser known freedom fighters of maharashtra tulsidas jadhav
Top 10 Lesser Known Freedom Fighters Of Maharashtra
Tulsidas Jadhav

Tulsidas Jadhav is another lesser-known freedom fighter of Maharashtra in India who was also a farmer, political activist, social worker, and a member of the Bombay Lok Sabha and Legislative Council. Born in the village of Dahitane, Solapur, he was influenced by Mahatma Gandhi and was involved in many movements, like the Salt Satyagraha. He was also jailed many times under British rule for his activities. In fact, a British officer had pressed a pistol to his chest, ordering him to leave. Unfazed, he refused to back down. Fortunately, the officer relented. This staunch loyalty continued as he served as Gandhi’s secretary while imprisoned in Yerwada in 1932. After independence, he served in many political roles and was a social reformer who worked to uplift Solapur. 

8. Nagnath Naikwadi

top 10 lesser known freedom fighters of maharashtra nagnath naikwadi
Top 10 Lesser Known Freedom Fighters Of Maharashtra
Nagnath Naikwadi

Nagnath Naikwadi is an unknown freedom fighter of Maharashtra who later became a politician and social reformer for the state. He was known for his activism during the Indian freedom struggle. He worked with Nana Patil in the Quit India Movement and established a parallel government called Prati Sarkar in the Sangli-Satara region of Maharashtra. He was also involved in an armed struggle and even conducted a jailbreak for which he had an award on his head. This forced him to go underground for four years. After independence, Naikwadi worked as a reformist and educator, and he was awarded Padma Bhushan in 2009 for his contributions to the country. 

9. Shirish Kumar Mehta

top 10 lesser known freedom fighters of maharashtra shirish kumar mehta
Top 10 Lesser Known Freedom Fighters Of Maharashtra
Shirish Kumar Mehta

Here is the inspiring story of one of the young heroes of Maharashtra, Shirish Kumar Mehta, a teenage freedom fighter who was martyred while resisting British rule. Shirish Kumar Mehta was a young freedom fighter born in 1926 in the village of Nandurbar, Maharashtra. He was a prominent figure, particularly in the Quit India Movement. At 15 years old, he led a procession against the British rule in Nandurbar. In 1942, on September 9th, while leading the protest holding the Indian flag, Shirish and his fellow associates had a confrontation with the police. He continued shouting, “’Vande Mataram.” A lathi charge ensued, and the authorities opened fire against the protestors. Shirish was unfortunately killed on the spot, along with four others. He sacrificed his life for Indian freedom at such a young age and yet remained obscure for decades. Our list of unsung freedom fighters from Maharashtra serves as a valuable resource, highlighting the sacrifices made by lesser-known heroes like Shirishkumar Mehta.

10. Krishna Sable

Krishna Sable is the last in our list of the top 10 lesser-known freedom fighters of Maharashtra. He was a freedom fighter born in Sabla village, Maharashtra. He was a police officer by profession in the Ahmednagar police force. During the Maharashtra tribal revolts, he quit his job and fought against the British. Along with Tantya Makaji, he led a fight against colonial rule, contributing significantly to the freedom movement. After initially being successful, the rebellion was unfortunately suppressed, and Sable was captured and hanged in 1979. 

Honour The Unsung Freedom Fighters Of Maharashtra

The above list of Maharashtra’s freedom fighters represents only a fraction of those who bravely stood against British rule to secure India’s independence. Countless others contributed, from grassroots activities to major movements like the Quit India Movement. We must recognise their sacrifices, uncover the stories of lesser-known freedom fighters in Maharashtra, and preserve their memories with photographs. Let’s honour these unsung heroes by sharing their inspirational stories and ensuring their legacies live on.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding The Unsung Maratha Heroes Of India’s Freedom Movement

1. Who were some of the unsung freedom fighters of Maharashtra?

Joseph Baptista, Bapuji Bhangare, Raghoji Bhagare, Chimaji Jhadav, Tulsidas Jadhav, and Sirish Kumar Mehta are some people on the list of freedom fighters of Maharashtra who are unsung heroes. 

2. Who was the father of The Home Rule in India?

Joseph Baptista is often called the Father Of The Home Rule Movement in India.

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