Top 10 Best Movies of South Indian Actor Kiccha Sudeep

top 10 best movies of south indian actor kiccha sudeep

Kiccha Sudeep, the South Indian sensation, has left an indelible mark in the film industry with his remarkable talent. With a career spanning over two decades, Sudeep has wowed audiences with his diverse roles and riveting performances. At Top 10s Only, we take you on an exciting journey through the world of cinema as we unveil the Top 10 Best Movies of South Indian Actor Kiccha Sudeep. These films stand as a testament to his remarkable talent and the diverse roles he has brought to life on the silver screen. Join us in celebrating the cinematic excellence of Kiccha Sudeep as we count down these unforgettable masterpieces.

Check Out The Top 10 Best Movies of South Indian Actor Kiccha Sudeepa

Born on September 2, 1973, in Shimoga, Karnataka, Kiccha Sudeep, originally named Sudeep Sanjeev, is a renowned South Indian actor. He pursued his schooling at the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya in Shimoga and later earned a degree in Engineering from Dayananda Sagar College in Bangalore. Interestingly, his iconic name, ‘Kiccha’ was bestowed upon him by his fans, who closely associated it with one of his memorable characters from the film Huchcha. Sudeepa’s filmography displays a versatile range of roles, reflecting his remarkable journey through the diverse landscape of cinema. Now, let’s delve into Kiccha Sudeep’s top 10 movies that have contributed to the legacy of this remarkable actor.

1. Sparsha (2000)

Top 10 Best Movies of South Indian Actor Kiccha Sudeep
Sparsha (2000)

Sparsha, one of the best Kiccha Sudeep movies directed by Sunil Kumar Desai, stands as a masterpiece in Indian cinema. Produced by Sarovar Sanjeev Rao, it stars the versatile Kiccha Sudeep alongside Rekha and Sudharani. Sudeep’s exceptional acting ability takes centre stage in this emotional drama, making Sparsha an unforgettable chapter in his illustrious career.

In Sparsha, Kiccha Sudeep delivers a compelling performance as Sudeep, a character wracked with guilt after accidentally causing Radha (Sudharani) to lose her leg on railway tracks. He conveys the complex emotions of remorse and selfless love as he offers to marry her, concealing his role in the tragic accident.

Kiccha Sudeep’s performance shines brightly in the film as he skillfully embodies Sudeep’s character. With remarkable depth and sensitivity, he navigates the intricacies of Sudeep’s emotions, effectively conveying his guilt and selfless love. Sudeep’s portrayal elevates the film, bringing the narrative a profound layer of authenticity.

2. Huccha (2001)

Top 10 Best Movies of South Indian Actor Kiccha Sudeep
Huccha (2001)

Huchcha, a Kiccha Sudeep movie in Kannada directed by Om Prakash Rao and produced under the Oscar Films banner, marked a significant moment in the career of actor Kiccha Sudeep. Released in 2001, this engaging movie features a talented cast, including Sudeep, Rekha Vedavyas, Avinash, and Pavitra Lokesh. Sudeep’s exceptional talent shines as he leads this ensemble, making an indelible mark in the world of Indian cinema. It’s interesting to note that Huchcha is a remake of the 1999 Tamil film Sethu, one of the best movies of Chiyaan Vikram.

In the film, Sudeep delivers a powerful performance as Sachidananda, a violent youngster also known as Kiccha. His portrayal skillfully captures the character’s intensity and transformation throughout the story. The plot revolves around his love story with Abishta, played by Rekha Vedavyas, but takes a tragic turn when a brutal fight leaves him brain-damaged. Sudeep’s portrayal beautifully depicts the emotional journey of his character in this gripping romantic action film.

Kiccha Sudeep delivers an electrifying performance that elevates the entire film. His portrayal of the lead character is nothing short of exceptional. His magnetic on-screen presence and unwavering commitment make Huchcha one of the 10 best Sudeep hit movies, shining a light on his excellent talent and highlighting him as one of Indian cinema’s brightest stars.

3. Nandhi (2002)

Top 10 Best Movies of South Indian Actor Kiccha Sudeep
Nandhi (2002)

Nandhi is undoubtedly one of the best Kichcha Sudeep movies. It was directed by D. Rajendra Babu and produced by B.V. Chakrapani, C. Gopi, M. Kumar, N. Dileep Kumar, and M.T. Sriram, features the talented Sudeep in a standout role. With co-stars Sindhu Menon and Radhika Chaudhari, Sudeep’s performance shines brightly in this riveting cinematic experience.

Sudeep plays the part of a murderer looking for a new start in this intriguing movie. He embarks on a path of transformation, enrolling in law college to attain his degree while yearning for an honest and tranquil life. As the story unfolds, we witness his journey of redemption in the movie.

Sudeep’s performance in the movie was remarkable. He skillfully depicted the complexities of his character, displaying a wide range of emotions and leaving a lasting impression with his compelling on-screen presence.

4. Swaathi Mutthu (2003)

Top 10 Best Movies of South Indian Actor Kiccha Sudeep
Swaathi Mutthu (2003)

Directed by D. Rajendra Babu and produced by Sarovar Sanjeev, this hit Kannada movie starring Sudeep also features Meena and Kishan Shrikanth in prominent roles. Sudeep leads the cast with a remarkable performance in this cinematic creation.

Sudeep portrays Shivaiah, an autistic man who marries widowed Lalitha (Meena) in order to support her. Facing societal backlash, they relocate to a city and build a loving family. Lalitha’s passing leaves Shivaiah with cherished memories. The film sensitively portrays their unconventional journey, emphasising love, acceptance, and the enduring power of relationships.

Sudeep delivers a heartfelt and sensitive portrayal of Shivaiah in the film. His performance beautifully captures the nuances of the character, demonstrating his dedication and range as an actor. Sudeep’s portrayal adds depth and authenticity to the film, making it a memorable cinematic experience.

5. Just Maath Maathalli (2010)

Top 10 Best Movies of South Indian Actor Kiccha Sudeep
Just Maath Maathalli (2010)

The best among Kiccha Sudeep’s blockbuster movies, Just Maath Maathalli, a Kannada film directed by Sudeep and produced by Shanker Gowda, revolves around relationships and emotions. Sudeep, in a lead role alongside Rajesh Nataranga and Ramya, takes the audience on an emotional journey in this visually appealing venture.

In the movie Just Maath Maathalli, Sudeep portrays Siddharth, a well-known singer who is on a passionate search to meet Tanu, his true love. On a flight, he shares his romantic journey with Adi (Rajesh Nataranga), a screenwriter, setting the stage for a compelling story of love and destiny.

In Just Maath Maathalli, a top 10 movie on the list of Kiccha Sudeep, he delivers a memorable performance as Siddharth, a renowned singer in search of his lost love. His portrayal is emotionally charged, drawing viewers into the character’s journey of love and longing and showing off Sudeep’s impressive acting skills.

6. Kempe Gowda (2011)

Top 10 Best Movies of South Indian Actor Kiccha Sudeep
Kempe Gowda (2011)

In the 2011 Kannada film Kempe Gowda, directed by the multitalented Sudeep and produced by Shankar Productions, we witness a power-packed performance by Sudeepa. With a stellar supporting cast including Ragini Dwivedi, P. Ravi Shankar, and the legendary Girish Karnad, this is one of the best Kiccha Sudeep movies to watch online for fans of this acclaimed actor.

In the movie Kempe Gowda, Sudeep impressively embodies the character of Sub-Inspector Kempe Gowda, celebrated for his unwavering honesty. He confronts the formidable gangster Armugam, a conflict that gains him the admiration and backing of his community. However, when Kempe is transferred to Bengaluru, he encounters a tough challenge as Armugam seeks to unleash terror on him and his loved ones, pushing Kempe’s determination and bravery to the limit.

Sudeep’s performance as Sub-Inspector Kempe Gowda in the film is nothing short of exceptional. His portrayal brilliantly captures the character’s unwavering integrity and resilience in the face of a formidable adversary. Sudeep’s ability to convey both strength and vulnerability adds depth to the role, making his performance a standout in the film.

7. Vishnuvardhana (2011)

Top 10 Best Movies of South Indian Actor Kiccha Sudeep
Vishnuvardhana (2011)

One of the best on the list of Kiccha Sudeep Kannada movies, Vishnuvardhana, directed by P. Kumar and produced by Dwarakish, brings Sudeepa to the forefront. This gripping thriller also features Bhavana, Priyamani, and Sonu Sood in notable roles.

Sudeep plays a character in the movie who is motivated by a desire for quick wealth. His life takes a thrilling turn when he stumbles upon a gangster’s phone, catapulting him into a web of intricate and perilous circumstances.

Kiccha Sudeep in this action movie was genuinely outstanding. His portrayal of the character was compelling, delivering a range of emotions and adding depth to the film, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

8. Eega (2012)

Top 10 Best Movies of South Indian Actor Kiccha Sudeep
Eega (2012)

Enter the enticing world of Telegu cinema with Eega, a film directed by S. S. Rajamouli and produced by Vaaraahi Chalana Chitram. In this standout movie, where Sudeepa portrays the antagonist, alongside actor Nani and Samantha, Sudeepa’s performance takes the spotlight, adding depth to this visually engaging masterpiece.

Sudeep, played by Sudeepa, is a prominent industrialist with a weakness for attractive women in the movie Eega. His obsession with Bindu (Samantha), a micro artist and the object of Nani’s (played by Nani) affection, leads him to commit a heinous act by killing Nani. However, Nani is reborn as a determined fly (Eega) and seeks revenge against Sudeep for his unforgivable crime.

Kiccha Sudeep in Eega received accolades for his remarkable performance in a negative role. In 2013, he clinched the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor and the SIIMA for Best Performance by an Actor in a Negative Role in the Telugu category.

9. Mukunda Murari (2016)

Top 10 Best Movies of South Indian Actor Kiccha Sudeep
Mukunda Murari (2016)

Kiccha Sudeep’s famous Kannada movies include Mukunda Murari, directed by Nanda Kishore and produced by M.N. Kumar and Jayashreedevi, a Kannada film that unites the stellar talents of Upendra and Sudeepa in leading roles. With an ensemble including Ishita Vyas, Nikita Thukral, and P. Ravi Shankar, the movie promises a riveting cinematic experience.

In Mukunda Murari, Sudeep portrays the character of Murari, who takes charge of a crisis faced by Mukunda (Upendra). When Mukunda’s shop collapses in an earthquake, and his insurance claim is denied due to the ‘Act of God’ clause, he decides to file a case against God. Murari’s role unfolds as he becomes a central figure in this satirical film, steering the narrative towards a unique and thought-provoking resolution.

Sudeep delivered a compelling performance in Mukunda Murari. His portrayal of Murari, a pivotal character in the satirical narrative, was marked by his charismatic presence and nuanced acting, adding resonance to the film’s storyline and earning critical acclaim.

10. Vikrant Rona (2022)

Top 10 Best Movies of South Indian Actor Kiccha Sudeep
Vikrant Rona (2022)

Prepare to embark on a cinematic journey like no other with Vikrant Rona, a masterpiece in the list of top Kiccha Sudeep movies, directed by Anup Bhandari. Produced by Shalini Manjunath, Jack Manjunath, and Alankar Pandian, this epic adventure features an ensemble cast including Sudeepa, Nirup Bhandari, Neetha Ashok, and the glamorous Jacqueline Fernandez.

In the gripping film, Kiccha Sudeep takes on the role of Detective Vikrant Rona, an astute investigator who descends upon the mysterious village of Kamarottu, located in Karnataka. His mission is to untangle the perplexing web of child abductions and murders that have plagued the community. As Vikrant delves deeper into the dark mysteries of the village, he uncovers shocking secrets, including a personal connection that intensifies his determination to solve the case. The film unfolds as Vikrant races against time to confront the culprits behind the sinister crimes.

Sudeep delivered a stellar performance as Detective Vikrant Rona in the film. He portrayed the character with a perfect blend of intensity and vulnerability, effectively conveying the emotional complexity of the role. Sudeep’s compelling presence and nuanced acting added authenticity to the film’s intricate storyline, leaving a lasting impression.

Memorable Stellar Performances By Kichcha Sudeepa

In the list of the top 10 best movies of Kiccha Sudeep, his performances shine with brilliance. From Kiccha Sudeep’s first film, Thayavva, released in 1997, to the 2022 hit Vikrant Rona, he has demonstrated remarkable growth and achieved great success in his cinematic journey. In each film, Sudeep masterfully navigates intricate character complexities, effortlessly portraying a spectrum of emotions that etch a permanent mark in viewers’ hearts. As we explore this list, it becomes clear that Sudeep’s Kannada movies and TV shows not only captivate but also stand as a testament to his incredible acting skills in cinema. His outstanding talent is evident not just in Kannada films but also across his cinematic repertoire, establishing his stature as a true entertainer.

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Frequently Asked Questions About South Indian Actor Kiccha Sudeepa

1. Why is Sudeep called Kichha?

Sudeep earned the moniker Kiccha from his fans due to its close association with one of his iconic characters in the movie Huchcha, a name that has since become a part of his identity.

2. When is Kiccha Sudeep’s birthday?

Kiccha Sudeep celebrates his birthday on September 2nd.

3. Who is the owner of Kichcha Creations?

Kiccha Creations is owned by the renowned Indian actor and filmmaker Kiccha Sudeep, who established the production company to contribute to the entertainment industry with creative and impactful content.

4. Who is the Badshah of Kannada industry?

Kichcha Sudeep is widely recognised as the Badshah of the Kannada industry.

5. Who is Sanchith Sanjeev?

Sanchith Sanjeev is the nephew of the Kannada superstar, Sudeep.

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