Top 10 Best Must Watch Malayalam Movies Of Director Jeethu Joseph

top 10 must watch movies of jeethu joseph

Malayalam cinema boasts a rich legacy, starting with the first feature film Vigathakumaran (1930) by JC Daniel and extending to evergreen classics like Chemmeen (1965) by Ramu Kariat, who also directed the nation-wide acclaimed film Neelakuyil (1954) with P. Bhaskaran. The 1980’s marked a golden era of Malayalam cinema, featuring acclaimed directors such as Adoor Gopalakrishnan, Sathyan Anthikad, Fazil, I.V. Sasi, etc. Though the industry then saw a long spell of quality deterioration, a bunch of new-age directors like Lijo Jose Pellissery, Vineeth Sreenivasan, Jeethu Joseph, etc. revived the Malayalam movie industry with some groundbreaking films that gained popularity across the country. These movies elevated the stature of Mollywood with their fresh and unusual themes, nuanced craftsmanship, realistic storytelling, and outstanding performances. This time, our team at Top Tens Only presents before you a similar tale with a list of the Top 10 Must-Watch Malayalam Movies of Director Jeethu Joseph, one of the most celebrated directors contributing to the grandeur of Malayalam cinema.

Evolution Of A Storyteller: Exploring Jeethu Joseph’s Filmography 

Best known for the ‘Drishyam’ franchise, Jeethu Joseph made his directorial debut with the Suresh Gopi starrer movie Detective (2007). Following its modest success, Jeethu received his first career breakthrough with the family drama ‘Mummy and Me’ in 2010. He continued his success streak with back-to-back box-office hits like My Boss (2012) and Memories (2013). However, it was with Drishyam (2013) and its sequel, Drishyam 2 (2021), that he rose to unparalleled fame and gained global recognition. Read on to indulge in a compilation of Jeethu Joseph’s super hit movies, celebrating his cinematic brilliance and contributions to the Malayalam film industry.

1. My Boss (2012)

My Boss was Jeethu Joseph’s first attempt at romantic comedy, and, so far, it remains his most successful foray into the genre. Inspired by the Hollywood hit ‘The Proposal’, My Boss stars Dileep and Mamta Mohandas in the lead roles and stands as the best among the very few Jeethu Joseph’s comedy movies. 

The movie narrates a story set against the background of an IT firm in Mumbai. Manu (Dileep) enters the life of his demanding and abusive boss, Priya (Mamta), at the firm. The first half of the movie is filled with their hilarious clashes, making it a classic Dileep entertainer. However, circumstances force them to pretend to be a married couple and escape to Manu’s ancestral home in Kerala, where things take a different turn. What started as a laughter riot transforms into an emotional drama, showcasing the ‘Jeethu Joseph effect’ with an impactful climax. Though not his signature suspense thriller, My Boss reveals a different side of Jeethu’s talents. If you are looking for a light-hearted no-brainer comedy to beat the stress after a long week at work, this movie is a perfect choice.

2. Memories (2013)

Following his directorial debut Detective (2007), Jeethu Joseph returned to the crime-thriller genre with this suspense psychological thriller movie with Prithviraj Sukumaram in the lead. This masterpiece was his first step towards being established as the maestro of thriller movies, a reputation further solidified by the success of the Drishyam series. 

This top-notch thriller narrates the tale of a jaded, alcoholic cop named Sam Alex, who believes that the government’s betrayal led to the loss of his family. In a desperate attempt to reclaim control over his wayward life, his mother forces him to investigate a series of seemingly unrelated murders. The story unfolds like a complex

jigsaw puzzle, with each piece gradually revealing the identity of the psychotic killer. Though the entire cast, including Prithviraj, Meghna Raj, and Vijaya Raghavan, gave stellar performances, S.P. Sreekumar (of Marimayam fame) received huge praise for his special appearance in the movie. This film marked a pivotal position in Jeethu Joseph-directed films, showcasing his prowess in the thrilling cinematic realm.

3. Drishyam (2013)

Even a decade later, Drishyam remains the crown jewel of Jeethu Joseph’s career as well as Malayalam cinema. Regarded as director Jeethu Joseph’s most popular suspense thriller movie, starring Superstar Mohanlal, Drishyam is a landmark film in the history of Mollywood. 

The protagonist, George Kutty, leads an ordinary life with his wife and two daughters, until an uninvited guest attempts to disrupt their peaceful lives. However, Drishyam compellingly portrays the extraordinary lengths a common man can traverse to eliminate the intruder and shield his loved ones. What started as an unassuming family drama soon morphed into a roller-coaster of suspense, emotion, and jaw-dropping twists. The film’s acclaim was monumental, leading to remakes in seven languages, including Sinhala and Chinese. The success and enduring impact of Drishyam worldwide underscored Jeethu Joseph’s global appeal as a director.

4. Life Of Josutty (2015)

After the resounding success of Drishyam and its Tamil remake, ‘Papanasam’, Jeethu Joseph ditched his usual mystery and crime thriller genre for his next project, ‘Life of Josutty’ – a family drama.

The movie chronicles 30 years in the life of Josutty, an ordinary man from a small village in Kerala. He loses his first love and moves to New Zealand in an attempt to save his family from debt. However, luck doesn’t support him there either, as fate throws him again into a series of struggles, a failed marriage, and heartbreak. However, with the resilience of a typical Malayali, Josutty returns home and attempts to rebuild his life and find solace. Though the movie lacks the ‘Drishyam’ magic, it resonates with its simple, rustic charm. This Jeethu Joseph movie with Dileep in the lead stands testimony to his versatility as a director and his ability to connect with the audience through compelling narratives.

5. Oozham (2016)

Next on the Jeethu Joseph movie list is Oozham, which is a fast-paced crime thriller with a mystery element, starring Prithviraj Sukumaran. Despite Jeethu’s disclaimer before the release that it is not a suspense thriller, the plot effectively manages to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. While the ‘who’ and ‘why’ of the crime are known, it’s the ‘how’ that transforms the movie into a gripping thriller.

Prithviraj portrays Surya, a demolition expert in the US who tragically witnesses the murder of his entire family back home over a video call. The rest of the plot is an action-packed thriller about Surya’s quest for revenge, aided by Gayathri (Divya Pillai), his girlfriend, and his adopted brother Ajmal (Neeraj Madhav). Departing from his usual style, Jeethu uses a non-linear storytelling format for this film.

Despite a seemingly cliche premise, Jeethu Joseph’s directorial brilliance shine’s through, creating a gripping revenge drama, with unexpected twists and emotionally-charged family moments throughout. This cements Oozham as one of Jeethu Joseph’s top movies in Malayalam.

6. Aadhi (2018)

Aadhi is Pranav Mohanlal’s debut film, directed by Jeethu Joseph, after his brief stint as a child actor. Having previously assisted Jeethu in the direction of ‘Papanasam’ and ‘Life of Josutty’, Pranav enthralls the audience in this action thriller with his ‘Parkour’ skills.

Adhithya Mohan, aka Aadhi (Pranav), is the son of a successful businessman who aspires to make it big in the music industry. However, he finds himself framed in a murder in a nightclub in Bangalore and is on the run from the victim’s vengeful father, Narayana Reddy (Jagapathy Babu), an influential goon. How Aadhi escapes him using his free-running skills and proves his innocence forms the crux of the plot. 

Pranav Mohanlal’s stunning performance and his never-seen-before stunts, coupled with Jeethu Joseph’s brilliance, make Aadhi grab a spot on the Top 10 Jeethu Joseph movies list.

7. Drishyam 2 (2021)

The unparalleled success of Drishyam paved the way for this glorious sequel that became one of the best Jeethu Joseph crime thriller movies in Malayalam, starring Mohanlal. Unlike the first installment, ‘Drishyam 2:The Resumption’ was released on the digital platform ‘Amazon Prime Videos’ owing to pandemic-related constraints on theatrical releases. Despite the weight of high expectations associated with the reunion of the dream team of Jeethu Joseph and Mohanlal, the movie not only lived up to but surpassed all expectations.  

The plot picks up six years after that life-altering night when George Kutty successfully runs a movie theater and aspires to produce his own movie. However, the narrative unfolds like a ticking bomb, revealing that Georgekutty has remained constantly vigilant, taking strategic steps to protect his family from any impending dangers from the past. With the masterfully crafted script that keeps you on the edge of your seats, Drishyam 2 cements itself as one of the best works of Jeethu Joseph.

8. 12th Man (2022)

Renowned for his mastery of the suspense thriller genre, Jeethu Joseph delivered another captivating whodunit with ‘12th Man’, loosely based on the Italian film “Perfect Strangers”. This thriller is one of Jeethu Joseph’s top movies in Malayalam and stars an ensemble cast with superstar Mohanlal in the lead. 

Eleven friends gather at a luxury resort for a bachelor party. But the day takes a deadly turn when one of them is found murdered near a cliff at the resort, with each friend revealed to have a personal motive to be the killer. Jeethu Joseph, known for his intricate plots and meticulous attention to detail, skillfully unravels the mystery through each character’s secrets and motives. If you are an ardent fan of his gripping storytelling, 12th Man is a must-watch for you.

9. Kooman (2022)

Kooman is one of the top-rated Malayalam suspense movies on Amazon Prime, directed by Jeethu Joseph. With Asif Ali portraying the lead role, it became Joseph’s next big hit at the box office.

The protagonist, Giri Shankar, is an egoistic young CPO harbouring a criminal edge and an impressive knack for detective work. The movie takes an unexpected turn when Giri sets out to seek revenge on his superior officer for public humiliation but gets trapped in an inescapable loop of crime. Giri’s internal struggle to escape the web and his journey to reveal the truth propel the suspenseful plot forward.

Jeethu Joseph proved his directorial brilliance once again with Kooman by bringing out the best in Asif Ali, who delivered a powerful performance. Jaffer Idukki also deserves special mention for his unforgettable portrayal of a nuanced character. The gray shades of the character and the brilliantly captured night scenes in the movie linger with the audience for a long while. If you are searching for “which are the movies directed by Jeethu Joseph?”  then do not forget to add this psychological thriller to your list that explores the darkest corners of human minds.

10. Neru (2023)

Neru is the recent addition to Jeethu Joseph’s filmography, where he joins hands once again with Mohanlal in this powerful courtroom drama. There is no suspense or mystery this time, but a pure directorial masterpiece about human resilience and fight for justice.

The narrative revolves around Sara Mohammed (played by Anashwara Rajan), a visually impaired young girl brutally assaulted by an influential rich brat. Despite identifying the rapist through her exceptional sculpture skills, Sara’s lack of sight poses a significant obstacle in securing her justice.This is when Advocate Vijay Mohan (Mohanlal) comes to her rescue and proves the truth.

Joseph’s mastery over filmmaking shines through in the movie’s courtroom scenes where some dialogues by Sara and Advocate Vijayamohan evoke powerful emotions in the audience. Anaswara Rajan delivers a remarkable performance with nuanced mannerisms of a blind girl, while sharing screen with acting stalwarts like Siddique (as Criminal lawyer Rajasekhar) and Mohanlal. As always Jeethu Joseph promoted Neru as a simple emotional drama with no plot twists to be expected. However, the movie has some gripping moments which keeps the audience glued to their screens till the end. This is undoubtedly one among the top ten famous Jeethu Joseph movies.

Behind The Mastermind: Jeethu Joseph’s Top Ten Movies

As we conclude our list of Jeethu Joseph’s blockbuster movies, we salute the mastermind’s ability to craft unpredictable twists and soulful emotional dramas alike. He not only entertains the audience but also sparks introspection and urges them to question societal norms. If you are a seasoned cinephile or just exploring the wonders of Malayalam cinema, Jeethu Joseph movies offer an everlasting experience, captivating your minds even after the end credits roll. So this weekend, grab some popcorn and spend some time with your loved ones binge-watching our top picks of Jeethu Joseph magic.

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