Top 10 Best Wedding Gifts For Couples In Their 60s

Getting married at the age of 60 is a truly remarkable milestone in life, filled with profound significance and joy. It is proof that love can blossom at any age. The union of such couples in their 60s is quite special, as their experiences, likes, and interests have matured over the years. Their wedding is a truly remarkable event in which two hearts come together purely out of love, free of any other expectations. Add magic and vibrancy to their celebration with meaningful wedding gifts that reflect their unique journey and capture the essence of their love. And, if you’re wondering what to get such a couple for their wedding, don’t worry! The Top 10s Only team is always ready to assist you in choosing the best wedding gifts for older couples. We have come up with a curated list of the Top 10 Best Wedding Gifts For Couples In Their 60s that cater to their specific requirements.

Top 10 Best Wedding Gifts In 2024 For Couples Tying The Knot In Their Sixties

Couples who get married in their 60s often expect unconditional love and support as they begin their special relationship. As the newlyweds start their beautiful journey, let’s make it even more special with unique and memorable wedding gifts. It’s often challenging to choose the right wedding gift for older couples, as they are at an age where they have accumulated most of the things they need. However, there are still several meaningful wedding gift ideas that can make their celebration even more special. Here is a list of the top 10 best wedding gifts for older couples that will make them feel happy on their big day. Surprise your loved ones with any of the following wedding gifts, creating a memorable experience that allows them to indulge in love and cherish precious memories. So, let’s take a look at the trending wedding gift ideas for older couples.

1. Instant Cameras

An instant camera is, of course, one of the most memorable wedding gifts for couples in their 60s. This instant camera is a fun way to capture beautiful memories and print them instantly. This would be a great way to preserve their memories as albums. It is compact and easy to carry. This makes it an ideal gift for the older couple when they travel to different places. They can click pictures of scenic beauty and enjoy the outcome instantly. It would help to click instant pictures at special events and family gatherings. Add a personal touch by customising the instant camera based on the personal choices of the couple. This top 10 best wedding gift would for sure keep your memories alive for a lifetime.

2. Matching Travel Bags 

If you’re thinking of gifting practical wedding gifts for 60-year-old couples, then this next item would be a great choice. A matching luggage set would be the right choice for a wedding gift, especially if the older newly-married couple loves exploring the world. This would be a great travel accessory to pack all their things for travel. Go for trendy models of luggage bags that look stylish and unique. It will make their trip carefree and enjoyable. And matching bags are capable of announcing to the world that it’s a “couple” that’s making the trip! Practical wedding gifts like travel bags can serve as meaningful gifts, as travel gives the older couple a chance to spend time away from the hustle and bustle of life. Their lives will become more interesting as they travel to different destinations. This matching luggage bag from our 10 best wedding gifts list would make them remember their travel and cherish it for a lifetime. To surprise the newlyweds, use wrapping paper to wrap this couple’s luggage bag to gift couples in their 60s.

3. Framed Calligraphy Message 

Go for thoughtful wedding gifts for 60-year-old newlyweds! Nothing can make couples in their 60s feel more special than a personalised wedding gift. Gift a beautiful calligraphed framed piece with a personalised message on it. A beautifully crafted calligraphy piece with a personalised message or quote can be a touching and timeless gift that captures the essence of their love and celebrates their special milestone. Choose a meaningful message that resonates with their journey together, and have it professionally calligraphed and framed. This would definitely delight older couples. The newly-married 60-year-old couple will value their relationship each time they witness this exquisitely-crafted framed piece of artistic writing. It will enable them to understand that you value them a lot. This personalised gift would be cherished for years. So you can very well gift it to your loved one on their big day. 

4. Silver Coated Dinner Set

A silver-coated dinner set is one of the ten charming gifts for older couples getting married in their 60s. Gifting a premium silver-coated dinner set will make the newlywed couple feel special. Silver vessels are a symbol of luxury and grandeur and will surely be valued by older couples. This will become a perfect addition to their dinnerware collection. Serving food on a silver dinner set is also sure to impress their guests. This gift would remain in the family for generations. If you can afford it, then you could very well gift a silver-coated dinner set to an older newlywed couple. 

5. Wireless Charging Tray

Undoubtedly, wireless charging trays are one of the best wedding gifts any couple in their sixties would be happy to receive. A couple in their 60s would be in need of a smartphone for sure. This wireless charging tray would be handy for charging their phones. This makes charging the phones hassle-free, as they don’t need to look for a charging point every time they have to charge their phones. It is also an absolute lifesaver when older couples travel. So if you’re looking to give some practical gifts to older couples, this wireless charging tray is the right choice.

6. Coffee Makers

Coffee makers are one of the trending wedding gifts for mature couples in their sixties. A coffee maker is a wonderful addition to their kitchen. The simple pleasure of savouring a steaming cup of coffee holds a special place in the hearts of older couples. Older couples often face challenges when it comes to dedicating more time to the kitchen. So, let’s make it a bit easier for them! A coffee maker helps prepare coffee in a jiffy with less effort. This gives them time to nurture their relationship. Coffee time can create lovely moments for the older couple to share things close to their hearts. It gives them a great time to laugh to their hearts’ content. So there is no doubt that this wedding gift would be quite useful for older couples. Gift this trendy kitchen appliance and help the older couple create memories. Make their relationship strong with this wonderful wedding gift. 

7. Bucket List Journals For Two

Looking for cute wedding gifts for couples who have decided to spend their lives together? Bucket-list journals are fast becoming one of the best wedding gifts for 60-year-old couples. A bucket list is a set of goals that people hope to accomplish in their lifetime. It could be something as simple as watching the sunset on a beach or something a bit more adventurous, like travelling to a remote hill station. For couples in their 60s, a bucket list journal is a way to set “couple goals.” This is the perfect way to record the past and future adventures and romantic travels of the couple. This will help them create wonderful shared memories. This is definitely one of the most thoughtful wedding gifts that you could give a 60-year-old couple.

8. Instant Smartphone Printers

Looking for unique wedding gift ideas for couples in their 60s? Why not get them a nifty device that prints straight from the phone! This practical wedding gift for older couples would be the perfect gift for them. This printer comes in handy to take prints of anything on the go. They can print their travel tickets and even print photos quickly with less struggle. It is a great gift choice for tech-savvy older couples. This would be the best trendy wedding gift for older couples. It would be a great addition to their gadget collection. So if you are looking to gift something useful to older couples, this instant smartphone printer is the right choice.

9. A Year’s Subscription For Favourite OTT Platforms 

This is one of the most creative wedding gift ideas for couples who have everything. Older couples enjoy spending their nights watching their favourite movies or series. So gifting them a subscription to OTT platforms can give them an opportunity to spend time with each other. If the couple loves to watch movies, then pay them a subscription to some of the popular OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon, etc. Let them indulge in love as they watch their favourite TV shows or movies. They would be happy to spend time together as a couple. So help them create memories by gifting this unique wedding gift for couples in their 60s. 

10. Gourmet Food Basket

This is one of the perfect wedding gifts for couples in their 60s. A gourmet food basket is a curated collection of healthy or savoury food treats for elderly couples. These food items are made from high-quality ingredients. Older couples can eat it as a healthy snack or include it as part of their healthy diet. The couple can spend some time together eating these special treats. By gifting a gourmet food basket full of sweets, you wanted to tell the couple to make their lives sweet and enjoyable. You can opt for a gourmet food basket with a curated collection of healthy food items to keep the couple fit and sound. 

Spread Joy With The Top 10 Best Wedding Gifts For Older Newlyweds

This brings us to the end of yet another super helpful top ten list, designed to ensure you find that perfect wedding gift for 60 year old couples who are “made for each other”! Let us know in the comments which of these wedding gifts for older couples in their sixties you found most intriguing or which one you plan to gift to a special couple. Let us know if you have any suggestions for more awesome wedding gifts for this age group, by mailing us at [email protected].

If you still want more gifting ideas for older newlyweds, take a look at our Top 10 Best Wedding Gifts For Couples In Their 70s article, which lists some of the most awesome wedding gift ideas ever!

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Gifts For Couples Getting Married In Their Sixties

1. What are some practical and functional wedding gift ideas for couples in their 60s?

Go for practical and functional wedding gifts for couples in their 60s. Wireless mobile chargers and coffee makers are some practical and functional wedding gift ideas for couples in their 60s. These gifts would be of great use to them. Look for a lot more practical and functional wedding gift ideas at Our list of unique wedding gifts for older couples will be of immense help to you.

2. What should I consider when choosing a wedding gift for a couple in their 60s?

You must think about the practicality and usefulness of the gift when gifting a couple in their 60s. Usually, couples in their 60s would have most of the things needed to set up their home. So think about things that they do not own. Try to know about their taste and interests before choosing a wedding gift for a couple in their 60’s.

3. What do you get an elderly couple in their 60s for their wedding?

Let’s take a look at a few good gift ideas for a couple in their 60s. Think about something creative and memorable when gifting an elderly couple. Buy them an instant camera or gift them a fully paid-up subscription to OTT platforms, kitchen appliances, or other items. You can also get help from, where you can find some of the latest wedding gift ideas for couples in their 60s.

4. How can I ensure that the wedding gift I choose is appropriate for a couple in their 60s?

It is important that you buy an appropriate wedding gift for a couple in their 60s. Check if the gift you choose is functional or practical. Ensure that the wedding gift is memorable for older couples to cherish for their lifetime. 

5. What should I give as a wedding gift to couples in their 60s? 

Gift couples in their 60s something that is useful and makes their lives easier. Gift kitchen appliances like coffee makers, ovens, etc., to quicken their cooking. You can also give some memorable personalised wedding gifts to couples in their 60s. 

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