Top 10 Best Stand Mixers In 2024

top 10 best stand mixers in 2024

Calling all MasterChef fans! Remember those drool-worthy dishes you saw whipped up on the show? Well, there’s one appliance that practically starred alongside every contestant – the trusty stand mixer. From silky smooth batters to perfectly kneaded dough, a stand mixer unlocks a world of baking possibilities. This handy tool becomes your sous chef, taking over whisking, kneading, and whipping, leaving you free to experiment and enjoy the cooking process. Stand Mixers are sturdy, durable, and reliable kitchen gadgets that give you more control and power to make the toughest of recipes quickly. So, are you ready to buy these handy kitchen gadgets online? Top 10s Only is here to help you find the perfect stand mixer that will become your lifelong friend! So, without further ado, let’s take a quick look at the Top 10 Best Stand Mixers In 2024 that will have you whipping up culinary masterpieces in no time!

Explore The Top 10 Best Stand Mixer Brands In India Online

A stand mixer is not just fancy equipment that looks great on a countertop. It is an essential kitchen appliance that makes many kitchen tasks, like kneading, whipping, and whisking, easier. If you are on the lookout to buy one, it can be quite confusing as there are numerous options available. To help you buy the best, we have made a list of the top 10 stand mixers to buy online in India. So, read on and click the links of the ones that offer the features and performance you desire!

1. Rossmann Professional Stand Mixer- 1600 Watts

rossmann stand mixer professional 1600 watts

The Rossmann Stand Mixer Professional 1600 Watts is a powerful stand mixer with a 100% pure copper motor and a long life that makes the life of home chefs easy. It is among the best stand mixers for home bakers starting their business as it comes with a planetary movement for great mixing and a longer life. The mixing bowl has a 6L capacity made of high-quality stainless steel and comes with 6 speeds along with many world-class safety features. It comes with 3 mixing accessories and is Teflon-coated for easy washing. Bring home a Rossmann Stand Mixer, as it meets all your kitchen requirements.

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2. iBELL 4500MPLUS Stand Mixer with Tilt-up Head

Bring home an iBell 4500MPLUS Stand Mixer with a tilt-up head and unleash your cooking creativity. It is an all-in-one kitchen companion that handles kneading, whipping, egg beating, and more effortlessly. It has an adjustable tilt head design to make it easy to use and clean. The appliance comes with a robust 1300 W pure copper motor for great performance, along with an array of features that make cooking a great experience. The 8-speed control enables you to go from gentle stirring to vigorous whipping to get the best consistency and is a good stand mixer for the kitchen with a lid. The iBELL 4500MPLUS Stand Mixer with its versatile design and features, is a perfect combination of functionality and style.

ibell 4500mplus stand mixer with tilt up head
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3. WisTec Professional Stand Mixer – 1500 Watt

wistec professional stand mixer 1500 watt

Get your hands on the WisTec Professional Stand Mixer 1500 Watt to experience great cooking convenience. It is a good stand mixer for dough making and other cooking activities and comes with a powerful 1500 W motor and robust metal gear. It has 7-speed settings to handle various recipes easily. The bowl is 8.5 L food-grade stainless steel that is dishwasher safe and has a spill-free lid. This multifunctional stand mixer can mix, beat, knead, emulsify, or stir with ease, and its sleek style and design enhance your kitchen’s aesthetics with its presence.

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4. INALSA Stand Mixer With Die Cast Body – 1400 Watt

The INALSA Stand Mixer with die-cast body is sure to be a superhero in your kitchen with its heavy-duty 100% pure copper 1400 W motor. It is among the top 10 stand mixers in India this year and is equipped with a digital panel and a variable time control for easy usage. This stand mixer has an aluminium die-cast body that makes it lightweight, durable, and sturdy. To tailor your cooking, it comes with a pulse function and an 8-level speed control. The 5L stainless steel bowl, along with 3 awesome attachments, caters to all your culinary needs.

inalsa stand mixer with die cast body free mixing bowl worth rs 2000
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5. AGARO Royal Stand Mixer, With 5L SS Bowl And 8-Speed Setting – 1000 Watt

agaro royal stand mixer 1000w with 5l ss bowl and 8 speed setting

Check out the high-performance AGARO Royal Stand Mixer 1000W with 5L SS bowl and 8-speed setting, which is one of the best-selling stand mixers for baking. It has a powerful 1000W motor made of 100% copper for great power and efficiency. The multi-functional features meet all your kitchen needs, from making dough to whisking and more. The stand mixer has 8-speed levels and a pulse function to get the best blend every day. The whisking bowl is made of high-grade stainless steel and has a splash guard to cook mess-free. If you want a stand mixer that works perfectly and looks stylish and elegant, the Agaro is worth the money.

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6. INALSA Stand Mixer Professional Esperto – 1400 Watt

The INALSA Stand Mixer Professional Esperto is a versatile and powerful kitchen appliance and is one of the best stand mixers to buy for home use right now. It is powered by a 1400 W 100% copper motor for reliable performance and efficiency. The mixer has a 6L stainless steel bowl that is ample for even large batches. The 10-speed settings, along with a pulse function, give you control to get the desired consistency in your recipes. The stylish design, safety features, and various accessories that come with the product make it a comprehensive solution for your cooking needs.

inalsa stand mixer professional esperto 1400w
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7. AGARO Elegant Stand Mixer, With 5.5L SS Bowl – 1400 Watt

agaro elegant stand mixer 1400w with 5.5l ss bowl 10 speed settings pulse function 100 copper motor includes whisker beater dough hook dark grey

The Agaro Elegant Stand Mixer is a versatile kitchen appliance with an incredible 1400W motor with copper winding and is one of the best quality stand mixers to buy online in 2024. It is equipped with a strong planetary motion for good mixing. The mixer has a pulse function and 10-speed settings to make whisking, kneading, beating, etc. easy, making it ideal for making many recipes. The mixer comes with a 5.5L stainless steel bowl, perfect for small parties, and its tilt-head design makes placing or removing attachments easy. A 2-year warranty, safety, stability, and performance make it a worthwhile purchase.

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8. Bosch MFQ3555GB Hand Mixer – 350 Watt

Bosch is synonymous with innovation, quality, and reliability. The same is offered in the MFQ3555GB 350-Watt Hand Mixer too. This best budget stand mixer comes with a powerful 350 W motor that is noise-free and is a perfect blend of convenience and performance. It has a lightweight design for better usability and has 5-speed settings for effortless cooking. Additionally, there is a turbo setting and an eject button for both hooks and beaters. It comes with enhanced functionality, as there is an option to attach a blender foot. It has two turbo beaters and two stainless steel hooks for handling the toughest tasks. The user-friendly design and its versatility make it an ideal kitchen buddy.

bosch mfq3555gb 350 watt hand mixer white
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9. Kenwood KMix – KMX750RD -1000W

kenwood kitchen machine kmix kmx750rd 1000w

The Kenwood KMix KMX750RD boasts a powerful 1000W motor that comes with a 5l stainless steel mixing bowl and is a good option if you are looking to buy stand mixers in India. It has three bowl attachments; a dough hook, a whisker, and a K beater. It features a smart speed control that allows a gradual increase in speed without any spillage. It has a metal body that is durable, ensuring longevity and reliability. If you want a kitchen companion that is of good quality and is versatile and efficient, invest in a Kenwood KMix KMX750RD.

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10. Libra Premium Stand Mixer – 1300 Watts

Are you a home baker who wants a stylish appliance that looks great on your countertop? Look no further than the Libra Premium Stand Mixer. Touted as one of the best countertop stand mixers in 2024, it is equipped with a powerful 1300 W copper motor that ensures efficient and effortless mixing and kneading. It comes with a 6-speed option that is enough for all kitchen needs. The design is sleek and has curvy edges. It comes with three upgraded attachments (dough hook, beater, and whisk). The 6L removable mixing bowl is made of high-quality stainless steel. It even has a polycarbonate splash guard lid. This stand mixer comes with state-of-the-art safety features like overload protection, safety lock, etc. Undeniably, the Libra Premium Stand Mixer is your ultimate helper and is all set to become one of the top 10 stand mixers in India.

libra premium stand mixer for baking
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Stand Mixers: A Must-Have Kitchen Appliance

So, now you have the list of the top 10 best stand mixers in India. Each of these comes with powerful motors, features, safety and great performance, which makes it a great tool to have in your kitchen. Whether you are baking or experimenting with new recipes, these are the best blend of functionality and performance. Shop stand mixers based on your budget, cooking needs, and preferences to elevate your cooking experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stand Mixers

1. What is a stand mixer?

A stand mixer is an electrical kitchen appliance that can knead, whip, or mix many foods. It is made of a powerful motor base, a stand, and a removable mixing bowl. Depending on the model, it comes with many removable attachments, like beaters, grinders, whisks, and more. 

2. Which brand of stand mixers is best in India?

KitchenAid, Inalsa, iBell, Bosch, Kenwood, Agaro, and WisTec are some of the best brands for stand mixers in India.

3. Why do people use stand mixers?

Stand mixers are used for kneading, baking, whipping, etc. and is a hand-free appliance that makes cooking effective, efficient, and time-saving. It is versatile, easy to use, and makes meal prep effortless. 

4. Is a stand mixer a good investment?

Yes. It is a good investment as it is a multifunctional and versatile kitchen appliance that improves efficiency. 

5. What is a stand mixer used for in the kitchen?

It can be used for whipping lassi and cream, shredding chicken, scrambling eggs, kneading dough, heavy-duty mixing, and more.

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