Top 10 Best Places To Eat In Manek Chowk

top 10 best places to eat in manek chowk

It’s a nice evening in Ahmedabad, and you’re right in the middle of the city at Manek Chowk. The air smells amazing with the spices and tasty food being cooked. Now, think about taking a bite of the best kulfi in the city, a mix of delicious flavours in your mouth. That’s the magic of Manek Chowk, a place where every corner has yummy food. It’s not just about eating; it’s like a tasty adventure. Join us at Top 10s Only as we discover the Top 10 Places To Eat In Manek Chowk, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, where every bite is like a really good journey!

Explore Manek Chowk’s Top 10 Best Places To Eat Street Food

Step into Manek Chowk, a popular destination in Ahmedabad, where history blends seamlessly with culinary delights. From its vibrant past to evolving into Ahmedabad’s food hub, this street is a gastronomic journey. Try different snacks like Dabelis, Pav Bhajis, and yummy Kulfi Faloodas from various stalls. Manek Chowk, where every bite narrates its flavorful story! Explore the top 10 places to eat in Manek Chowk, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. 

1. Balan Dosa Centre, Manek Chowk

Discover the best street food joints in Manek Chowk, Ahmedabad, at Balan Dosa Centre. Located inside Ratri Bazaar, this casual restaurant has been the pride of Ahmedabad since 1978. Open from 8 PM to 1 AM every day, Balan Dosa offers a delectable array of South Indian dishes like plain dosa, masala dosa, and the famed Gwalior dosa. With a commitment to customer comfort, they provide convenient takeaway services. The menu also includes sandwich uthapa, powdered pepper, sambhar, and coconut chutney. Don’t miss Gujarat’s famous food items at Balan Dosa Centre, serving Manek Chowk, Urban Chowk, and Sindhubhavan.

Food Items You Must Try At Balan Dosa Centre, Manek Chowk

  • Ghotala Dosa
  • Cheese Dosa
  • Idli Sambar
  • Ghughra Sandwich
  • Gwalior Dosa

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2. Mahalaxmi Bhaji Pav, Manek Chowk

Ranked among the top 10 places in Manek Chowk, Mahalaxmi Pav Bhaji is an absolute delight for Ahmedabadi foodies. This Manek Chowk eatery, near Badshah’s Hajira, is famous for its superb pav bhaji and classic pulao, capturing the authentic flavour of Manek Chowk. Mahalakshmi Pavbhaji Wala, rooted in Manek Chowk since 1975, serves more than just irresistible food. Their pav bhaji boasts an authentic Bombay taste. Don’t miss the Gotala Dosa—a superb dish. With prompt service and budget-friendly prices, Mahalaxmi Pav Bhaji Centre remains an iconic spot for Ahmedabad food enthusiasts in Manek Chowk.

Food Items You Must Try At Mahalaxmi Bhaji Pav, Manek Chowk

  • Cheese Pav Bhaji
  • Double Butter Pav Bhaji
  • Sp Mahalaxmi Pav Bhaji
  • Pulao
  • Gughra Sandwich


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3. Manek Pizza And Sandwich, Manek Chowk

Among the best 10 street foods in Manek Chowk, Manek Pizza & Sandwich stall, located in the heart of old city Ahmedabad, stands out as a top-notch spot for sandwich enthusiasts. This bustling eatery caters to all tastes by offering a variety of sandwiches in Manek Chowk, including Aloo Mutter, Veg Sandwich, Butter Sandwich, and innovative options like Cheese Chocolate Rabdi Sandwich. Specialising in mouthwatering street food, Manek Pizza & Sandwich is a local favourite in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The menu, featuring unique sandwiches and crispy pizzas, attracts crowds, requiring a patient wait. Indulge in the diverse sandwich options, making it a must-visit for foodies.

Food Items You Must Try At Manek Pizza & Sandwich, Manek Chowk

  • Pineapple Cheese Sandwich
  • Chocolate Sandwich
  • Pineapple Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Cadbury Rabdi Icecream
  • Ghughra Sandwich


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4. Anand Dahyabhai Bhel Wala, Manek Chowk  

Enjoy the best Gujarati cuisine at Manek Chowk with Anand Dahyabhai Bhel Wala. Owned by Anand Gupta, this food stall in Manek Chowk offers delectable chaat items in the Bombay style. The taste is exceptional, complemented by the understanding staff and timing from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. daily. Perfect for a quick bite, the narrow lane provides seating arrangements, though 4-wheelers can’t access it. Established for 70 years, Anand Dahyabhai Bhel Wala uses freshly prepared chutneys, making it a popular destination for Ahmedabad street food enthusiasts.   

Food Items You Must Try At Anand Dahyabhai Bhel Wala, Manek Chowk

  • Sev Puri
  • Bhel Puri
  • Dahi Puri
  • Basket Chat
  • Dahi Vada


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5. Asharfi Kulfi And Ice Cream, Manek Chowk

As one of the top 10 spots in Manek Chowk, Asharfi Kulfi & Ice Cream stands out for its unique BPK flavour that’s a must-try. Beyond the shop, they cater to outdoor parties, restaurants, hotels, banquets, and small functions. Quality is never compromised at Asharfi, making it a leading business in ice cream retailing. Specialising in both kulfi and the old-style Sancha ice creams, they offer a variety of popular flavours, including Kesar, Badam, and Chocolate, with sugar-free options available. Known for serving kulfi rich in natural ingredients, Asharfi Kulfi is a food paradise for Amdavadis. Indulge in the richness at Asharfi Kulfi & Ice Cream in Manek Chowk.     

Food Items You Must Try At Asharfi Kulfi & Ice Cream, Manek Chowk

  • Special Asharfi Faluda
  • Tilliwali Kulfi
  • Kulfi Sundaes
  • Matka Kulfi Rolls
  • Sugarless Kulfi

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6. BastiRam Kulfi And Ice Cream, Manek Chowk

Indulge in the famous food to eat in Manek Chowk at BastiRam Kulfi & Ice Cream. A delightful treat awaits you at this ice cream stall in Manek Chowk. Serving a variety of flavours, BastiRam Kulfi & Ice Cream caters to the sweet cravings of locals and visitors alike. The vibrant atmosphere and the rich taste of their kulfis and ice cream make it a popular destination. Enjoy a cooling break with their delicious offerings. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, BastiRam Kulfi & Ice Cream stands out as a go-to spot for those seeking a delightful and refreshing treat in the heart of Manek Chowk.    

Food Items You Must Try At BastiRam Kulfi & Ice Cream, Manek Chowk

  • Spl. Falooda
  • Matka Kulfi
  • Spl. Rabadi Items
  • Gotalo Glass
  • Spl. Bastiram Kulfi


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7. Bombay Gulalvadi Bhajipav, Manek Chowk

Experience the best 10 Gujju foods in Manek Chowk, Ahmedabad, at Bombay Gulalvadi Bhajipav. Serving up a delightful menu, the star is undoubtedly the Bhajipav, a local favourite. The lively atmosphere and the aromatic spices make it a must-visit spot. Bombay Gulalvadi Bhajipav has carved its niche as a go-to destination for those craving authentic and flavorful Gujarati cuisine. Discover the essence of Ahmedabad food culture with a visit to this bustling eatery in the heart of Manek Chowk.     

Food Items You Must Try At Bombay Gulalvadi Bhajipav, Manek Chowk

  • Mini Plate Bhajipav
  • Spl. Bombay Bhajipav
  • Pulav
  • Chatni
  • Bombay Spl. Sandwich 


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8. Parking Bhajipav And Pulav, Manek Chowk

Discover the best street foods to eat at Manek Chowk with Parking Bhajipav & Pulav, near Manek Chowk scooter parking. Since 1970, this eatery has served Ahmedabad foodies with a delectable menu. From 8 p.m. to 1.30 a.m., indulge in one of the best pav bhajis in Ahmedabad, featuring a special green bhaji and green pulav that are truly awesome. Party orders are welcomed at this iconic spot in Manek Chowk. With its rich history and irresistible flavours, Parking Bhajipav & Pulav secures its place among Manek Chowk’s top 10 for Ahmedabad foodies, offering a delightful culinary experience.        

Food Items You Must Try At Parking Bhajipav And Pulav, Manek Chowk

  • Spl. Parking Pulav
  • Spl. Parking Bhajipav
  • Bhajiwala Masala Pav
  • Sada Tukda Masala Pav
  • Jain Pulav

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9. Bajrang Kachori, Manek Chowk

Wondering where to eat in Manek Chowk Old City? Look no further than Bajrang Kachori. It is located opposite Ghanchi Ni Pol. Since 1950, this legendary kachori shop has been a culinary delight in Ahmedabad’s Manek Chowk. Renowned for its quality food, especially kachoris and chutneys, it’s a must-try for everyone. Named after the nearby Hanuman Temple, Bajrang Kachori is popular for its various snack items. The mini kachoris, in particular, are a hit among Ahmedabad foodies. Explore the rich history and flavours of Bajrang Kachori in the heart of Manek Chowk Night Market with this comprehensive food guide.                   

Food Items You Must Try At Bajrang Kachori, Manek Chowk

  • Bread Pakora
  • Mini Kachori
  • Navtad Samosa
  • Chinese Samosa


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10. Raju Sandwichwala, Manek Chowk

Experience budget-friendly eats in Manek Chowk with Raju Sandwichwala. This eatery has been serving delightful sandwiches since its inception. Raju Sandwichwala is synonymous with affordable, quick bites. The menu boasts a variety of sandwiches, each crafted with care and flavour. If you’re in Manek Chowk and crave a wallet-friendly yet delicious treat, Raju Sandwichwala is the go-to spot for a fulfilling experience. Enjoy the taste of Ahmedabad street food without breaking the bank.

Food Items You Must Try At Raju Sandwichwala, Manek Chowk

  • Cheese Sandwich (Grill)
  • Bhel
  • Chinese Sandwich
  • French Fries
  • Desert Sandwich

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Top 10 Must Visit Restaurants In Manek Chowk

So, there you have it – Manek Chowk is like a flavour treasure in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. From the yummy Dabeli to the comforting goodness of Pav Bhaji, each eatery has left its mark. Now that you know about the top 10 places to eat in Manek Chowk, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, why not go on your food adventure? Ahmedabad’s tasty treats are waiting for you. Grab your appetite and dive into the flavours of Manek Chowk, because the joy of good food is meant to be shared! And remember to mail us at [email protected] and let us know of your experiences!

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Happy Eating!

Frequently Asked Questions About Restaurants In Manek Chowk, Gujarat

1. Which are the ten best places to eat in Manek Chowk?

The list of the top 10 best places to eat in Manek Chowk, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, includes:

  • Balan Dosa Centre
  • Mahalaxmi Pav Bhaji
  • Manek Pizza & Sandwich
  • Anand Bahyabhai Bhel Wala
  • Asharfi Kulfi & Ice Cream
  • BastiRam Kulfi & Ice Cream
  • Bombay Gulalvadi Bhajipav 
  • Parking Bhajipav & Pulav
  • Bajrang Kachori
  • Raju Sandwichwala

2. Do these places to eat in Manek Chowk take party orders?

Many places do take party orders, but it’s essential to contact them directly to confirm their acceptance of such orders.

3. Are there vegetarian food options available?

Yes, a variety of vegetarian options are offered at these places, ensuring a diverse and satisfying dining experience for all.

4. Do these places to eat in Manek Chowk offer home delivery?

Yes, you have the option of home delivery, but it is advisable to confirm beforehand for a seamless experience.

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