Top 10 Best James Bond Gadgets

“The name’s Bond… James Bond.” 

This single iconic phrase evokes an intoxicating blend of mystery, danger, and unparalleled charm while conjuring up images of tuxedos, beautiful women, and heart-stopping action. For over half a century, this enigmatic spy, codenamed 007, working covertly for the British Intelligence Agency MI6, has captivated audiences worldwide with his magnetic charm and a licence to thrill, whisking them away on heart-pounding adventures. But it’s not just his impeccable style that sets him apart. It’s the arsenal of cutting-edge gadgets that accompany him on his daring missions. Every Bond movie had some amazing gadgets that were extremely useful for the plot to succeed. Here is a list of the top ten Best James Bond gadgets that are memorable even to this day. 

1. Detonate Toothpaste and Cigarette Bomb, Licence to Kill 

This gadget looks like an ordinary toothpaste but instead of preventing it causes cavities in people, walls, etc.! It can be considered one of the most deglamorized gadgets in James Bond films. The tube contained a new type of explosive that is of highly concentrated form. In the movie, 007 uses this as one of the supporting gadgets to kill the character, Sanchez. Bond stays outside the building of Sanchez’s office and blows out the reinforced windows using the Detonite toothpaste. A radio-controlled remote device which is in the form of a pack of cigarettes is used to detonate the explosive. 

2. Spike Umbrella, For Your Eyes Only

The Umbrella is one of the most trusted accessories that most people will not leave their houses on a rainy season. The British would definitely vouch for it, so when it was used in a Bond movie it was not a surprise until it actually revealed its true identity! This umbrella produced in the Q’s lab is among the famous James bond gadgets that could actually cut someone’s head much to the shock of Bond. This normal-looking umbrella when activated has hooks coming out of the edges that can close on the opponent’s neck.  

3. Attache Briefcase, Tomorrow Never Dies

When James Bond goes to work, he does so in style carrying an attractive briefcase. Before Bond travels to Istanbul in the movie he is given a new briefcase from Q division. It was not only a stylish looking accessory it was highly multi-functional and hence makes it to the top 10 Bond gadgets. It could hide ammunition in its side, had a sharp spring-loaded throwing knife that could kill, contained a rifle with an infrared scope, and gold sovereigns. It was designed not just for offense, but also has a defensive mechanism. If the case is not opened properly, it could blast tear gas in the opener’s face. 

4.  X-Ray glasses, World Is Not Enough

In this movie, James Bond gets a cool pair of glasses from Q’s lab that give him X-Ray vision. The intention is to help him find people who are carrying guns in their clothes. This clever gadget makes it to the top ten Bond gadgets as nobody can even guess what is behind those glasses. Bond walks into Valentin Zukovsky’s casino wearing these glasses and gets to know who is carrying guns. These glasses made a comeback of sorts as there was something similar used in an earlier Bond movie but this is more effective. 

5. Ski-Pole Gun, The Spy Who Loved Me

Bond looks relaxed and seems to be enjoying himself in a ski-lodge in the opening scene of the movie. The presumption is that he is on annual leave. James Bond is known for his fashion sense and style quotient and here he is seen wearing a Yellow Ski suit which looked hideous. However, when he flashes out a Ski Pole rifle all that vanishes as there is a fabulous action-packed scene that follows using the Ski Pole as a gadget. The bottom line is James Bond carries guns in all sorts of things, so expect the unexpected!. Just for the creativity of Q, this gadget makes it to the best James Bond gadgets list. 

6. Rolex Submariner,  Live and Let Die 

The hero may be the only Bond not to drive an Aston Martin, but he got to wear a tricky Rolex watch which was unmatched. The Rolex Submariner got great screen time in the movie and was part of some captivating action scenes. The watch was modified to fit in a hyper intensified magnetic field that could be used to do things without using one’s hand. Bond true to his character used it to unzip dresses and also to deflect bullets. The watch face was fitted with a spinning saw to cut ropes. The watch saves Bond many times in this movie! It is one of the James Bond gadgets you can buy in real-life. 

7. Multitouch Table, Quantum of Solace 

James Bond movies always have some cool gadgets with most of them very far-fetched. But the Multitouch table used in Quantum of Solace is one that exists. (At least it does now to a certain extent). In this movie, M uses a multitouch screen the size of an entire table. She flings across documents, pokes, and scans papers by simply placing them on the surface of the table. It is also used to search for information on Dominic Greene who is a criminal in the movie. It is one of the James bond cool gadgets that people would love to have especially those who still have trouble with printing and scanning papers even now.

8. Palm Sensing Walther PPK, Casino Royale

James Bond’s weapon of choice is the Walther, PPK. It can be seen from the first movie Dr. No to some of the latest ones like No Time To Die. There is a mention of this German-made gun even in the original book. This gun is the only gadget that is used by all the Bond actors due to the fact that it is easy to conceal and is powerful. In Casino Royale, this gun gets a technological update and gets into the James bond gadgets list. The gun is fitted with a palm sensing biometric device and fires only when Bond uses it.

9. Remote Control BMW Car and Ericsson Phone, Tomorrow Never Dies

Have no doubts that it is a toy car as it is a full-fledged BMW car that can be called using an Ericcson phone. It is kind of a double whammy as Bond had a mobile phone in 1997 and could use it to summon a car. This flip-phone had many more features than just being remote control. It could be used to pick locks, act as a stun gun, fingerprint scanner, and a transmitter. No wonder it is one of the most amazing James Bond Gadgets to date.

10. Lotus Esprit SubmarineThe Aston Martin DB5 is an iconic car that most Bond lovers would love to possess, but the Lotus Esprit is not far behind. This is one of the James Bond gadgets that are real. The Lotis Esprit built by Lotus was launched in 1975 in the Paris Auto Show. It made its debut in the movie the Spy who Loved Me goes a step ahead of the Aston Martin. The car gets modified into a submarine by retracting its wheels, to steer underwater fins come out instead of the wheels. Apart from being able to run underwater, this car had torpedoes, underwater mines, homing missiles, and periscope in the submarine mode. The car became so famous that it was featured in many other movies like Storm Bringer, 007 Racing, and Forza Horizon 4.

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