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Thinking Beyond Earth Day Fulfilling The Promise

About Earth Day and Details

Earth Day is observed around the world on the 22nd of April every year to create public awareness. It is a reminder to all mankind about what we have done to Mother Earth and it is important to save her from further destruction. With pollution and consuming natural resources becoming a way of life, the human race needs a reality check. If we don’t act fast, unique and scenic places like these Top 10 Beautiful Hill Stations in Asia, will cease to exist.

How Did Earth Day Come About

The consumption of a vast amount of leaded gas through massive production and usage of automobiles was reaching a new high. There was the least regard for air pollution and industries bleached out smoke and poisonous wastage mixed with the rivers. Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring spoke about the inevitable links between pollution and public health. This book was a massive hit in 24 countries and sold more than 500,000 copies. This raised the red flag on how turning a blind eye to the environment can impact living organisms around us and invariably pose a threat to mankind itself.

More Earth Day History and Details

With widespread knowledge and impact in January 1969, a junior senator from Wisconsin Gaylord Nelson initiated it. He was concerned about the deteriorating environment in the USA after witnessing the massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. Combining the undying spirit of the students from the anti-war movement and the emerging public environment consciousness, he promoted the idea of having campus teach-ins. Taking the help of Republican Congressman Pete McCloskey and young activist Denis Hayes, a campus teach-in was organised on a weekday i.e. April 22nd for maximum participation.

On Which Date is Earth Day Observed?

This initiative became a huge hit and inspired many to join hands in creating awareness. Hence, it was coined as Earth Day. Since the birth of the modern environmental movement happened on the 22nd of April, from 1970 its anniversary is celebrated as Earth Day.

How You Can Celebrate Earth Day at Home

We must remember that Earth Day isn’t just for a day. It is a reminder of what we have done to the Earth’s precious resources; an insistence on the need to change our way of life accordingly. You can celebrate earth day at home by doing the following things;

  • Walk instead of taking a vehicle
  • Cycle if you need to cover quite a distance
  • Plant tree saplings and care for them
  • Do not use products that can harm the environment
  • Switch off unnecessary energy sources
  • Choose sustainable living
  • Recycle whenever and wherever possible
  • Cut down on inorganic waste
  • Shop locally, carry your own bag
  • Turn off lights on Earth Day

This Earth Day article is just to create awareness on how and why we celebrate this day. There are a lot more ways in which we can save our beautiful planet. Making the best out of waste is one way of celebrating Earth Day. If you have something that you want to throw away. Think twice! Anything organic, the earth has a way to deal with it but any inorganic man-made stuff suffocates Mother Earth. Let’s do our bit to save her the ordeal. We do not need a designated day like Earth Day to change our ways.

Act fast, that’s the need of the hour.

Let us know in the comments section how you plan on saving our wonderful planet.

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